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Gresham Citizen Champions for Accountability and Transparency


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Gresham Citizen Champions for Accountability and Transparency

  1. 1. Citizen January 17Testimony onCity CharterRecommended 2012AmendmentsStrengthening citizen voice, strengthening mayor’s leadership throughdelegation of critical executive powers and strengthening managerialaccountability, government regulations compliance and open and Empoweringtransparent deliberation by City Council through the establishment of an Citizen Voiceelected independent auditor
  2. 2. Gresham Citizen Recommendations for Accountability andTransparencyJanuary 17, 6-9PM, City Hall Oregon Conference RoomGresham City Charter Review Committee Citizen Engagement Meetingon Citizen Involvement Citizen recommendations to Gresham City Charter Review Committee forchanges and modifications to current and future City Charters in preparation fortheir recommendations to City Council for placement on ballot in city wideelection for citizen approval. The Charter currently requires a supermajority of60% for passage Re-instate the Position of City Auditor as an Elected IndependentAuditor 1) Election of independent city auditor directly accountable to the citizen community to insure compliance by elected and appointed officials to City Charter, Federal and State Regulations, City Ordinances, Administrative Policy, Procedures and Code of Ethics 2) Discourage abuse of State of Oregon’s “Open Meetings Law” by City Council with clear statement in City Charter forbidding rolling quorums, private discussion and deliberations, serial emails and electronic communications where deliberative legislative actions are taken to influence voting prior to City Council public meeting in secret deliberation Re-instate Citizen Voice 1) Re-instate Voting Districts 2) Reinstate Charter 50% plus 1 majority vote requirement and eliminate “supermajority” 60% vote barrier to citizen voiceRA Strathern – Page 2
  3. 3. 3) Authorize Citizen vote for approval of any City Council initiative to increase city taxes and fee for-service charges when 5% of registered voters ask for a referendum 4) Authorize City Council to make all citizen appointments to Council Citizen Standing Commissions, Advisory Committees, and Temporary Task Forces 5) Authorize the establishment of a citizen competitiveness task force on fiscal accountability to investigate potential restructuring of operating systems for increased efficiency, effectiveness, lower costs (taxes and fees) and citizen satisfaction. The resulting new cash flow would generate funding outside of current budget revenue stream to build up rainy day funds and act as a “pipeline of projects” Delegating Executive Authority to the Office of Mayor 1) Mayor authorized to function full time exercising executive authority in planning, organizing, implementing and controlling the city’s economic development programs by leading and representing the city in recruiting investment capital for job creation on a sub-regional, regional, state , federal and global level 2) Mayor authorized to hire (and remove) an Operations Manager to run day to day administration of city services, accountable to Mayor as City CEO. 3) Mayor authorized to hire (and remove) City Department Heads 4) Mayor authorized to establish and submit City Budget to City Council for approval utilizing Council Citizen Finance Committee’s input and participation 5) Mayor authorized to exercise veto power on selected Council legislative actions, with override by supermajority voteRA Strathern – Page 3
  4. 4. RA Strathern – Page 4