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Presentation about multilingual, synchronised search marketing. WebCertain did this presentation at TFM&A on 24th of February 2009.

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WebCertain TFM 2009

  1. 1. Synchronised Global Search Marketing Oscar Carreras Strategist, oscar.carreras@webcertain.com Volker Ballueder Business Development Manager, volker.ballueder@webcertain.com 24 February 2009
  2. 2. WebCertain – who are we? • We are the only multilingual search marketing agency worldwide to operate centrally from a single location: – cost effective, flexible and no time zone issues • “World Language Hub” in York hosting 60 search specialists • Native Speakers, 32 languages • Results driven synchronised search: – strategy, implementation, reporting • Cultural sensitivity - Local knowledge of search engines and their markets • Business Support Centres, London, Oslo, Warsaw and California
  3. 3. International Search (1)
  4. 4. International Search (2)
  5. 5. Inernational Search (3)
  6. 6. International Search (4)
  7. 7. How to be global? • Multilingual SEO • International PPC • Global PR strategy • Global Analytics
  8. 8. Synchronised Search
  9. 9. Definitive guide Int. SEO Geo-location: If you are looking to target a specific country/market it is vital that your site is recognised to be from that territory by search engines. • Country specific local domains terminations (TLDs) • Local hosting • Country specific inbound linking campaign and PR • Language specific SEO signals • Optimised Localised content • Define geographic location via Google Webmaster tools (only when the above points are not applicable)
  10. 10. Definitive guide Int. SEO Language SEO Signals Website localisation • Local Keyword Research by a native speaker • Using those keywords in the main score zones where Search Engines put more emphasis on (Title tag, urls, headings, anchor text of links, images’ alt tags, content) • Make sure the copy flows naturally
  11. 11. English version of the client site in the UK. The page optimisation is targeting several keywords by using International SEO: them in strategic locations throughout the page. Title, URL, meta description, heading, first hundred keywords and body content. Definitive guide
  12. 12. International SEO: Definitive guide
  13. 13. International PPC
  14. 14. Selecting the Right Media Channels in LATAM & APAC • The client is a leading supplier of Human Resources Software based in North America • WebCertain’s brief was lead generation in Latin America, Europe and The Far East, using both Paid and Organic Search • The key step was to match the search behaviour of the target markets internationally • After undertaking extensive keyword research and researching search volumes, WebCertain identified appropriate search engines and channels within them • By blending SEO and PPC activities to optimize both visitor volume and conversion levels, the client has enjoyed an 85% uplift in enquiries in the 6 months since implementation
  15. 15. Global PR Strategy PR doesn’t just mean writing press releases . A global PR campaign can incorporate the following channels: • Optimised text, image and video news – or combinations • Blogs and forums • On-site newsfeeds • Email marketing campaigns
  16. 16. Global PR Distribution Methods • Contacting journalists directly and indirectly • Partner newswire services • A range of custom-researched news sites and blogs in different sectors • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed
  17. 17. Implement, Measure, Refine • Implement campaigns through natives • Analyse performance across country portfolio and tweak to achieve KPIs / ROI / objectives • Specialists for language independent processes • Search linguists for language dependent processes • Compare like for like • Analyse & Synchronise Search across target countries
  18. 18. WebCertain Events • Webinars 2009: • International Search Summits 2009: – Russia (Jan) – 13th March: Oslo, – Brazil (Mar) Norway – Global – India Search – China – August: San Francisco, USA – 29th November: London
  19. 19. And the Winner is….. 14th May 2009 London Social Media Marketing around the World Speakers include: £100 Discount - Code:EXH09 Slides will be available from our Linkedin profiles. Follow us on Twitter.