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Waves'14 Vices Quiz prelims


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The prelims of entertainment quiz held during Waves'14, the annual cultural festival of BITS Pilani Goa Campus.

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Waves'14 Vices Quiz prelims

  1. 1. Waves 2014 – Vices Quiz - WeedSweed, SexVex and BoozeVooze
  2. 2. Prelims • 15 questions • No negatives • Top 6 go through • Star marked questions, as indicated, will be used to resolve ties.
  3. 3. 1 “It's no good to write a deliberate anti-drug song and hope that it will catch. Because the general thing is that people will be upset by that. It would disturb them to have someone else shoving something down their throat. So the best thing to do is offer something that seems ambiguous—that on study or on reflection actually can be seen to be ‘anti’—which the song X is actually an anti song. If you study it or look at it with a little bit of thought ... from a distance ... or as it goes by ... it just sounds like a song about X. But actually, it is quite cleverly anti” - Y Because of its ambiguous message, Y did not perform the song in many of his concerts; over the years, Y has added the lyrics 'that dirty X' in live shows to underline the anti-drug message of the song.
  4. 4. 2 • X costs 50 pounds a bottle and boasts an ABV( Alcohol by Volume) of 67.5 per cent. According to the manufacturers: “X is not like others in that we would not recommend drinking a whole bottle in one go. It should be savoured in small measures in a similar way to a fine whisky or brandy. “ • ID X.
  5. 5. 3 • According to the director of the movie, “Through the late '80s in Britain, _____ began to mean anybody who was obsessive about something trivial, and part of that is drugs. It's a very male thing. Women, they know better. It was a way in which men would conquer an area of life by just knowing everything about all the Sean Connery films.” • However, the title of the movie is actually a reference to an incident from the novel (on which the movie is based) where Begbie and Renton meet "an auld drunkard" in the disused Leith Central railway station, where they mean to use a toilet. The drunkard asks them (in a weak attempt at a joke) if they are _______. • Which movie?
  6. 6. 4 • In 1969, X, an iconic vocalist (member of Y, a pioneering psychedelic rock act), was invited to a tea party at the White House. This was because she and the president's daughter were both alumni of Finch college. She invited the political activist, Abbie Hoffman, to be her escort and planned to spike President Richard Nixon's tea with 600 micrograms of LSD. The plan was thwarted when they were prevented from entering after being recognized by White House security personnel, as X had been placed on an FBI blacklist. Identify X and Y.
  7. 7. 5* • Y, pictured in the next slide, first started drawing X sometime in 2013. X has since gone on to become extremely popular, and Y’s work has been compared to the work of Spanish surrealist cartoonist Joan Cornella. He credits the swift popularity of the strips to 'the love for nostalgia and the archaic which most of us have that is partly responsible for the popularity. I always found the visual styling of the educational charts from the ‘80s and early ‘90s very amusing. Most of the people relate to this style because they probably went to school when these charts were widely prevalent.' ID X. Bonus points for Y.
  8. 8. 6* • X is a song by British band Y dealing with theme of prostitution in Sheffield. Penned by lead singer Z (in the days before he became an Elvis impersonator), the song's lyrics tell a story narrated from the point of view of a concerned individual who is approached by a scantily-clad girl, heavily implied to be a prostitute; he then observes a "scummy man" who has been hanging around the neighbourhood; the man is implied to be either the prostitute's pimp or a 'client' who is picking her up for sex. The song’s lyrics contain a reference to ‘Roxanne’ by the police (“He told Roxanne to put on her red light”) ID X, Y, Z.
  9. 9. 7 • What are we talking about? X has been used in India since Vedic times, and is an integral part of Hindu culture. Sadhus and Sufis use it to boost meditation and to achieve transcendental states. X is also used amongst Sufis as an aid to spiritual ecstasy. X is a preparation from the leaves and flowers (buds) of the female cannabis plant. Identify X.
