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Bally Chohan Salon UK


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We are part of Bally Chohan Salon Beauty Holdings Inc., which grew from one small store in 1964 in New Orleans into the world’s largest distributor of professional hair and beauty products, with over 4,000 stores worldwide.

In the UK and Ireland we trade at over 250 stores with Bally Chohan Salon as our retail business brand.

Our Bally stores are in convenient high street locations stocking the widest range of hair and beauty products in the UK and Ireland. They are staffed by professionals trained to help you create a look that is distinctly you.
Bally Chohan Express is the online store for Bally Chohan Salon, and is the perfect way for you to browse and order products online whenever you want and from wherever you are within the UK .

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Bally Chohan Salon UK

  1. 1. Bally Chohan Beauty Salon Professional Makeup & Hairstyling Bally Chohan Salon team has over 10 years of experience in makeup and hairstyling. Their unique talent and ability to bring out the grace and beauty of her customers through simple yet natural styling proved to be her greatest strength. With full emphasis on Total Customers’ Satisfaction, she provides professional opinions on creating the best fit makeup, hairdo and even beauty esthetics, transforming her customers with renewed confidence and splendor! In addition Bally Chohan Salon team also conducts Professional Makeup & Hairstyling Artist courses with their years of experience.
  2. 2. Makeup & Hairstyling Services of Bally Chohan Salon D&D Makeup Package: * 1 makeup * 1 hairdo design * 1 pair of false lashes (foc) * Eyebrow Trimming * Transportation (round trip) ROM Makeup Package: * 1 makeup * 1 hairdo design * 1 pair of false lashes (foc) * Face essence/ ampoule * Eyebrow Trimming * Body shimmer * Transportation ( round trip) Bridal Day and Night Makeup Package: * 2 makeup * 2 hairdo design * 2 pair of false lashes (foc) * Face essence/ ampoule * Body shimmer * Eyebrow trimming * Trial makeup & hairdo - worth $80 to $120 - 2 hrs needed - only at our studio * Transportation for morning & night (round trip) - no additional charge applicable before 6am. Complimentary: Groom makeup & hairdo for night session. or visit for more..
  3. 3. Bally Chohan Salon Gallery
  4. 4. Bally Chohan Salon Makeup Courses Personal Makeup Course: Duration:10 hrs Content: Personal Day & Night Makeup Professional Makeup Course: Duration: 45 hrs Content: D&D makeup ROM makeup Bridal Day & Night Makeup Specialist Makeup Course: Duration: 90 hrs Content: Fashion makeup Stage makeup Studio makeup
  5. 5. Bally Chohan Salon Hairstyling Courses Duration: 10 lesson *3 hrs each Course Content: 1. Theory of hair styling and backcombing. 2. Bunning 3. Twist Style 4. Braid Style 5. Hair accessories, flower and veil usage 6. Tips on quick changes from one hairstyle to another 7. Hot roller usage 8. Curling tong usage 9. Flat iron usage 10. Hair dryer usage
  6. 6. Thank you For more info – Visit