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HT city campus connect


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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HT city campus connect

  1. 1. HT City Fresh On Campus Party
  2. 2. ABOUT THE EVENT‘HT City Fresh on Campus Party’ is a hallmark event initiated byHT CITY ,with the aim of welcoming the newly joined freshersto the fun & frolic filled college environment. The event issynonymous to the annual college festival for the ‘freshers’The event will reach out to the top 14 colleges of the city , withthe purpose of giving an enthralling welcome to the newstudents.
  3. 3. SPONSORS FOR THE EVENTThe associate sponsors for the event are ‘Veet’ & ‘Tata Nano’and the activities & infrastructure are designed in a such a wayas to gain maximum visibility for the sponsors.
  4. 4. ACTIVITIES FOR THE EVENTWe have included some power packed activities for the event ,to keepthe energy levels of the students soaring.Tata Nano Best Smile Contest : The event will begin with the ‘Tata Nano Best Smile Contest’. The Tata Nano car will be placed in a stage platform near the entrance of the venue & the students will be given a chance to pose along with the car & flash their best smile for the camera. The one with the best smile bags the title.
  5. 5. ACTIVITIES FOR THE EVENTVeet Diva of the Campus Contest: This contest for the female freshers , is an opportunity to get crowned as ‘the Veet Diva of the campus’ The activity will have two rounds -Ramp Walk for the female freshers to set the ramp on fire & display their attitude. -Q & A round , where they will face the questions from the judges. The girl with the maximum points will be crowned as ‘the ‘Veet Diva of the campus’.
  6. 6. ACTIVITIES FOR THE EVENTFashion Show-Ethnic Indian Theme The fresher couples will don their best ethnic Indian wear to present a fashion show depicting the varied culture of India.Impromptu one-minute games: The anchor for the event will conduct many one minute games like Arm Wrestling, Push-up round for the boys,etc
  7. 7. ACTIVITIES FOR THE EVENTKaraoke: Karaoke session to bring out the singer in the students.Dance The event will also see the freshers dishing out their best dance moves for their batch mates.DJ The event will conclude with foot-tapping numbers by the DJ,for the students to vent out their energies on the dance floor
  8. 8. TECHNICALSINFRASTRUCTURE:-Stage platform (16 x8)with ramp(2 x 8)-Stage backdrop(16 x 8)-Stage platform for the Tata Nano car-Backdrop for the Tata Nano Car-Welcome Arch at the entrance-8 Branding boards at various points of the venue-150 Chairs with white covers for seating.-2 Food counters
  9. 9. TECHNICALSLIGHT & SOUND:-5000 watt sound system-6 cordless mikes-DJ console-Intelligent lighting for the eventMANPOWER :-An M.C-A D.J-5 Promoters.
  10. 10. CONCLUSIONWe , as the official event manager of HT City Fresh on Campuswill make sure that the students are going to have a greatwhooping time in the event & the day will remain etched in theirhearts for a very long time to come.
  11. 11. THANK YOU