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UXI Matrix (Jon Innes)


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Jon will talk about backlog grooming and tracking UX deliverables and usability

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UXI Matrix (Jon Innes)

  4. 4. Classic Software Design Problems •  Clients or users are not sure what they want •  They have difficulty stating all they want and know •  Many details of what they want will only be revealed during development •  The details are overwhelmingly complex for people •  As they see the product develop, people change their minds •  External forces lead to changes or enhancements in requests From Clements & Parnas, 1986UX INNOVATION LLC 4
  5. 5. Agile Software Development Methods •  Emphasize iterative and incremental development •  Use self-organizing, co-located, cross-functional teams that collaborate to create the solution •  Promote adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery of software •  Solve for unforeseen changes in requirements throughout the software development cycle •  Were formalized in the late 90’s based into methods like XP, Scrum, Crystal, and EvoUX INNOVATION LLC 5
  6. 6. Scrum Overview Where does UX fit in? Image from www.mountaingoatsoftware.comUX INNOVATION LLC 6
  7. 7. UX & Agile Meet INNOVATION LLC 7
  8. 8. Agile & UX Integration Challenges •  Working code is not enough to create a good UX •  UX produces deliverables of value other than code (ignored by Agile) •  UX deliverables are used in many parts of the company •  UX changes can impact lots of teams, creating chaos •  UX deliverables often get used by many teams outside of developers •  UX work may require longer term plans or sequencing •  User studies may need to be done a sprint ahead or behind •  User research may take longer than a sprint to complete end to end •  UX staffing often breaks “self contained team” rule •  Due to the variety of specialized skills it may be necessary to matrix •  Some skills needed infrequently, but experience is key to successUX INNOVATION LLC 8
  9. 9. Compatibility of Agile and UX Values Individuals and over Process and tools interactions Comprehensive Working software over documentation Customer over Contract negotiation collaboration Responding to change over Following a plan Agile info based on & www.mountaingoatsoftware.comUX INNOVATION LLC 9
  10. 10. User Experience—A Brief DefinitionIt starts by something being useful…Functionally, people mustbe able to use it…The way it looks mustbe pleasing…This extends to designingan overall user experienceThat includes marketing,sales and support designUX INNOVATION LLC 10
  11. 11. Four Categories of UX Problems•  Marketing •  Get user to •  Get user to •  Get user to oriented, get engage with integrate offering recommend to a user to know product for initial into their lives friend offering exists 1st use and use long term These apply to any type of product or service AND includes more than product design activities Categories based on Dave McClure’s AARRR Startup Metrics for Pirates see: http:// INNOVATION LLC 11
  12. 12. UX Means Integrated Research & Design Research User Experience Design SMUX INNOVATION LLC 12
  13. 13. Six Key UX Activities for Software SMActivities listed based on Norman: The Invisible computer, 1998UX INNOVATION LLC 13
  14. 14. UX Organizational Integration Points Market Research Subject Matter Experts Project Planning Product Technical Writing Management Market Research Brand Strategy Engineering Advertising Sales Technical Support Quality Assurance SMUX INNOVATION LLC 14
  15. 15. Managing UCD within agile projects. Detweiler, 2007UX INNOVATION LLC 15
  16. 16. INNOVATION LLC 16
  17. 17. Changes Via Values and Visibility •  New Values: UX Matters, Involve Users •  Involve users early and often •  Waiting until the end is the waterfall way •  The definition of “done” can only be determined by users •  More Visibility: Tracking via UXI Matrix •  Track UX deliverables—who’s doing what? •  Have we validated our stories with users? •  Did the iteration feedback include user feedback? •  Can they use it? Do they like it? Would they recommend it? •  Is the UX getting better? What are we doing about it?UX INNOVATION LLC 17
  18. 18. Persona ExampleUX INNOVATION LLC 18
  19. 19. Story Map INNOVATION LLC 19
  20. 20. UX INNOVATION LLC 20
  21. 21. What Does The UXI Matrix Solve? •  Do you have a long list of user stories and have trouble organizing and prioritizing them to get the “big picture”? •  Want a better way to track dependencies between stories? •  Do you find it tedious to write “As a user” over and over? •  Do you find that some stories impact more than a single user type and need a way to track that? •  Want to figure out how to measure the UX impact of backlog items? •  Want to track UX work like wireframes, mockups, or user testing more effectively? •  Do you need to help your team understand the UX priorities and the status of work in progress?UX INNOVATION LLC 21
  22. 22. Information Radiators •  A publicly posted display that shows people walking by what is going on •  Information radiators are best when they are big, very easy to see (e.g. not online, generally) •  Change often enough to be worth revisiting.UX INNOVATION LLC 22
  23. 23. UXI Matrix Radiating…..UX INNOVATION LLC 23
  24. 24. UX INNOVATION LLC 24
  25. 25. Common Questions & Answers •  Isn’t this just a product backlog? •  Sort of, but with additional information •  Start with your backlog and just build off of it •  How do I collect UX metrics? •  See •  Also consider just tracking what UX things you create •  What “design” metrics do you capture •  Start with do you have a design for the story •  Consider tracking intermediate work like wireframes •  Another good one is “do we have assets” (e.g., icons)UX INNOVATION LLC 25
  26. 26. More Questions & Answers •  How does this relate to Patton’s Story Map stuff? •  His technique is a great way to start •  The UXI Matrix includes UX tracking and metrics •  Can I use something else other than Excel? •  Sure, but I suggest you start simple •  Why not use sticky notes? •  Teams I work with are distributed and like electronic stuff •  The UXI Matrix has calculations on it, and hyperlinks •  I can print it out or share it on a serverUX INNOVATION LLC 26
  27. 27. UX & Agile Meet INNOVATION LLC 27