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“There is nothing as important as children in this world, nothing so interesting either.” A child's mind is like a plain canvass wherein each scribe can take a permanent shape easily. Molding a child's personality is similar to making pottery that involves meticulous care and dexterous touch. A right education can empower them for life and create the future leaders and thinkers in future.

Ever since our inception in 1918, Balgovind Kuberdas & Co., has striven to provide befitting products for every child's need. Making the world as well as education more interesting & amusing for children, Our products, which cover a wide spectrum of educational tools namely Montessori & other play way teaching aids like maps, charts, books, Science Lab equipments and so on. The products are such that they instill the seed of creativity curiosity of an urge for trying out various innovative thoughts.
The world of a child needs to be colorful, simple and imaginative, and so are our products. We ensure easy learning that enlightens the young minds to ask for more. Our products have been used successfully in the leading schools and educational institutes and we are proud for our contribution towards titillating the minds of the younger generation.
When the same happens, it looks a very impressive sight. A sight to watch the kids put together the various pieces of puzzle and come up with a masterpiece of their own. To continue the process, Balgovind also has a fine research and development division which is on its toes on a continuous basis and comes up with new products which further enhance its name in the field of educational aids.
The products of Balgovind have won applauds from various quarters. As such it has the potential to go further ahead and make forays into the markets of overseas nations. All the products are manufactured under strict quality control and are child safe & user friendly.
For us profit is not the sole motive. We want minds to be provoked and teaching to be a fun and fruitful exercise. We thus ensure 100% customer satisfaction and customer retention. It is through our customers that we have evolved till now, and we endeavor to add more names to our clients, as we expand ourselves. Thus we would like to have Interaction with the people in the field of education to develop new innovative ideas and products.

Please keep visiting our website www.bkcoindiaregularly to know about our new products and latest updates.

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