  10. 10. 8 • The Cynic philosopher Diogenes, pictured by Gérôme with the large jar in which he lived; when strangers at the inn were expressing their wish to catch sight of the great orator Demosthenes, Diogenes is said to have ___________ and exclaimed "this, for you, is the demagogue of the Athenians”. FITB. Picture in the next slide
  11. 11. 9 • Some viewers of the original X believed that Y smoked marijuana due to his antics and constant hunger. In a Newsweek article, Casey Kasem was asked if he had ever observed that subtext in the series and Kasem responded that "there wasn't anything like that at all", explaining "guess it's because, I don't know, it was a wholesome show from beginning to end" and was not aware of the fan viewpoint until the interviewer brought it up. Parodying the subtext, the makers of X film shot several scenes referring to Y's supposed drug use, but few of those scenes were included in the final film product. Matthew Lillard, the actor who portrays X in the film, does not think Y smokes marijuana: "He just seems like that. He acts a little goofy and high, he's lovable and scared”. ID X and Y.
  12. 12. 10 • The experiment (called "Ganzfeld", German for "entire field", if wikipedia is to be believed) is tantalizingly simple and requires hilariously low-tech equipment. Unlike (highly) illegal drugs like LSD, which work through receptors and whatnot, the ganzfeld experiment works by "fooling" the brain or compelling it to "fill in the gaps" by depriving it of proper stimuli. The Xs force your eyes to look at a uniform white field and the experiment saturates your ear with sound of one frequency. The brain freaks out and frantically starts churning out random halo-like images to compensate. In this sense, what the user witnesses are not real hallucinations (now that's an oxymoron, if there was one), but extreme visual distortions that we can call pseudo-hallucinations.
  13. 13. 11 • ."Porn has gone mainstream now. It's like Coca-Cola or Pepsi with dicks in it." Which movie is this quote from?
  14. 14. 12 • In early instances, the Nagai method is used– the same synthetic route used by Nagai Nagayoshi in the first recorded attempt. The Nagai method employs pseudoephedrine, which is reduced with hydroiodic acid (HI) to yield the product. This method was once the favourite of small scale operations in America – along with the misnamed “Nazi method”, which was most common in agricultural areas with access to liquid ammonia fertiliser (Li/NH3 reduction or Birch reduction). Today small-scale operators prefer the one pot “shake and bake” method, a modified form of the Birch reduction. We know the Nagai method from a TV show which became famous because of the protagonist's brash new method that is better than the Nagai. What is this?
  16. 16. 14* • Facundo X Massó, a Spanish wine merchant, was born in Sitges, Catalonia, Spain, in 1814, and emigrated to Cuba in 1830. During this period, rum was cheaply made and not considered a refined drink, and rarely sold in upmarket taverns. Facundo began attempting to "tame" rum by isolating a proprietary strain of yeast still used in production. This yeast gives it its flavour profile. After experimenting with several techniques he hit upon filtering the rum through charcoal, which removed impurities. In addition to this, Facundo aged the rum in white oak barrels, which had the effect of mellowing the drink. The final product was the first clear, or "white" rum in the world. • Moving from the experimental stage to a more commercial endeavour, he and his brother José set up a Santiago de Cuba distillery they bought in 1862; which housed a still made of copper and cast iron. In the rafters of this building lived Y – which inspired something famous. ID X and Y
  17. 17. 15*
  18. 18. •ANSWERS
  19. 19. 1 • Cocaine by Clapton
  20. 20. 2 • Snake Venom – World’s strongest beer
  21. 21. 3 • Trainspotting
  22. 22. 4 • Grace Slick – Jefferson Airplane
  23. 23. 5 • Aadarsh Balak by Priyesh Trivedi
  24. 24. 6 • When the sun goes down, Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner
  25. 25. 7 • Bhaang
  26. 26. 8 • Given them the middle finger
  27. 27. 9 • Scooby-Doo, Shaggy
  28. 28. 10 • X – Ping pong balls.
  29. 29. 11 • Zack and Miri make a porno
  30. 30. 12 • Meth synthesis
  32. 32. 14 • X- Bacardi Y – Fruitbats. The Bacardi logo was inspired by this
  33. 33. 15 • Marvel Comics Super Special!: Kiss • Red Ink used in the comic was mixed with the blood of the band members