Sustainability Through Commerciality


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Environmentally and socially responsible green asset-backed investment.

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Sustainability Through Commerciality

  1. 1. Tomorrow’s oil today<br />‘Sustainability through commerciality’<br />
  2. 2. Green oil – what is it?<br /><ul><li> Produced from plants and trees – not fossils
  3. 3. Similar calorific value to crude oil
  4. 4. Less volatile – safer to transport (spills etc)
  5. 5. Already running power stations and transport worldwide
  6. 6. Mixed to become biofuels-EU Target 10%
  7. 7. Most major airlines successfully trialled </li></ul> bio fuels and IATA looking for quota usage.<br />
  8. 8. Green oil – why so important?<br />Ecological<br /><ul><li>Renewable power source
  9. 9. Carbon friendly</li></ul>Political<br /><ul><li>Oil resources offer levels of energy independence
  10. 10. Employment opportunities rather than foreign currency depletion</li></ul>Economic<br /><ul><li>World demand for energy accelerating
  11. 11. Fossil fuel deposits running out-estimates of between 30-40 years for oil </li></li></ul><li>Current Activities:<br />Developing Activities<br /><ul><li>USA
  12. 12. Australia
  13. 13. Ghana
  14. 14. Malawi</li></ul>Current Activities<br /><ul><li>Thailand
  15. 15. Cambodia
  16. 16. Indonesia
  17. 17. Philippines
  18. 18. Senegal
  19. 19. Mali
  20. 20. UK (HQ)</li></li></ul><li>Green oil investment programmes<br /><ul><li> Investment in the production of green oil
  21. 21. Current project Cambodia- over 1 million hectares
  22. 22. All land held in trust by UK Trustee company
  23. 23. Carbon Credited Farming based in London
  24. 24. Originally formed in 1999 - UK PLC in March 2009
  25. 25. Operations in countries around the world
  26. 26. Sustainable, commercially viable alternative to fossil fuels</li></li></ul><li>Green oil <br />What we produce<br />Applications and usage <br />
  27. 27. Crude oil extraction<br />Green oil production<br />1<br />1<br />Carbon sequestrated (absorbed)<br />Release stored carbon <br />Crude oil processing<br />Direct - no refining required<br />Refined<br />Refined<br />Green oil<br />processing<br />Growing<br />Emissions<br />Stable Emissions<br />2<br />2<br />atmosphere<br />atmosphere<br />Crude oil usage<br />Green oil usage<br />Carbon released from burning<br />Carbon released from burning<br />3<br />Common oil market applications<br />Transport<br />Power Production<br />Lubrication<br />
  28. 28. Permaculture- sustainable farming <br />Current commercial farming with little or no;<br /><ul><li>correlation to domestic or international market demands
  29. 29. crop rotation or planning
  30. 30. fertiliser ‘know how’ </li></ul>Part of a value chain<br />Permaculture based commercial farming with;<br /><ul><li>Direct correlation to domestic or international market demands through cooperative
  31. 31. crop rotation or planning as well as diversity
  32. 32. fertiliser, genetics and best practices transferred from cooperative </li></ul>Jatropha<br />Cash<br />Food<br />Sweet sorghum<br />Palm<br />Live-stock<br />Pongamia<br /> Lumber <br />Cooperative inputs and goal:<br /><ul><li>global market access which drives planning, demand and pricing;
  33. 33. genetics and best practices imports
  34. 34. technology inward transfer
  35. 35. economies of scale (buying and selling)
  36. 36. farmers participate in value chain
  37. 37. future proofing agriculture</li></li></ul><li>Green oil investment – three programmes<br />1. Green Oil Leases<br /><ul><li>This is the original single crop plantation lease investment in jatropha.
  38. 38. 2,000 trees per hectare –minimum 2 hectares- £5,000
  39. 39. 1.5 litres production per tree per year, plus by products
  40. 40. Jatropha can grow on less fertile soil- and can withstand drought
  41. 41. Has lifespan of around 50 years
  42. 42. Assured returns yr 1 5% yr 2 12% and then 50-50 revenue share for remainder of lease term-projected 20% return per annum
