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Joel bander law & balita media publisher luchie mendoza allen


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Published in: Investor Relations, Business
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Joel bander law & balita media publisher luchie mendoza allen

  1. 2. "This is merely a clear attempt to ruin my good name and reputation with this baseless and malicious complaint."
  2. 3. These are the words of Joel Bander, a lawyer based in Los Angeles, California who was recently put under “watchlist status” by the Bureau of Immigration based on the complaint affidavit filed by Cristina San Jose for alleged acts of lasciviousness
  3. 4. A lady named Lolita Acosta approached the Immigration Commissioner, Marcelino Libanan, to watchlist Atty. Joel Bander based on the said affidavit. 
  4. 5. Atty. Bander vehemently denies accusations of acts of lasciviousness filed against him in the Philippines more than three years ago.
  5. 6. According to Atty. Bander, the supposed victim, identified as Cristina San Jose, is a fictitious person. 
  6. 7. "I vehemently deny the allegations of Ms. San Jose, if this person really exists. Our investigation reveals that the address given by this person who filed the charges against me is a warehouse.
  7. 8. She did not even appear in the hearing. Hence, it is obvious, or should be, that this complaining person never had the intent to really come forward and complain but only to cause me problems," said Atty. Bander. 
  8. 9. A member of the Philippine National Police, SPO2 Marcelino Dizon Y Macaraig, executed an affidavit on the result of his investigation as to San Jose's alleged address.
  9. 10. "Or or about 10 September 2006, I was tasked to check on the address of one Cristina San Jose, who was allegedly residing at No. 94 Panay St., Quezon City.
  10. 11. When I checked on the said address, there was no such Panay Street in Quezon City, but only Panay Avenue, which is located at Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City
  11. 12. Nonetheless, I still checked the said establishment at number 94 along Panay Avenue, Quezon City and it turned out to be a warehouse with the name of B.E. Corporation.
  12. 13. I asked some of the workers inside the said warehouse, whether there was a Cristina San Jose living or working there and the answer was negative.
  13. 14. On November 4, 2006, I returned to the area to verify again the adjoining buildings and found out that the said area is a commercial land and not a residential area," stated PNP officer Macaraig in his affidavit. 
  14. 15. According to Atty. Bander, he was not even aware of the charges until articles about the case were published in People's Tonight. The articles, according to Atty. Bander, were full of false information.
  15. 16. The People's Tonight stating that Bander was a trader facing illegal recruitment charges in Branch 78 of Regional Trial Court in Taguig.
  16. 17. This article, according to Atty. Bander, was later retracted by the publishers stating that the charges were untrue and without basis.
  17. 18. Atty. Bander also added that the Office of the Clerk of Court of the Regional Trial Court of Taguig certified that no RTC Branch 78 exists in Taguig. It appears that the alleged court does not even exist at all.  
  18. 19. Atty. Bander likewise denies allegations that he is a fugitive, as he has even been going in and out of the Philippines about a dozen times since 2007 to oversee the operations of his business office in Manila.
  19. 20. Atty. Bander, who stressed that he has no intention of fleeing from the case, and in fact wants to see it