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We need a season or reason to do

Reason or season...can we do anything new on our own...?!

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We need a season or reason to do

  1. 1. We need a season or reason todo something new or different !A loud thinking…!Dr.BalasandilyanThought 9840027810Vision Unlimited 1
  2. 2. Reason… Hotel food – wife ormother not in station Get into kitchen tocook – spouse unwell Learning a foreignlanguage – may be ona transfer or promotion Cleaning the house –guest expected Watching TV – thewhole day – Holiday.Vision Unlimited 2
  3. 3. Reason… Talking frequentlyover phone – may bein love Started writing a poem– trying an affair Searching a uniquecard or gift – wantingto impress someone Desperate for a loan –some scheme gettingover…!Vision Unlimited 3
  4. 4. Reason… Avoiding outside food– past experience Prefer to climb stairs –life style modificationprescribed Going to temple often– in deep trouble oflate New behavior/habitstarted – somethingwrong at home oroffice.Vision Unlimited 4
  5. 5. Season… Going to sleep lateevery day – IPL matches Fruit juice instead ofcoffee – festivals orfrequent guests Investing in gold –fluctuation of prices Desperate for a train orflight ticket – vacation forchildren Asking for bills in everyshop – new perksannounced in the officeand year-end nearingVision Unlimited 5
  6. 6. Season… Buying clothes foreveryone at home –end of stock clearance Talking about music –December fest. Making calls tounusual friends –looking for admissionof children in newschools/collegesVision Unlimited 6
  7. 7. Season… Clearing all gifts athome – lots ofmarriages in theknown circle. Buying lots ofbooks – book fairsand friends aretalking about it Children learning anew skill – summercamps.Vision Unlimited 7
  8. 8. Can we do anything different? Self enhancement New skills New friends Planning for investment Planning for retirement Planning for health check-ups Yoga & meditation Visiting friends/relatives Wishing people on specialoccasion Thanking parents Spending quality time withchildrenWITHOUT ANY REASON ORWITHOUT SEASON…!Vision Unlimited 8