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Long and short vowel sounds


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Long and short vowel sounds

  1. 1. Long and Short Vowel Sounds Presented by: Lisa F. Garner
  2. 2. Short Vowel Sounds
  3. 3. There are five Short Vowel Sounds • • • • • A- Map, Cat, Rat E- Egg, Bell, Elephant I- Fish, Pig, Kitten O- Dog, Frog, Block U- Cub, Duck, Sun
  4. 4. Short A Sound Cat Short A Map Rat
  5. 5. Short E Sound Egg Short E Bell Elephant
  6. 6. Short I Sound Kitten Short I Fish Pig
  7. 7. Short O Sound Frog Short O Dog Block
  8. 8. Short U Sound Duck Short U Cub Sun
  9. 9. Short Vowel Sounds Quiz
  10. 10. Find the short e vowel sound Snake b Tube Bell
  11. 11. Find the short u sound Fuse Sun Map
  12. 12. Find the short o sound • Duck Rat Frog
  13. 13. Long Vowel Sounds
  14. 14. There are five Long Vowel Sounds • • • • • A- Plate, Cake, Snake E- Key, Bee, Feet I- Spider, Kite, Light O- bow, trophy, doe U- cube, Fuse, tube
  15. 15. Long A Sound Cake Short A Plate Snake
  16. 16. Long E Sound Bee Long E Key Feet
  17. 17. Long I Sound kite Long I Spider light
  18. 18. Long O Sound Trophy Long O Bow Doe
  19. 19. Long U Sound Fuse Long U Cube Tube
  20. 20. Long Vowel Sounds Quiz
  21. 21. Find the long a vowel sound. Bee cat cake
  22. 22. Find the long e vowel sound. Plate b e e feet cake
  23. 23. Find the long I vowel sound . Fish b light elephant
  24. 24. Long and Short Vowel Sounds