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Criminal Justice 3: Prepare to Write a Report


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Helps officers get started writing a report

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Criminal Justice 3: Prepare to Write a Report

  1. 1. CRIMINAL JUSTICE REPORT WRITING THE HOW AND WHY Part 3 Preparing to Write a Police Report
  2. 2. How do you prepare to write a report? At the scene…  have writing materials with you (a small notebook in a pocket for emergencies is a good idea)  observe and remember  record information promptly  take thorough, readable notes
  3. 3. What information is important?  what happened at the scene  anything a suspect said, word-for-word  anything you and other officers did  contact information for witnesses  investigations you carried out, even if results were negative  disposition of evidence and suspects
  4. 4. What else is important?  Date, time, and location  Serial numbers, makes, and models  Victims, witnesses, and suspects  Investigations and results  Miranda rights  Evidence  Injuries
  5. 5. When do you need specific details?  establishing probable cause  describing people at the scene  listing injuries  explaining how you secured the crime scene  providing a chain of custody for evidence
  6. 6. What tips are helpful for interviews?  deal with emotions first  provide privacy if possible  ask for explanations for words and expressions you don’t understand (slang, foreign languages)  use quotation marks to record the exact words spoken by a victim, witness, or suspect  remember that hearsay is permissible in a police report
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