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About us: Find out what Balluff is internally known for


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About Balluff, featuring innovations, sales, networks, industries, facts, tradition, management, production, environment, servic, and Balluff as a global player

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About us: Find out what Balluff is internally known for

  1. 1. (c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  2. 2. About BalluffInternationally Known For: • Great people • The latest sensor technology • One of the broadest product offerings of any sensor company • Innovations...(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  3. 3. InnovationsSolar EnergyReflectors and solar panels ofsolar systems must track theposition of the sun. Balluffmeasuring systems detecttheir precise movements andthus help to optimise energyoutput.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  4. 4. InnovationsAviationIn aviation there are particularly high requirements for the reliability and servicelife of components. SMARTLEVEL sensors from Balluff are to be found in themixer taps of the A 380.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  5. 5. InnovationsWind PowerLeading manufacturers of wind-power systems count on Balluff.BTL micropulse transducers control the pitch of rotor blades.They thus make an important contribution to the system efficiency.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  6. 6. SalesGlobal representation –54 subsidiaries andrepresentative offices(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  7. 7. Networks Establishing contacts, using synergies and jointly promoting projects.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  8. 8. Industries … we are involved in many industries!Automotive Factory Automation Packaging and Filling Metal-working Hydraulics Pneumatics Wood Industry Power Generation (c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  9. 9. IndustriesAutomotiveFrom the first punch to the final acceptance - Balluff has theright sensor solution for all areas of automotive manufacturing(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  10. 10. IndustriesPackaging IndustryReliable control of packaging processes –maximum safety and optimal quality(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  11. 11. IndustriesMetal-workingRobust solutions for extreme environmental conditions. Balluff masters thewhole technological variety on the basis of established physical principles.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  12. 12. IndustriesFactory AutomationAutomation components in assembly and industrial handling, as well as robotics, require maximumstandards of quality and flexibility – Balluff has the suitable solution portfolio.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  13. 13. IndustriesEnergy GenerationBalluff develops suitable sensor solutions forconventional and alternative energy recovery.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  14. 14. IndustriesWood IndustryIn forestry and the sawmill industry, sensors are subjectedto the harshest conditions, yet must work fail-safe.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  15. 15. IndustriesHydraulics and PneumaticsContactless and wear-free measuring of motion processes in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders is one of Balluffs specialties.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  16. 16. Facts and Figures 250 million 2180 Employees 240 million 54 Subsidiaries/Representative offices 7 Production locations 6 Product Centre 75 million 25 million 1960 1970 1980 1990 2008 2010(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  17. 17. Tradition1921 Gebhard Balluff in Neuhausen starts up a repair shop for bicycles, motorcycles and sewing machines.1956 Development of patented electromechanical limit switches. Balluff becomes a partner of the automotive and machine tool industry.1968 Production of BES inductive proximity switches begins.1976 The head office in Neuhausen receives a new factory building.1978 Production of BOS photoelectric switches begins(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  18. 18. Tradition1979 Production of microprocessor-controlled rotary cam switches, together with angle encoders, begins.1980 Production of BRG rotary encoders begins.1984 2nd factory building in industrial area in Neuhausen. Production of BIS identification systems begins.1987 Production of BTL Transsonar transducers begins.2000 New logistics centre and production site in Neuhausen.2005 Industrial Networking + Connectivity2007 Inauguration of the new building in Schurwaldstrasse(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  19. 19. Management Gebhard Eduard Rolf Balluff Hermle Hermle Family business in Familienunternehmen the 4th generation in der 4ten Generation Katrin Florian Hermle Stegmaier-(c) 2011 Balluff Inc. Hermle
  20. 20. Management(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  21. 21. World Wide WebBalluff online – available all overthe world- 54 countries- 20,000 products- 6,000 3D models(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  22. 22. World Wide WebBalluff Homepage(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  23. 23. Print MediaPrint – Up-to-date and always at handOperating ManualsCataloguesBrochuresGuidesNews(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  24. 24. Global Player Balluff-HyTech Balluff SIE-Sensorik, Balluff GmbH, Balluff KFT Biel, Switzerland Viernheim, Germany Neuhausen, Germany Veszprém, HungaryBalluff Inc. NIHON BalluffFlorence, USA Tamagawa, Japan Balluff Sensors Chengdu, China Balluff Controles Vinhedo, Brazil (c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  25. 25. Global Player International Product Development Network The future development network of Balluff GmbH has a global development center with decentralized development locations Regional Global Development Center Neuhausen development location Asia ? Development location Veszprem Regional development location USA Development location Biel ? ? ? Regional development location South America ? ? Development location with technology expertise: Development with emphasis on adaptation and product updating of local and global products, adaptation also of Global development center: Product-spanning globally prescribed standards (adapt kits under control of pre-development, standard development for worldwide use the Global Development Center), production startup for (kit responsibility), new product concepts local manufacturing Development location with cost advantages: Assigned Regional development location: Assigned development development with emphasis on implementation, adaptation with emphasis on implementation for assigned technology and product updating, concept development under control expertise, conceptions in coordination with the development of the Global Development Center, production startup for center, adaptation and product updating for own products, local manufacturing production startup for local manufacturing(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  26. 26. Headquarters in Germany Balluff is a medium-sized family business in the 4th generation. We are one of the most effective and efficient manufacturers of sensor system solutions.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  27. 27. Headquarters in Germany(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  28. 28. Production site in ViernheimDevelopment and production of capacitive sensors(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  29. 29. Production site in Viernheim(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  30. 30. Production site in Hungary Development and production of standard sensors(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  31. 