Complex Content Structures and Workflow with Drupal


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Goal of the session is to explore some case studies for advanced content types to meet the needs of government agencies.

This session will cover recent government case studies for taking content types to a whole new level to allow our clients control over:

Order of content
Moderation of content
Revisioning of content
Bundle Publishing
Using tools such as Rules, Workbench, Node References, Context, and many more!

We'll go over the decision making process and why content types were a better route than nodequeues or simple view filters.

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  • Krystee – Read slide.The reason that I have this slide up here is to build a framework around this presentation. We are very focused on content and content process. Everything we do on the development and design side is put in place to support our content effort so when we plan out our content types, we are thinking about how this will affect content and how will the site admin and editors will maintain all of everything
  • KrysteeSo a couple of years ago we started noticing that our projects needed specialized pages that are highly structured and styled, and they had business practices that required archiving and workflow for the whole page - not just elements on the page.
  • Jeannette
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  • KrysteeMany items like reports, documents, articles, and so on need more than just one date. Drupal comes with posted date and changed dates, but our clients wanted more control and more ways to dating a document. In this example, I am showing a created date, updated date, and revised date.
  • Krystee
  • KrysteeOur clients love their photo slideshows and styled image elements. We wanted to build this to make it so easy to create these elements. The users that are entering this content on the site are not necessary graphic savvy so
  • Krystee
  • Krystee
  • Complex Content Structures and Workflow with Drupal

    1. 1. Complex ContentStructures andWorkflow withDrupalMay 19, 2012Krystee Dryer @krysgeekJeannette Modic @moondancerjen
    2. 2. IntroductionBalance Interactive is a full service web design &development agency. We help our clients strategically useonline technology by using a holistic approach to theirneeds. Balance Interactive Inc.
    3. 3. Content ProblemMore and more of our projectshave a big need for specializedstructured pages that are easy tomaintain and have revisioning,archiving and workflow processesattached to them. Balance Interactive Inc.
    4. 4. Normal Drupal SolutionCreate special content types such as Slideshow and Calloutsand use with normal Page content type. Special items likeslideshows can be selected and ordered by nodequeues.Advantages:• Easy to define content type• Reduce your number of content types to manageDisadvantages:• Old data cannot be preserved• Page content go through moderation, revisioning and workflow, but other elements cannot Balance Interactive Inc.
    5. 5. Better Drupal SolutionCreate a content type for that special type of page, such ashome page or top level page, and have all elements of thepage as fields.Advantages:• Eliminate unnecessary fields from normal interior pages• Revisions and archives of content can be saved• Whole pages (with all elements) can go through required moderation and workflow processesDisadvantages:• Adds to your list of content types Balance Interactive Inc.
    6. 6. Better Drupal SolutionCreate separate content types for each type of page and include allelements as fields (text, file, node references, etc). Order of elements displayed can be handled in a drag and drop fashion. Revisioning is handled through normal node revisioning. Balance Interactive Inc.
    7. 7. Better Drupal SolutionUsing the WorkbenchModeration module, customworkflow states can be definedto move the custom contenttype to the point of beingpublished on the live site. The Rules module can be used to unpublish old homepages once a new one is published, so they are not accessible by search. Balance Interactive Inc.
    8. 8. Special Cases – Bundle PublishingProblem: Content needs to be packagedtogether and move together in aworkflow process. Ready toExample: Multipage Reports Ready to be Published be PublishedTip: This solution can also be used for Ready to be Publishedarchiving content or bulk unpublishingcontent. Parent Node Publishes them all when set to Published. Balance Interactive Inc.
    9. 9. Special Cases – Bundle PublishingSolution: Use a combination of Books, Workbench Suite, andRules to bundle content and move it through a workflow. •Use the Book module to relate child items to parent items •Use Workbench Moderation States for moving content through the workflow •When the parent node is moved to the Published state a custom Rule will be triggered that will check all the children nodes •If the children are “Ready to be Published” then the Rule will loop through and publish them all •If they are not, then no nodes will be published and an error message will be printed Balance Interactive Inc.
    10. 10. Special Cases - DatesProblem: Multiple dates need to be attached one document. Balance Interactive Inc.
    11. 11. Special Cases - DatesSolution: Have fields for each date type and use the computedfield module to make all of the inputted dates into one date thatcan be used for display and sorting.• Use client’s business logic to determine what date takes precedence• Translate this logic into PHP conditionals• Recalculate date every time item is revised• Use the calculated date in the template and views with appropriate label Balance Interactive Inc.
    12. 12. Special Cases – Styling OptionsProblem: The client needs automatic styling on slide show textor callouts to account for image differences. Balance Interactive Inc.
    13. 13. Special Cases – Styling OptionsSolution: Create a field with radio buttons to list styling optionsand use that to output as necessary. Use this field to add the selected color into the class of the slideshow view and let the stylesheet define the styling associated with each selection. Balance Interactive Inc.
    14. 14. More InfoBalance Blog: Balance Interactive Inc.
    15. 15. QUESTIONS?Contact us:krystee.dryer@balanceinteractive.comjeannette.modic@balanceinteractive.comFollow us: @krysgeek, @moondancerjenDrupal username: krysgeek, moondancerjenView slides: Interactive Inc.