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Elizabeth Stapper

Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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  2. 2. Elements Line Shape and Form Space Color Value Texture
  3. 3. Line A mark made by a moving point.
  4. 4. Shape and Form A contained area. Shapes are 2-Dimensional and flat. (circle) Forms are 3-Dimensional with height, width and depth. (sphere)
  5. 5. Space The area used or unused in a composition.
  6. 6. Color Use color schemes to enhance appeal or make impact
  7. 7. Value Black and White and all the Grays in between
  8. 8. Texture The surface quality. How an object feels, or how it looks like it feels.
  9. 9. Principles Emphasis Balance Unity Contrast Movement/Rythmn Pattern/Repetition
  10. 10. Emphasis developing points of interest to pull the viewers eye to important parts of the body of the work
  11. 11. Balance stability in the body of work.
  12. 12. Unity when all the parts equal a whole.
  13. 13. Contrast opposites and differences in the work.
  14. 14. Movement/Rhythm showing action and directing the viewers eye throughout the picture plane.
  15. 15. Pattern/Repetition An element that occurs over and over again in a composition