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Podcasting section of Beyond Face to Face ALA Learning Preconference presented at 2010 ALA Sessions in Washington DC

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  • Why is it good for teaching?>
  • Allows learners to learn where they are. They can use their commute or time in a park or desk to enhance their learning.
  • Since media playing devices are background noise, podcasting or videocasting Allows learners to learn when they can
  • According to more than 60 percent of folks who take their learning style metric are multimodal learners who can learn multiple ways. Also reaches folks lik eme who listen to thinkgs while working on their comptuer. Garden etc.
  • Creates Easy Contact Stream (via subscription and RSS) Lecture/content creation to electronic media.
  • Creates Easy Contact Stream (via subscription and RSS) Electronic Media generates a file and rss feed
  • Creates Easy Contact Stream (via subscription and RSS) Rss and digital file can be shared on variety of devices and platforms.
  • Room for Concept Reinforcement…. You said plastic container. You did not say what type of container. Perhaps they need some evaluation or decision making skill reinforcement.
  • Training time is usually limited, pod/video casts allow you to expand on topics at length for those interested in the subject area. Now some examples of really good library podcasts and their sites.
  • Emory University Library Survival Guide Podcast
  • Nebraska Library Commission NCompass podcasts.
  • Harvard IdeaCast
  • Arizona State University Library Channel
  • Adventures in Library Instruction Librarians from NJ, DC and GA colloborate on this site.
  • Los Angeles Public Library
  • Huntsville-Madison County Public Library Training You Tube Channel
  • T is for Training. A podcast I know pretty well.
  • NYTimes has a great series of podcasts of different lengths. Little more on that later.
  • See how their learners do not have to search for information. It is right there for them.
  • ASU See how their learners do not have to search for information. It is right there for them.
  • Know your limits – Your time, your learners’ time and ability your technology
  • You Tube and other sites have made professional messages not slick production the important factor in providing content.
  • C'mon Keep the production simple stupid.
  • Repeat info, contact info who is talking if interviewing a subject.
  • First question, now that you have your recording?
  • ALI uses this method
  • Remember there is Free Like Beer and Free Like Kittens. Which free are you working with?
  • Camera in Laptop microphone in laptop? Smart phone recorder?
  • Audacity/Skype various rsources already discussed.
  • beyond face to face podcasting from ala2010

    1. 1. Podcast/Videocasts 
    2. 2. The Following presentation was originally part of the 2010 American Library Association Learning Round Table Preconference Beyond F2F: New Methods for Staff Training presented June 25 th , 2010
    3. 3. Why is it good for teaching?
    4. 4. Learn where they are
    5. 5. Learn when they can
    6. 6. Reach those Multimodal Learners
    7. 7. Easy Creation/Distribution Stream
    8. 8. Easy Creation/Distribution Stream
    9. 9. Creates Easy Contact Stream (via subscription and RSS) Easy Creation/Distribution Stream
    10. 10. Time for Concept Reinforcement
    11. 11. Room for Concept Expansion
    12. 12. Emory University Library Survival Guide Podcast
    13. 13. Nebraska Library Commission
    14. 14. Harvard IdeaCast
    15. 15. Arizona State University Library Channel
    16. 16. Adventures in Library Instruction
    17. 17. Los Angeles Public Library
    18. 18. Huntsville-Madison County Public Library
    19. 19. T is for Training
    20. 20. New York Times
    21. 21. Best Development Practices
    22. 22. Use What Works For Your Learners
    23. 23. Provide Readily Accessible Back Up Materials
    24. 24. Nebraska Library Commission
    25. 26. /
    26. 27. Professional Message not Professional Design
    27. 28. KISS the Production
    28. 29. Treat Podcast Like a Radio Show
    29. 30. Technical Constraints
    30. 31. Recording Your Presentation
    31. 32. Where Do I Host It?
    32. 33. Emory University Library Survival Guide On ITunes
    33. 34. T is for Training on Talkshoe
    34. 35. Internet Archive Hosting
    35. 36. Make Length fit Need
    36. 37. Production Best Practices
    37. 38. Equipment: Think Free (or Cheap)
    38. 39. Free Like… O R
    39. 40. Repurpose Your Stuff
    40. 41.   Free Stuff To Help YOU Do Stuff
    41. 42. Storing: A few words on storage
    42. 43. Your Library's Server
    43. 44. ITunes Internet Archive Talkshoe PodBean
    44. 45.   YouTube Vimeo
    45. 46.   Blogger Wordpress
    46. 49. <ul><li> </li></ul>
    47. 50. Let’s Create
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