  43. 43. Land held in trust on your behalf and buy back options available
  44. 44. Returns linked to projected energy prices increases.</li></li></ul><li>Green oil investment programme<br />2. Agroforestry Leases<br /><ul><li>Jatropha and other energy crops - oil palm, pongamia, sweet sorghum.
  45. 45. Costs £3,125 per hectare; (minimum two hectares)
  46. 46. Minimum investment is £6,250
  47. 47. Assured Income 5% in year 1 and 12% in year 2
  48. 48. Year 3 onwards (to year 45) returns of around 20% each year
  49. 49. Investment can be sold at any time
  50. 50. Exit strategy - buyback option from 5 years to 10 years</li></li></ul><li>Green oil investment programme<br />3. Capital Builder Lease<br /><ul><li> Based on Agroforestry Lease
  51. 51. All income reinvested for 10 years to acquire further Leases
  52. 52. Maximises opportunity for slower maturing / higher yielding asset crops
  53. 53. Minimum investment £12,000
  54. 54. Assured 29 hectares (including original hectares purchased) by year 10
  55. 55. Year 10 Capital value projection (at cost) of £90,625- 655% ROI
  56. 56. Year 10 ongoing annual yield projection of around £18,125 (20%)</li></li></ul><li>Self Invested Personal Pensions<br />SIPP Providers<br /><ul><li> Can be placed in a SIPP
  57. 57. Tax relief at highest rate if applicable
  58. 58. Tax free income and growth within SIPP
  59. 59. You need an IFA to advise you on SIPP’s</li></ul>D A Phillips & Co Limited<br />
  60. 60. Plantation portfolio structure<br />Plantations<br />Countries<br />Blocks<br />Rows<br /><ul><li>Plantation portfolio model standard across geographies
  61. 61. Plantation land held in trust
  62. 62. GPS coordinates defined for each corner of each plantation
  63. 63. Plantations divided into defined, labelled and segregated blocks</li></li></ul><li>Scheme segregation<br />Example plantation:<br />12 blocks<br />Agroforestry blocks<br />L1<br />B1<br />B2<br />B3<br />L5<br />B3<br />L8<br />L9<br />L2<br />L3<br />L3<br />L4<br />L6<br />L7<br />B1<br />B2<br />Green Oil Leases<br />L10<br />L11<br />L13<br />L15<br />L16<br />L17<br />B3<br />L12<br />L14<br />B1<br />B2<br />Agroforestry Leases and Capital Builder<br />L12 = Agroforestry lease number 12<br />B2 = Agroforestry Capital Builder number 2. In this case, there are two additional plots allocated under the reinvestment scheme.<br /><ul><li>Agroforestry (Capital Builder and Leases) segregated from Green Oil Leases by planting in separate blocks within the plantations
  64. 64. Agroforestry Leases will be allocated at the time of issue, regardless of whether single leases or Capital Builder
  65. 65. Capital Builder reinvestment leases will be allocated at the time the primary capital builder lease matures</li></li></ul><li>Social<br />-Sustainable development <br />-Empowerment of indigenous people<br />-Poverty alleviation<br />-Employment<br />Environmental<br />-Virgin forest conservation<br />-Carbon sequestration (absorbed)<br />-Reduced carbon footprint for green oil consumed locally<br />-Increased green oil availability for global markets<br />-Permaculture approach promotes sustainability<br />Economic<br />-Development of the local economy in the region<br />-Tax revenue resulting from economic activity<br />-Export revenues<br />-Reduced dependence on imported oil<br />Political<br />-Stability<br />-Model can be deployed across communities<br />Investment in Reality : Manobo Tribe -Philippines<br />Testimonial- September 2010- BRM <br />
  66. 66. Green oil investment - highlights<br /><ul><li>Investor returns up to 20% a year or more
  67. 67. Environmentally and socially responsible ‘green’ asset-backed investment
  68. 68. Increasing demand for green oil worldwide as fossil fuel reserves running out
  69. 69. Income and Capital Builder options available
  70. 70. Cash or pension linked investments
  71. 71. SIPP scheme already in place for transfers or new investments</li></li></ul><li>ANY QUESTIONS<br />