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Lean Startup in Design Consulting - Lessons Learned


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Martina Schell, Method

I will share successes and challenges from bringing Lean Startup working practices into a design consultancy context. Johanna Kollmann and I spoke about this topic at Interaction 13 at the beginning of the year and I'd love to build on our lessons learned nine months on. This is a work in progress, rather than a silver bullet solution - I'm keen to hear experiences from the group and facilitate a discussion.

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Lean Startup in Design Consulting - Lessons Learned

  1. 1. Lean  Startup  in  Design  Consulting:   Lessons  Learned. Martina  Schell ~ @polaroidgrrl Balanced  Team  13,  San  Francisco
  2. 2. “A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” ~ @ericries Photo  by  Jason  Rodman:  h0p://
  3. 3. Setup Make Finish
  4. 4. Setup
  5. 5. Problem/Solution  Fit Product/Market  Fit Adapted from Ash Maurya, ‘Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works’ Scale
  6. 6. Photo  by  Adam  Fagen:  h0p://
  7. 7. Founder?
  8. 8. Photo  by  Anders  Zakrisson  h0p://­‐zakrisson/4982281184/  
  9. 9. Make
  10. 10. Photo by gosiahttp://
  11. 11. Image Image credit: ts small CC by
  12. 12. Photo by Thomas Hawk
  13. 13. Photo by @polaroidgrrl
  14. 14. Photo by Pat00139
  15. 15. Finish
  16. 16. Photo  by  Jack  Canfield:h0p://h0p://   Andrew  Burrows:h0p://  
  17. 17. Photo  by  Jack  Canfield:h0p://h0p://  
  18. 18. Photo  by:  h0p://  
  19. 19. Thinking  about  things  as   business  changes  everything.
  20. 20. My  role  as  a  consultant  is  to   help  the  client  learn.
  21. 21. What’s  your  experience? Photo  by:  h0p://h0p://  
  22. 22. @polaroidgrrl