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What do you_want_to_do_when_you_grow_up


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What do you_want_to_do_when_you_grow_up

  1. 1. What Do You Want to Do When You Grow Up? Designed By: Tonisha Carter Catherine Gattis Jake Hill Theresa Tigh
  2. 2. Introduction This lesson was developed to support career exploration in middle school. The promotion of career exploration can aid students in selection of secondary elective courses as well as in preparation for postsecondary choices Essential Question: How can exploring careers in middle school aid in making good postsecondary choices?
  3. 3. Task • Will be to explore possible career options available • Select a choice that might be a good match for you
  4. 4. Have You Considered Technology? Did you know? 4 of the 10 high growth occupations are in technology
  5. 5. Computer Animator What they do: manipulate graphics to create the illusion of movement Education required: 2 year college+ Earnings: Average $35,000 to $100,000/year
  6. 6. Dispatcher  What they do: send out help as part of an emergency response team  Education required: high school diploma with good computer and communication skills  Earnings: Average between $20,000 and $45,000 per year
  7. 7. Technology To see if a technology career might be right for you, go to Sign in with user name snellville, password comets Click on the careers section on the tab at the top of the page Go to search by career cluster and select careers in computers and telecom
  8. 8. What About Education? What do teachers do everyday? What is so important about being a teacher? How much does a teacher get paid? Do teachers really get the whole summer off?
  9. 9. Teachers Make A Difference Your first task for this part of the quest will be to answer these questions. Go to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website. You will read the information available on the teaching profession. You will complete the answers to the questions presented
  10. 10. Teachers Make A Difference Next you will visit Careers:Education and Training You will read about the different types of teachers and watch Videos about the profession. After you complete this task, you will write a paragraph about what teachers do and what your thoughts are on becoming a teacher.
  11. 11. Have You Considered Health Careers? Do something that matters. For yourself. For others!!
  12. 12. Healthcare Careers You already know that nursing and other healthcare jobs are an important way for people to help other people. And you know that a career in healthcare gives you a promising future. You also know that picking a career is serious business. But all work and no play is no fun at all! To learn more click here: http://www. EDUCATION CAREER CAREER CHOICE
  13. 13. Healthcare Careers CAREER Certified Coding Associate or Specialist Entry-level education into the career requires successful completion of Entry Level Competency Exam (CCA) or Advanced Level Competency Exam (CCS) which is knowledge based with requirement of high school diploma. DESCRIPTION Coding personnel evaluate health care data to assign the appropriate medical codes necessary for reimbursement, research and data retrieval in a variety of health care setting. Approximate starting salary varies according to job selection (coder, supervisor, manager, director); total career salary ranges from $20,000-40,000, depending on experience, education and position. Certified Home Health Aide Starting salary: $9-$10/hr A home health aide is an individual trained to provide assistance with bathing, eating and other activities of daily living in a patient's home.
  14. 14. Healthcare Careers Certified Nursing Assistant Starting salary: N/A Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Entry level for a sonographer is an Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS), which takes two years to complete, plus a 12-week clinical practicum. Starting salary: $15-$17/hr. Certified nursing assistants provide hands-on patient care under the direction and supervision of a nurse. Because of their direct and frequent contact with patients and families, certified nursing assistants are often the first healthcare provider to notice early symptoms or changes in the patient's condition, making them valuable members of the healthcare team. Sonographers are experts in the use of ultrasound--high-frequency sound waves--to detect diseases and abnormalities of internal organs or to view a fetus in the mother's body
  15. 15. Healthcare Careers CAREER DESCRIPTION Dietetic Technician Dietetic technicians work under the supervision of a registered dietician to assess, plan and implement food services Entry level for a dietetic technician is an Associate in Applied Science degree, which takes two years to complete. Starting salary: $13-$15/hr. and nutrition care Plans Legal Nurse Consultant Legal nurse consultants apply their nursing skills to medically related issues of the law. Entry level for a legal nurse consultant is a certificate as a legal nurse consultant, which takes ten months to complete and a minimum of two years nursing experience. rating salary: Consulting fee
  16. 16. Healthcare Careers CAREERS Nurse Anesthetist Entry level for a nurse anesthetist is a master's of science in nursing and a minimum of one year of acute care nursing. Starting salary: $45/hr Nuclear Medicine Technologist Entry level for a nuclear medicine technologist is either a diploma in nuclear medicine technology from a hospital-based program or an associate in science degree; either option takes approximately three years to complete. Starting salary: $17/hr. DESCRIPTIONS Nurse anesthetists administer anesthesia and manage the care of patients receiving anesthesia during selected surgical procedures Nuclear medicine uses small amounts of radioactive materials that are administered to the patient to evaluate the status of organs and tissues. Nuclear medicine technologists use specialized detectors and computers to perform these tests .
  17. 17. Are You Interested? Take this simple quiz to find out. If you answer yes to even one of these questions, there is a job in healthcare to match your strengths, interests and professional goals…..
  18. 18. QUIZ Do you enjoy health and science classes? Do you like working with technology and equipment? Do you like helping people? Do you work well in stressful situations? Do you speak and write well? Do you like working with computers? Do you take and follow directions well? Do you like to learn about the human body and how it works? Do you like being part of a team? Do you take pride in doing a job well?
  19. 19. More Questions for You Are you able to explain things easily to people? Can you delegate responsibilities to others? Do you consider yourself or would you like to be a leader? Do you enjoy solving mysteries and puzzles? Do you like doing something different every day? Do you want a job that you can start immediately after high school? Do you want a college education? Do you want to work in an environment that supports professional growth and development? Are you ready for a career change?
  20. 20. The Choice is Yours Do something that matters. For yourself. For others.
  21. 21. Have You Considered Animal Care? Veterinarian Conservation Ranger Animal Control Officer
  22. 22. Veterinarian Provide Animals with Treatment and Diagnoses of Injuries and Diseases Education – Undergraduate degree with a 3.5 GPA, Animal Related Experience, Graduate from Veterinary School Pass National Board Examination Salary - $77,500-$98,500 per year Click the Picture & Find 10 Facts
  23. 23. Conservation Ranger Also Known as Game Warden Enforces Laws Obtaining to Wildlife Management Education – College Degree & Graduate from Officer Training School Salary – $18,000 $42,000 per year Click the Picture & Find 10 Facts
  24. 24. Animal Control Aids in Animal Protection Officer Helps with Stray Animals and Investigates Animal Cruelty Cases Education – On the Job Training and State Mandated Courses Salary - $12.88 – $24.50 per hour Click the Picture & Find 10 Facts
  25. 25. Process Rubric Circle Appropriate Number Fair Completed all work on time Good Very Good Excellen t 1 2 3 4 Worked independently 1 2 3 4 Stayed on task 1 2 3 4 Used computer and books as resources 1 2 3 4
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