St patrick´s day


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St patrick´s day

  1. 1. Saint Patrick´s Day 17th March
  2. 2. • St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland
  3. 3. Shamrock • The Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland. • Saint Patrick used the shamrock to represent the ´holy trinity´.
  4. 4. Leprechaun • The leprechaun is an Irish ´fairy´. • He is a small, old man who has a pot of gold.
  5. 5. The colour green • The colour green is a symbol of Ireland and Saint Patrick. • Ireland is a rainy country, so there are lots of green trees and plants. • It is lucky to wear green on Saint Patrick´s day.
  6. 6. The harp • The harp is a musical instrument that has been used in Ireland for centuries. • ´Harpists´ (people who play harps) were often blind and were well respected in society.
  7. 7. Guiness • Guiness is a famous Irish beer. • It is over 250 years old. • It was first brewed (made) in Dublin, Ireland.
  8. 8. Parades • There are always parades on Saint Patrick´s Day. • A large parade always takes place in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland.
  9. 9. St Patrick´s day is celebrated in... • Dublin, Ireland • Glasgow, Scotland • New York, United States of America • Barcelona, Spain
  10. 10. Dublin, Ireland,
  11. 11. Dublin, Ireland • There is always a big parade in Dublin on St. Patrick´s day. • People wear shamrocks and have parades, with lots of singing and dancing.
  12. 12. Dublin, Ireland. • The River Liffey is dyed green on Saint Patrick´s day. • Green is the traditional colour of Saint Patrick and Ireland.
  13. 13. Glasgow, Scotland
  14. 14. Glasgow, Scotland. • Many Irish people emigrated to Scotland in the 19th Century. • On Saint Patrick´s day, many people go to pubs (bars) to drink Irish beer and listen to Irish music. • It is also a celebration of being Catholic.
  15. 15. New York, USA
  16. 16. New York, USA • Saint Patricks day is also celebrated in New York. • There are many people with Irish heritage living in America. • It is a celebration of Irish-American culture. • Saint Patrick´s cathedral is in NYC.
  17. 17. Barcelona, Spain. • In Barcelona there are lots of Irish pubs. • On this day, Irish people meet in these pubs and drink beer together.
  18. 18. Around the world...