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Reduce Impulse Buying & Save Money

The following infographic offers 10 ways to reduce impulse buying and save money.

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Reduce Impulse Buying & Save Money

  1. 1. * Source: The average American spends $450 a month on impulse buys, which adds up to about $5,400 per year, and about $324,000 over the span of a lifetime.* Here are 10 suggestions to help you get your spending under control. — 10 WAYS TO — Reduce Impulse Buying & Save Money 1 3 5 2 4 6 Leave the credit card at home — or give it up completely — and pay with cash. Ask yourself if you really need the item or does it simply make you feel better. Plan what to buy and how much you will spend before each shopping trip. Do not shop for pleasure or as a weekend hobby. Shop only for necessities. Make a weekly household budget and stick to it. Plan ahead for big purchases. Bring a shopping list and strictly adhere to it. Bring only the cash you need. 7 8 If you’re not sure you really need the impulse item, wait a day, then decide. Avoid online retail sites and get off email lists; they encourage you to buy. 9 10 Set medium- and long-term financial goals. Will this purchase set you back? Allow yourself a small amount of “mad money” to spend weekly as you please.