31. Production site in Hungary(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  32. 32. Production site in Switzerland Development and production of microsensors(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  33. 33. Production site in Switzerland(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  34. 34. Production site in the USA Production site for customer applications(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  35. 35. Production site in the USA(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  36. 36. Production site in Brazil Production of inductive sensors AC/DC(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  37. 37. Production site in Brazil(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  38. 38. Production site in China Production of miniature sensors and standard sensors(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  39. 39. Production site in China(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  40. 40. Production site in Japan Production of inductive couplers(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  41. 41. Production site in Japan(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  42. 42. Environment Integrated quality and environment management system  Certified by DQS  DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 or DIN EN ISO 14001:2005  Hungary, China and Germany(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  43. 43. EnvironmentP r o c e s s e s o f t h e e(c) 2011 Balluff Inc. n
  44. 44. Service Tech Support... your added value from Balluff for planning and commissioning Project implementation Commissioning Integration(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  45. 45. ServiceService... customer-oriented and competentWe offer you ... Flexible support for questions and problems Support wherever you need it Know-how for control integration Repair of your product Technical solutions Commissioning Integration Adaptations(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  46. 46. Full RangeBalluff represents comprehensive systemsfrom one source, continuous innovation,state-of-the-art technology, maximumquality, and utmost reliability.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  47. 47. Object DetectionInductive SensorsCapacitive SensorsMagnetic Field SensorsPhotoelectric SensorsMechanical SensorsUltrasonic Sensors(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  48. 48. Object Detection Inductive Sensors For controlling, positioning and monitoring processes in automation technology. Rugged sensors for object detection in metalworking(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  49. 49. Object Detection Capacitive Sensors For the detection of – Objects of practically all, also non-conductive, materials – Liquids, granulate, and powder directly or through a container wall(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  50. 50. Object Detection Magnetic Field Sensors The right sensor for any cylinder type: for monitoring piston positions on pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  51. 51. Object Detection Photoelectric Sensors For checking presence, shape, color, distance and thickness – optimized for robotics, automation, assembly and handling(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  52. 52. Object Detection Mechanical Sensors For positioning and end-of-travel switching on machine tools, presses, flexible assembly centers, robots, assembly and conveying equipment, in machine building. Proven over decades.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  53. 53. Object Detection Ultrasonic Sensors Whether position detection, distance measurement, or the detection of solid, powder, or liquid: BUS ultrasonic sensors are precise all-around performers. They remain high-performance independent of color, transparency, and surface properties.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  54. 54. Linear Position Sensing and MeasurementInductive Distance SensorsMagnetoinductive Position SensorsMicropulse TransducersPhotoelectric Distance SensorsMagnetic Linear Encoder Systems(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  55. 55. Linear Position Sensing and MeasurementInductive Distance SensorsThe simplest means of detecting position, size and material of a metallic target.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  56. 56. Linear Position Sensing and MeasurementSmartSens TransducersMagnetoinductive sensor for linear, non-contacting position detectionof a magnetic target.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  57. 57. Linear Position Sensing and MeasurementMicropulse TransducersThe first choice for measuring long strokes under harsh conditionsHigh resolution, repeatability and linearity, resistant to vibration and noise fields(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  58. 58. Linear Position Sensing and MeasurementPhotoelectric Distance SensorsSupport positioning tasks, material flow control andlevel sensing in various applications, even overlong distances(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  59. 59. Fluid SensorsFluid SensorsReliable solutions for the automation industry(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  60. 60. Fluid SensorsPressure SensorsBSP Balluff pressure sensors combine the advantages of a display, measuringtransducer and pressure switch in a single device.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  61. 61. Industrial Identification Industrial RFID Vision Sensors(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  62. 62. Industrial IdentificationIndustrial RFIDFor managing the flood of information in modern production operations:the right data in the right place at the right time(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  63. 63. Industrial Identification Vision Sensors Balluff Vision Sensors BVS combine the functions of expensive vision systems with the simple handling of photoelectric sensors. Thanks to its diversity the main area of application is reliable error and quality checking.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  64. 64. Industrial Networking and Connectivity Active distribution boxes Splitter Boxes Inductive coupler BIC Power supplies(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  65. 65. Industrial Networking and Connectivity Active distribution boxes System technology with components perfectly matched to the controller: For high-performance communication(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  66. 66. Industrial Networking and Connectivity Splitter Boxes Passive actuator-sensor boxes: for organized and decentralized wiring of peripherals.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  67. 67. Industrial Networking and Connectivity Inductive coupler BIC For the highest level of flexibility – secure and contactless energy and data transfer(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  68. 68. Industrial Networking and ConnectivityConnectivityConnectivity for the best possible integration of sensors and actuators into yourautomated process.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  69. 69. Industrial Networking and Connectivity Power supplies All industrial automation systems need reliable power - power that is clean, spike-free, and controlled, to provide the amount of power required by the system.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  70. 70. Accessories Fasteners Connectors Electrical devices(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  71. 71. AccessoriesMounting System BMSWhether sensors are used in machine tools,mounting and handling machines or packagingmachines. To work properly, they need to bepositioned exactly.(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.
  72. 72. Sales and Logistics ServicesYour aims – Our specifications(c) 2011 Balluff Inc.