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Elements and principles of design cameron goff pj perez


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Elements and principles of design cameron goff pj perez

  1. 1. Elements and Principles of Design
  2. 2. LineLines are used to direct the viewers eye
  3. 3. Shape and FormThe sign is a 3D object inthe shape of a pyramid
  4. 4. SpaceThere is a lot of open space around the two guys
  5. 5. ColorThe color of the flower stands out from its surroundings
  6. 6. TextureThe gravel has a very rough texture, while the melting slushy has a softer texture
  7. 7. ValueThe black, white, and grays add drama to the photo
  8. 8. RepetitionThere is repetition in the layout of the bricks
  9. 9. EmphasisThere is emphasis on the girl’s face
  10. 10. BalanceThe guy looks very stablewhilst balancing on thetrash can, giving thepicture a sense of stability
  11. 11. UnityAll of the shapes come together to make one unifying object
  12. 12. ContrastThere is contrast between the gray gravel, and the green grass
  13. 13. MovementThe people are moving