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Photo leah krumholz christine joh


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Photo leah krumholz christine joh

  1. 1. Leah Krumholz Christine JohP h o t o s
  2. 2. LinesIn this picture, the yellowtape represent lines.
  3. 3. Shape/FormThe yellow Wet Floor sign representsshape because it is 3-Dimensional
  4. 4. SpaceThe elevation in height givesthe picture a sense of being 3-D
  5. 5. ValueThis picture has valuebecause of the blackrailings surroundingthe white barrier
  6. 6. TextureThis demonstrates texturebecause the locker door has arigid surface
  7. 7. ColorThis bulletin board hascolorful pages plasteredto it.
  8. 8. UnityThis is an example of unitybecause all of the componentsof the image come together toform one scene
  9. 9. EmphasisThis fire alarm providesemphasis because itdraws your attention to itwith its bright color.
  10. 10. Pattern/RepetitionThe bricks form a patternin the wall that constantlyrepeats throughout theschool
  11. 11. BalanceThe image showsbalance because the twowindows are uniform insize.
  12. 12. ContrastThis lock provides contrastbecause it is a brightpink, surrounding by blandlocker doors
  13. 13. MovementThe boy in this pictureis walking, signifyingmovement