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Social media 2016: design trends, advertising and content


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Here are the top trends for your social media strategy in 2016.

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Social media 2016: design trends, advertising and content

  1. 1. Here are the top trends for your social media strategy in zoic. Social network in your pocket March 2015 — Facebook rolled out Friend-to- Friend payment option in US. Function to propagate into other countries over the coming months. The birth of social commerce New Buy buttons on paid posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) as well as increased targeting capabilities, could make the app a more important direct-response driver. Social ecommerce is perfect for short-term deals tied in with fleeting trends, as Today only Deals! Facebook crows & Shrinks at opposite Ends rArh‘xfA‘ri In 2016, Facebook will experience the largest percentage share increase in the Ages 65+ demographic. Self-Broadcasting: the new social share Emergent of a new form of blogging! More mobile, more advertising, more investment Investment in social media advertising will grow a 10% and if we talk only about mobile devices, advertising will increase a 45%. This marketing tactic lets you select and reach an specific target to transmit your business message in an effective way. This reach will keep shrinking when new businessesjoin the social network and occupy the user's feed. Due to the growth of the demand, the cost of advertising in social media will increase in 2016. Facebook Instant Articles and Facebook Publishing Facebook Instant Articles arejust the beginning. The program publishers publish their articles directly in Facebook without the need to visit an external page. The main goal is keeping people inside the platformas long (and better) as possible. And we can't forget the new native advertising formats that will be offered in the sein-app content subspaces. Buy Button At the end of 2016, the buy button will be available in most social media advertising '-B campaigns. Facebook (since 2014) and Pinterest (since June 0 O 2015) are two platforms that have attracted users attention by adding direct buy buttons for their advertisers. Facebook and Pinterest users who see a product they like, can now have it in just one click without leaving the app. V Design trends to dominate social media in zoos 7 V 0 3? Minimal and flat designs still RUIE 9 cifs are going to be gamechanger Q Q Tvvoeravhv Source: http: //www. businessinsider. com/ sociaI-commerce-2015-report-2015-7 https: //www. facebook. com/ help/863171203733904/ https: //www. shopify. com/ infographics/ social-commerce created by www. madalinabalaban. ro