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Introducing the National Center for Literacy Education


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Introducing the National Center for Literacy Education, supporting and celebrating school teams working to improve literacy

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Introducing the National Center for Literacy Education

  1. 1. National Council of Teachers of English<br />The New Stakeholders: Informing Literacy Education Reform from the Grassroots <br />
  2. 2. Supporting and Celebrating School Teams Working to Improve Literacy<br />Flipping the Script: Introducing the National Center for Literacy Education (NCLE)Kent Williamson, Executive Director, NCTEKaiLonnie Dunsmore , Director of Literacy Initiatives, The Ball Foundation<br />
  3. 3. NCTE and Ball Foundation Forging a Broad Alliance to improve literacy education through…<br />Support sound planning, teaching, and assessment by cross-disciplinary teams<br />Celebrating department, school, and system success and sharing sound practices<br />Coordinating new research and professional development innovation<br />Generating policy recommendations to foster on-going support for team-generated literacy improvement plans.<br />
  4. 4. NCTE and Ball Foundation Forging a Broad Alliance (NCLE) to improve Literacy Education for All by fostering……<br />Innovative <br />Coherent<br />Effective <br />
  5. 5. NCTE and Ball Foundation Forging a Broad Alliance (NCLE) to improve Literacy Education for All by fostering….<br />INFORMING & MAKING RECOMMENDATIONS<br />POLICY<br />SEEDING & SUPPORTING SOUND<br />INSTRUCTION<br />COORDINATING & SUPPORTING <br />RESEARCH<br />
  6. 6. Literacy In Learning Service (LiL) <br />Academic Vocabulay – HS CoP<br />Policy <br />Literacy Coaches, Philadelphia<br />School Teams<br />(CoP/PLC)<br />SIL in Rowland, CA<br />Instruction<br />Research<br />Saranac, MI Middle School Team – all subjects<br />District wide K-1 teachers Chicago<br />ELL Coordinators, Iowa<br />English Dept. Chair <br />Writing Workshop CoP<br />Recognition : “Literacy in Every Classroom” School and “Literacy Innovation Schools”<br />Peer reviewed, writing mentors, teachers as producers and consumers<br />
  7. 7. Tools<br />Caseor<br />Related Content<br />Articles<br />websites<br />Examples on next slides<br />Video<br />CoP<br />Guiding Questions<br />Just –in-Time<br />Search <br />
  8. 8.
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  10. 10. NCLE Stakeholders<br />SYSTEMS AND SCHOOLS that share their practices and strategies—Centers for Literacy Innovation and Literacy in Every Classroom Schools. <br />Professional Organizations<br />The Connected Learning Coalition—NCTE, NCTM, NSTA, NCSS, ACTE, CoSN;<br />Associations for school and system leaders (e.g. NASSP, ASCD, NAESP, CCSSO, etc.)<br />Other literacy and teaching groups (NWP, IRA, TESOL)<br />Policy Research Organizations/Think Tanks<br />Foundationswho invest in teaching and literacy<br />Research & Teaching Universities and Colleges<br />
  11. 11. Core NCLE Elements<br />Literacy in Learning Service—free, interactive online service featuring case studies, vignettes, and analysis of literacy innovation;<br />Summer Working Meeting—setting priorities and building financial support for research and PD innovation;<br />Policy Symposia and press events—shining the spotlight on how informed educators sustain growth in literacy learning <br />
  12. 12. What You Can Do<br />Use, contributeto,identify CoP Cases, review the Literacy in Learning Service upcoming academic year;<br />Participate in consortia to create essential research and professional development programming;<br />Make it viral—help tell the story of how interdisciplinary teams are working together to sustain literacy learning growth;<br />Accentuate the positive—rather than forcing change from the top, down it’s time to understand and support systemic practices that make sustainable progress possible.<br />
  13. 13. Contact us: <br />Kent Williamson <br /><br />Anne Gere <br /><br />Cathy Fleischer <br /> <br />KaiLonnie Dunsmore<br />