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Boi fair 2011


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BOI Fair 2011
On thrusday 12th January 2012. In the morning, Aj Wuttichai was divided in 10 groups each group will have four people of engineering students combined with the senior students of architecture. I've been placed in a group with a company that Hai. The main idea of this company is to produce a never-ending. The inspiration comes from the flood. To see the share register of the Thai people that this company would like to see this every day. There will be a presentation about the concept of each company. The concept of each company, it would be different. But the majority are derived from the flood. In the afternoon, the teacher gave each of group to see the BOI Fair at the Impact arena muang thong thani. The event will be new technologies and innovations in the future. In order to obtain an idea for creative work of senior students of architecture. In BOI Fair 2011 have many companies to shown the new invention of them such as Toshiba, Hitachi, Canon , Samsung , SCG , PTT, LG Etc.

Chawalit Krusukhonpanich.
53211836. INC. 2A.

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Boi fair 2011

  1. 1. BOI Fair 2011On thrusday 12th January 2012.In the morning,AjWuttichaiwasdividedin 10groupseach group willhavefourpeople ofengineeringstudents combinedwiththe senior studentsofarchitecture.Ivebeenplaced in agroupwithacompanythatHai.Themain ideaof this companyis toproducea never-ending. Theinspirationcomes from theflood. To see theshareregisterof the Thaipeoplethatthis companywould liketoseethisevery day.There will beapresentation aboutthe concept ofeach company.Theconceptof each company,it would be different. Butthemajorityare derived from theflood.In theafternoon, the teachergaveeach ofgroup tosee theBOI Fairat theImpactarenamuang thong thani.Theeventwill benewtechnologies andinnovationsin thefuture.Inorder to obtainanidea forcreativework of seniorstudents ofarchitecture. InBOI Fair 2011 have many companies to shown the new invention of them such asToshiba, Hitachi, Canon , Samsung , SCG , PTT, LG Etc. ChawalitKrusukhonpanich. 53211836. INC. 2A.