Origo Summer Stage - centre of city cultural activities


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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: Baltijas komunikāciju centrs
Client: Linstow
Country: Latvia
Project name: Origo Summer Stage - centre of city cultural activities

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Origo Summer Stage - centre of city cultural activities

  1. 1. Category: CONUSMERRELATIONSBaltijas komunikācijas centrs (Latvia)“Origo Summer Stage”- centre of city cultural activitiesLinstowSummary“Origo” is a contemporary shopping centre right in the heart of Riga. It is linked to central railway station, which iswhy its image is highly influenced by the station. The challenge was to make the image of “Origo” more consumerfriendly by depicting it as a cultural activity centre of the city. The campaign was built around activity called “OrigoSummer Stage” – a stage where important festivals of Latvia are presented and qualitative concerts of jazz, folk, bluesand opera are given for free all summer long. The objectives – to increase awareness of “Origo” as a shopping centreand to make its image more cultural. The strategy was to use the concerts of “Origo Summer Stage” to remindconsumers of “Origo” as a place where one can enjoy cultural activities. That was done using certain wording in allpublic communication. The assessment criteria were number of publications and mentions of “Origo” as a placewhere cultural activities take place, measurements of Top of Mind awareness, Net Promoter Score and consumerattitude to “Origo” as a shopping center. The outcome – TOM awareness and NPS grew significantly compared toprevious year and consumers now connect “Origo” with concerts and exhibitions.SituationThe problem found in consumer surveys was that the image of “Origo” is much influenced by Riga central railwaystation, which is linked to “Origo”. Station and its square has a specific and uncontrollable publicity, also the visitorsof station are hard to separate from customers of “Origo”. Problem that prompted this campaign – people don’tassociate “Origo” with a cultural shopping centre, though cultural activities next to "Origo" are organized constantly.Top of mind awareness of “Origo” was lower than of some other shopping centers with lower customer flow orturnover. Also Net Promoter Score in 2011 became negative.ObjectivesThe main objectives were: To increase awareness of “Origo” as a shopping centre not as a part of train station; To make the image of “Origo” more cultural To create an opinion about station square next to “Origo” as a quality, safe public space to spend leisure time.Target audience – current and potential customers in main psyho-demographical target group for “Origo” accordingto the survey carried out by “Latvijasfakti” previous summer: 15-34 old women living in all districts of Riga, usingpublic transport on a regular basis that search for a place to belong and society.StrategyThe planning of campaign began in April 2012 when a schedule of main activities of “Origo Summer Stage” wasapproved. PR activity plan was made according to the schedule and the organizers of all festivals to be presented near“Origo” were informed about the need to use a certain wording and accents when mentioning the event in their publiccommunication. The strategy implemented that media should mention that concerts take place next to “Origo”, not inRiga Central Station Square as media usually does. Also the logo of “Origo” had to be most in visualization of “OrigoSummer Stage” concerts.Criteria of measuring the results of the campaign – number of publications were “Origo” or “Origo Summer Stage”was mentioned as a place where cultural activities take place. Also Top of Mind awareness and Net Promoter Scorewere supposed to be measured in the end of summer.ExecutionThe campaign was implemented according to plan which was slightly updated depending on changes in concertschedule. Main stages of plan: Web page www.origosummerstage.lv was redesigned, Twitter account and Foursquare event were made in May – information was regularly updated from May 2012 until September 2012; Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: CONUSMERRELATIONS An opening event of “Origo Summer Stage” was organized on 1st of June with attendance of media and the director of foundation Riga 2014; Press releases were sent out every week form 1st of July to 31st of August about upcoming events near “Origo” with quotations from the director of “Origo”; Press conference about “Saulkrasti Jazz festival” was organized on 10th of June in “Origo” next to “Origo Summer Stage”; The welcoming event of the participants and organizers of international contest “New Wave 2012” was organized next to “Origo” on 14th of July with wide coverage in media.Documented Results During the campaign “Origo Summer Stage” as a cultural activity centre was mentioned in about 270 initiated publications in national mass media – main TV channels, largest radio stations, newspapers and internet portals. Also “Origo Summer Stage” as a concert stage was mentioned in public communication of most artists who performed and festivals which were presented on “Origo Summer Stage” in about 50 more publications. Survey carried out in the second half of August by “Latvijasfakti” showed that “Origo” holds a strong position of a shopping centre where people are motivated to go because of concerts and exhibitions. Also Net Promoter Score increased from –6.9% last summer to +2.6% this summer, while for all other large shopping centers changes in these measurement criteria had a negative tendency. Top of mind awareness of “Origo” increased from 8.7% last year to 11.2% this year. Baltic PR Awards 2012