Top influential books I read


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Just a list of books I have read in the past years. Good ones only :-)

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Top influential books I read

  1. 1. Top Influential books Iread in the last few years.Volker Balluedercb
  2. 2. Steve Jobs - BiographyAfter reading this biography, I not only gotmyself an iPhone, iPad, iMac and AppleTV butalso learned a lot about motivation.Steve Jobs, even if he was a bad manager,was a great leader, a great believer andmotivator.We are here to make a dent in the universe,why else should we be here?
  3. 3. The Diamond CutterA text which I read awhile back but it showshow to use Buddhist principles in everyday life.Very influential.
  4. 4. Introduction to NLPBest book to introduce NLP to yourself or learnabout the basic principles of NLP.
  5. 5. Clinton - My LifeI really enjoyed reading that book and realisingthat the American Dream is real and out there.Clinton is an idol to me, independent from hispolitical view. I read this as a book from a greatleader. book is on par but Clinton is the better one.
  6. 6. 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleA must read. Whilst my MBA tutors tried to tellme this is a fad, I believe in most of the 7habits.You can read the 8th habit and other books byCorvey but this one is a must read. If youhavent read it, you havent understood what itis all about.
  7. 7. The ChargeA book about life really. A motivational book toget on in life, identify your goals and staymotivated.Nothing special or extraordinary but a nicereminder about what you should do.
  8. 8. Good to GreatAnother book I have read a long time ago.The synopsis says it all: identifying why certaincompanies grow and others fail.Maybe comparable to Crossing the Chasm, orLeadership Principles. Also noteworthy thatthere is a follow up book: Build to Last
  9. 9. Chasing DaylightInspirational book about a world class humanbeing, successful in life and work, who has afew weeks/months left before he dies.He writes a book.You will cry!
  10. 10. The SeedJon Gordon writes a lot of nice books about lifeand uses many metaphors and real lifeexperiences to make the reader understandhow s/he can transform her/his life.
  11. 11. The way we are working isntworking....Tony Schwartz points out the most obvious andsimplest things: we cannot work 24/7, we needbreaks and instead of measuring time at work, weshould measure productivity.It is not about time but about energy management.
  12. 12. Start With the AnswersIf you dont know where you are going, anyroad will take you there.Hence, start with where you want to go, andwork it out from there.Great and inspirational book about what youshould do in work and life!
  13. 13. The NudgeA book about decisioning. I believe the keyterm was behavioural economics.How can we help others to make a betterchoice. Classic example: put the school mealsin an order so kids chose the healthiest option.
  14. 14. Peaceful WarriorThis book explains the journey of a boy tobecome a man and learn about life.He starts understanding life. He sees greatthings.Entertaining and a great read.
  15. 15. GTDGetting Things Done by David Allen is veryinfluential if you are interested in time andorganisational management.Simple techniques, well applied, easy tounderstand.Must read for anyone wanting to be organised.
  16. 16. Thank you.Volker BalluederMay 2013Let me know if you have any questions or whatyou think of those