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Extra Wide Curtains


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Curtains 4u is an online store with an extensive range of Curtains including ready made curtains and made to measure curtains.

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Extra Wide Curtains

  1. 1. Website: Call Us: 0800 622 6383 Website Call Us 0800 622 6383
  2. 2. About Curtains4u: UK enjoys a plethora of curtain manufacturers and suppliers to cater to the growing demand of consumers locally and internationally on made to measure curtains. The UK is renowned for its exquisite handiwork on made to measure curtains through the fine skills and long experience of UK curtain designers, manufacturers and suppliers. Curtains4u is one of them. Curtains4u is an online store with an extensive range of curtains including made to measure curtains and ready made vurtains. Website: Call Us: 0800 622 6383
  3. 3. We Offer:  Ready Made Curtains  Made to Measure  Voiles  Tracks & Poles  Blinds  Fabric  Bedding  Accessories Website: Call Us: 0800 622 6383
  4. 4. Ready Made Curtains Readymade curtains provide an easy and straightforward approach towards purchasing curtains. The market offers a plethora of readymade curtains in various designs and prints using a myriad of fabric to delight consumers in all environments. Como Ready Made Curtains Mulberry Java Ready Made Pencil Pleat Curtain Norfolk Tie Backs Blue Curtain Website: Call Us: 0800 622 6383
  5. 5. Made to Measure Curtains Made to measure curtains are growing popular with consumers preferring their own home living styles. Odd sized windows and doors can be elegantly draped to achieve the desired sophistication with made to measure curtains. We have a large selection of Curtain Fabrics and Made to measure curtains. Verona Made to Measure Curtains Midas Joy Made to Measure Curtains Ruby Waymon Made to Measure Curtains Mulberry Website: Call Us: 0800 622 6383
  6. 6. Tracks & Poles Curtain poles made of wood are still a strong favourite with consumers today. There is a myraid of wood choices for exquisite designs including Oak, Pine and Mahogany. We have a wide selection of tracks & poles on offer, including wooden curtain poles, metal poles, eyelet curtain poles and hold backs. Mirage Curtain Pole Satin Steel Belgravia Metal Holdbacks Belgravia Curtain Pole Black Nickel Website: Call Us: 0800 622 6383
  7. 7. Curtain Fabric Curtains are great home decorations to enhance the atmosphere. But choosing a curtain fabric may be quite daunting for consumers as there is a plethora of fabric options available in the market today. Curtains4u store offers a vast range of curtain fabric that you can purchase by the metre so you'll be able to create the ideal pair for your home. Applebury Fabric in CoralAcaulis Fabric in LatteAcaulis Fabric in Aubergine Website: Call Us: 0800 622 6383
  8. 8. Ready Made Voiles Curtains If you are someone who would like the privacy of a curtain but without blocking the light completely then voile could be your answer. Voiles can be used like a traditional net curtain to obscure the window and give a little extra privacy or can be lined and made into a normal curtain, but one with a delicate drape. Strata Voile Panel PlumCarnatian Voile Panel AquaLibby Ready Made Voile Curtains Green Website: Call Us: 0800 622 6383
  9. 9. Designer Bedding The bedroom is an important space in any home where the occupant can enjoy privacy and rest. With our selection of beautiful luxuiorus bedding, you will surely find something that gives your bedroom that touch of class. Curtains4u's bedding collection is very stylish & will appeal to those who like to keep up with latest trends. Harvard Duvet Set Chocolate Gianna Collection by Kylie Minogue Poppy Duvet Set Teal Website: Call Us: 0800 622 6383
  10. 10. Contact Us Head Office Address Creative Industries UK LLP, Unit 4, Victoria Passage, Victoria Works, WV1 4LG Call Us: 0800 622 6383 Website: Call Us: 0800 622 6383