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Regional Campaign 2008 / 3rd Place / "Audi R8" Baltic announcement - Parade of sporty "Audi" brand and lifestyle


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Regional Campaign 2008 / 3rd Place / "Audi R8" Baltic announcement - Parade of sporty "Audi" brand and lifestyle

  1. 1. Categorie:Regional campaignTitle of campaign:Audi R8 Baltic announcement - Parade of sporty Audi brand and lifestyleshort common description of the campaign::Audi started production of the unique sports stockcar Audi R8 in the late 2006.Mid-mounted 420hp V8 FSI engine, Quattro FWD system, Audi Space Framebody, splendid driving qualities and an original design, this is what makes Audi R8undoubtedly the best of Audi sports cars. As Audi announced the launch of R8 onthe Baltic market in 2007, its main challenge was vivid communication of theuniqueness of the new model to match its plans for iconic status and ambitioussales targets. Another challenge was Audi positioning on the Baltic market.Vis-á-vis its fiercest competitors BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi wasperceived as grounded and calm, not sporty enough. This is an image contradictingslightly with Audi R8 market ambitions. Audi R8 Baltic campaign was thereforeaimed at two main objectives - promotion of uniqueness of Audi R8 to potentialclients to reach set sales targets, and re-position Audi brand in a new manneremphasising its sporty, mildly hedonistic and bohemian nature.
  2. 2. research work done during the campaign:Before campaign planning the agency analysed car presentation practices,researched car presentation trends in the Baltic market and identified the needs andrequirements of the potential target audience. According to research, premiumAudi owners are almost in 100% cases male, culture, cinema and art lovers whochoose the car to emphasize their social status. At the same time remainder of thetarget audience shows interest in motorsports, racing, engines and other traditionaltechnical/technological aspects. It was important to find unconventionalapproaches and methods for campaign promoting cult status of the car andcombining the two types of communication. Integrated marketing strategydeveloped by agency respects both goals and offers slightly off-track carpresentation method (in opposite to traditional presentations for media, test drivesfor automobile magazines and comprehensive media campaigns) focusing on AudiR8 and dedicated to promotion of the new essence of Audi brand.strategy:Goals of the campaign were to boost sales of Audi R8 as well as position Audibrand as sporty product through R8. Target audiences were male population withhigh income (above 12 000 EUR/ month) who are self-confident, hedonistic and
  3. 3. capable of appreciating dynamic driving, as well as perceiving a car as part oflifestyle.Communication highlights:1)Prelude or teaser - Considering the interests and lifestyle of potential Audi R8owners, an exclusive R8 introduction or teaser event was organised for 80potential buyers. Prelude included a unique for the Baltics audiovisual masterpieceand showcase. Test drives were not included in this stage of campaign.2)Prelude continued on city streetsR8 on the streets of Riga(Lat) and Vilnius (LIT). 17 Audi R8 carscolumn wasdriving around the main streets of Riga, parked by the largest hotel and on centralsquare.Photo session with R8 - main squares of cities (e.g. Dome Square in Riga) hostedbogus photo sessions with R8, professional photographer, TV cameraman unother photographers. These events were aimed at creating a media hype, lifestylepress and main nationwide media. The central photo of this photo session wasalso nominated for Annual Photography Prize of Latvia.2) Test drives or Audi Sportscar Expierence - after rather prolonged prelude,potential clients were given a chance to test the R8 on Bi ernieki Racecourse inRiga. Potential owners of R8 were testing the car under supervision of experiencedEuropean level racers.3) Status and word-of-mouth eventsLe Mans Lounge - Audi cars have triumphed Le Mans Race for a number ofyears, yet it has slipped the attention of many in Baltic countries. Le MansLounge became a one-off event.Le Mans Race and the associated Audi event wereextensively covered in the Latvian media.Catherine Deneuve and R8 - new Audi R8 models became an element of
  4. 4. high-profile event settings: for ex. international movie festival Baltic Pearl whereFrench movie star Catherine Deneuve posed in front of the Audi R8. R8s were alsoparked by some of the most prominent places of Riga and Vilnius over the summermonths, stirring a lot of interest among people. They wondered: Oh my, is that thenew Audi? Is that really Audi?Other activities scheduled are designed to further boost Audis sporty lifestyleimage, including (1) Karl Lagerfeld photo exhibition "Kaleidoscopic Vision of aCar",(2) Audi Bauhaus performance for the first time in National Opera of Vilniusand Riga - a special symphony to replicate sounds of a sports car performed byNational Symphony Orchestra.Results of the campaign and evaluation::Assessment criteria1)Interest from potential buyers, regional sales quotas and registered sales figures;(2) Spreading of Audi sports car image.The most vivid result of the campaign is the readiness of potential clients to buyAudi R8 in 2007/2008. 2007 quota for Audi R8 sales in the Baltics reached 15 cars(considering their cost of over Eur120,000). After launch of the campaign, duringfirst half of 2007, 11 Audi R8 cars were ordered, by the end of the year 6 moreorders were placed. This means that campaign has been highly efficient inpromoting a product attributed to a narrow Baltic market niche for new and
  5. 5. expensive sports cars.However, the more long-term ambition of the campaign of boosting the sportinessand lifestyle image of Audi was successfully achieved. Focus groups indicated thebeginning of change of Audis brand reputation, while a more comprehensiveresearch is to follow. Also, Audi dealers were beginning to receive more orders oftheir other sports cars, namely Audi TT, Audi S and Audi RS models, indicatingthe acceptance of Audi s lifestyle and sportiness intentions.