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Criminal Justice 2: A Closer Look at Report Writing



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Criminal Justice 2: A Closer Look at Report Writing

  1. 1. CRIMINAL JUSTICE REPORT WRITING THE HOW AND WHY Part 2 Principles of Police Report Writing
  2. 2. How are reports written? Practices vary.You may be…  writing on a blank sheet of paper  typing on a laptop  writing the complete report on your own  filling in spaces on a paper form or computer screen
  3. 3. Who will read your reports? Readers may include…  supervisors  prosecutors  defense attorneys  reporters  local officials
  4. 4. What do reports do? They…  provide information for further investigation  record what happened at the scene  demonstrate your professionalism  build a case for prosecution and conviction  supply facts for databases and statistical reports
  5. 5. What are the challenges? Confusion can arise when you try to…  reconstruct events that preceded your arrival  sift through differing accounts from witnesses and suspects  filter emotions to arrive at the facts  make decisions about the disposition of evidence and suspects
  6. 6. What principles should guide you? Your report should…  use active voice  use names  record exactly what you did, even if the results are negative (footprints, fingerprints, sobriety tests)  stick to the facts (no guesses or theories)
  7. 7. What skills should you develop? You should…  be able to find north, south, east, west anywhere  learn the length of your stride  be able to remember details about clothing, build, jewelry, and facial characteristics  conduct an interview efficiently and accurately
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