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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: CLICK
Client: Neste Latvija
Country: Latvia

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  1. 1. Category: DIGITAL COMMUNICATION CLICK (Latvia) ATKLĀJ NESTE OIL! / DISCOVER NESTE OIL! Client: Neste Latvija Summary There were two main tasks for this campaign – to successfully launch Neste Oil communication on the biggest national social network establishing a solid audience and to convey the rebranding message to the target audience. To achieve this we developed a game that would (1) convey the new brand identity and Neste Oil values and (2) engage company’s target audience. Along the game we had a supporting daily communication that conveyed the same messages and values. The most active audience of is adolescents and women; however, the target audience for Neste Oil is those who have reached majority (18 years and older), mostly men. Despite the risk to address and attract the wrong audience, the game turned out to be a viral success (more than 90 thousand unique visitors; Neste Oil became one of the TOP 15 most followed pages on the social network) and attracted the right audience (85% of followers aged over 18, men being equally active as women). After the campaign more and more followers used the new brand name in their communication and were interested in the whole rebranding process (rebranding of the gas stations). Situation April 2012, Neste Oil started its rebranding process and campaign in Latvia. The process included the name change and rebranding of all the 53 gas stations all over Latvia, and also – conveying the brand values to the existing and future customers. Neste Oil had already developed a strong daily communication on Twitter, however, was not acquired as a communication platform for the company. These two factors – rebranding and need for stronger and more active communication on – were a good reason to extend the whole rebranding communication (along PR, B2B and B2C communications and intensive advertising) to social networks. Objectives• To successfully launch Neste Oil communication on the biggest national social network establishing a solid audience.• To convey the rebranding message to the target audience (young drivers aged 18-24 and drivers aged 24-49, 60% of them – men). Strategy We decided to build a gamified campaign within the Neste Oil page that would both (1) attract thousands of followers and (2) convey a message about Neste Oil – it’s rebranding process and the new name (Neste to Neste Oil, the vast network of gas stations all over Latvia, and the quality of the product). We thought of using game elements to make the target audience interested in the campaign, to motivate them join and to become Neste Oil fans. Also, we needed to come up with a solution how to encourage the users to invite their friends to join the activities. We didn’t have any support in form of advertising – the campaign had to be self-sustaining. Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: DIGITAL COMMUNICATION Two factors for our success would be – solid base of followers gained by the campaign (goal - 20 000) and new brand awareness. Execution The game was running for two weeks (April 23 – May 6, 2012) on Neste Oil page on draugiem.lv1. First step was made easy to attract as many new players as possible – one just had to put together a puzzle of Latvia. The more players got involved, the more people received the rebranding message.2. The next step tested players’ knowledge about the extensive gas station network, however, the third step required them to invite their friends in order to continue. This tactic turned out to be successful attracting more than 90 thousands unique visitors.3. The last stage tested players’ knowledge about Neste Oil – several brand values were conveyed. Those who got the most points (based on time and precision) were announced the winners. Documented Results Goal: to generate a solid base of followers – at least 20 000 and adequate to the target audience Results: more than 68 000 followers gained within two weeks. 85% of followers were aged over 18, men being equally active as women. Screenshot from Neste Oil statistics page showing the followers gained during the campaign period (total – 68 118). Screenshot from Neste Oil statistics page showing the age groups of followers gained during the campaign period. Majority of the audience (85%) corresponds to the target audience – they are aged 18 and older. Baltic PR Awards 2012
  3. 3. Category: DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONGoal: to rise the awareness and use of the new brand name Neste OilResults: more and more followers start using the new and longer brand name Neste Oil, no negativesentiment about the rebranding process Baltic PR Awards 2012