South Coast Bali Tour


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Visiting various attraction places of the South Coast Bali is one of the favorite Bali tour for every tourists who come and see the beautiful Paradise island. Visit

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South Coast Bali Tour

  1. 1. Bali Full Day Tours: South Coast Bali Tour Itinerary Visiting various attraction places of the South Coast Bali is one of the favorite Bali tour for every tourists who come and see the beautiful Paradise island.
  2. 2. Bali Indonesia essentially has all kinds of things for everyone. So, if you are preparing to go on a Bali tours, you can be sure that you will find numerous of things to do that will really interest you and let you have much fun. An amazing and best way for tourists to enjoy the Bali island and surrounding is by joining Bali tours. Visiting several fascination sights of the South Coast Bali is one of the most recommended Bali tour for every traveler who come to explore the wonderful Paradise island. Below is the program of South Coast Bali tours: First stop at Denpasar market, Denpasar is the main city of Bali Province. The main street of Denpasar is Gajah Mada street exactly where is the main shopping center, you will discover 2 big markets, Badung Market and also Kumbasari Market.
  3. 3. Second stop at Museum Bali, this museum in the beginning constructed in 1910 by Dutch Government. In 20 January 1917 this unique museum was destroyed by the largest earthquake in Bali. Currently, there are 4 main construction in south pavilion has 2 storey features collection of prehistoric things, traditional artifacts and some old painting. Next stop at Kuta Beach, Kuta is one district of Badung Regency has Tuban Village, Kuta, Legian and also Seminyak. Tuban village where is the airport sited and some fine hotel. The central Kuta is the busiest area with the shopping mall and new brand shops. The beach has very good reef specially for beginner surfer and in addition many surfing board to rent a lengthy the beach. The reason why the traveler come to Kuta because has many selection for hotel from 5 star hotel to homestay as well as offer variety of eating place with different food taste.
  4. 4. 4th stop at Nusa Dua Beach. This is yet another tourist resort with wide range white sand beach in the southern part of Bali and offered 5 star chains accommodation with global marketing connecting. The resort area in addition have golf course and several of water sport activities. 5th stop at Uluwatu Temple. This temple constructed in 11th century by Javanese priest Empu Kuturan. This temple located in south western tip of peninsula, upwards of the blue sea cliff just about 100 meters high, the very best place to view of the sunset. The temple has very aggressive monkey colony. The final stop of this Bali full day tour is Jimbaran Bay. Jimbaran situated in south of airport, the beach features white sand. Now there are luxury hotel built, Bali Intercontinental Resort & Four Season Resort. Jimbaran bay renowned with beachside sea food resto while experiencing the sunset and scenery with frosty drink and a fresh grill fish.
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