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Pitching Balanced Teams to VCs


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Cameron Wood, Partner/Business Development, Kluge

Venture investors readily admit the importance of an experienced team. But to their mind that team is made up of the CEO, CFO and CTO. How can a user centered balanced team of product managers, developers and designers better position themselves to attract venture investment or engagements with venture backed businesses.

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Pitching Balanced Teams to VCs

  1. 1. Pitching BTs to VCs Cameron Wood Partner, BD, VC @HeyKluge @Cam_Wooda
  2. 2. Greetings San Francisco Taoists Society
  3. 3. Highlights 2013 Joins Kluge 2004 eBay buys $450M 2003 Yahoo buys Overture $1.63B 2000 Kline Hawkes $160M fund 1999 MFN buys AboveNet $1.6B 1997 Joins Kline Hawkes $110M 1991 New York Film & TV Prod
  4. 4. 4 Ounces Can Move 1,000 lb.
  5. 5. Understand How VCs Think ! Think like a VC
  6. 6. Why VCs Matter Total Venture Capital Investment By Year Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers/Nation Venture Capital Association
  7. 7. Sectors Venture Investments by Sector Source: Thomson Reuters and National Venture Capital Association
  8. 8. Regions Venture Investments by Region Source: Thomson Reuters and National Venture Capital Association
  9. 9. VC Exits Venture-Backed Exits by Year Source: Thomson Reuters and National Venture Capital Association
  10. 10. The VC Personality
  11. 11. The VC Objective
  12. 12. VC Metrics
  13. 13. Investment Checklist Real problem being solved ! Addressable “growing” market ! Experienced team ! Business model - scalable, recurring revenues ! Barriers to entry ! Market validation - traction
  14. 14. Presenting the Opportunity
  15. 15. Understanding What Matters Articulate the Business Model ! Identify the Customer ! Map the Conversion Funnel ! Improve the efficacy of the Model so it can scale
  16. 16. Talking to the Experts
  17. 17. Focus is Good
  18. 18. VC Perspective
  19. 19. Pay for Placement
  20. 20. The Model in Context
  21. 21. VCs are hands-off
  22. 22. Providing You Perform
  23. 23. Financially Unforgiving
  24. 24. In Summary ! BTs have the keys to the treasury ! Relate to Investors in their language ! Be grounded in the model ! Scale the business ! Be prepared to exit
  25. 25. The whole team should know the value of the whole team.
  26. 26. Namaste