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Microservice Integration from Dev to Production_KubeCon2018


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The successful realization of microservice architecture requires building a software application as a collection of services, which are integrated together via diverse network communication patterns and protocols, and streamlining such integrations from dev to production with continuous delivery.

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Microservice Integration from Dev to Production_KubeCon2018

  1. 1. Microservice Integration from Dev to Production Kasun Indrasiri Director – Integration Architecture, WSO2 December 2018 gRPC, OpenAPI, Kafka and Codefresh Integration
  2. 2. Why Integrating Microservices? ○ Integration is essential to build any real world use case with cloud native apps. ○ Microservices/cloud native applications are connected via network calls.
  3. 3. Integration in Pre-microservices Era ○ Centralized ESB layer provides integration and network communication and governance capabilities. Virtual Service 1 Service A Virtual Service 2 Virtual Service 3 Service B Service C Service D ESB Consumers
  4. 4. How to Integrate Microservices ○ Microservices code has to take care of all network communication and governance of services Microservice X Microservice P Microservice Y Microservice z Microservice Q Microservice R Microservice S Java Consumers Node.js Go
  5. 5. Synchronous Messaging ○ Synchronous/request-response communication Consumer 1 API Service P API Service Q API Service R API Service S Consumers Consumer 2 Consumer 3 μ Service A Proprietary & Legacy Systems Web API / SaaS API Services/ Edge Services Composite Service/ Integration Services Core Services/ Atomic Services μ Service I μ Service H μ Service J μ Service E μ Service C μ Service D μ Service G μ Service B μ Service F API Management
  6. 6. Asynchronous Event-driven Communication ○ Sending message and not wait for a response μ Service A μ Service B μ Service C Event Bus μ Service D Produce Consume Produce Consume Produce Consume Produce Consume
  7. 7. Catalog Microservices Integration Use Case with Ballerina Consumers Checkout REST/OpenAPI Inventory Shipping OderProc Kafka ProductInfo REST/OpenAPI gRPCgRPC Ballerina Ballerina Ballerina Ballerina Ballerina Ballerina CSV
  8. 8. CodeFresh ● A continuous delivery platform built for Kubernetes
  9. 9. CodeFresh Integration ● Use case
  10. 10. Source Code and References ○ ○ ○ Generic overview on microservices messaging and integration ->