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Notes tips


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Notes tips

  1. 1. Lotus NotesTips and Tricks
  2. 2. I didn’t knowNotes could do that!!!
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Rearranging Table Cells or List Items• CTRL + UP, CTRL + DOWN • Ed • Alan • Steve • Ed • John • John • • Steve Alan
  5. 5. Keep Document Context When Switching Views• Select document, press and hold CTRL, switch views
  6. 6. Copy Selected As Table
  7. 7. Copy Selected As Table to Spreadsheet
  8. 8. Powerful Text Formatting Shortcuts• Increase/Decrease Font size – Select text, press F2 – Select text, press Shift + F2• Convert to bulleted list – Select text, press Alt + T, then L, then L• Indent/Outdent – Select text, press F8 – Select text, press Shift + F8
  9. 9. Re-arranging Mail Addresses• You can’t drag and drop in the email itself, but you can in the Address Dialog box.
  10. 10. Attachment Viewers• You don’t always have to launch the native application, use “View” instead. – Magnify – Rotate – View and extract zip files!
  11. 11. Drag and Drop Attachments• From Notes to OS• From OS to Notes• Hover over Windows taskbar buttons to make Notes active.• Within Notes, hover over window tab to make that document active
  12. 12. Picture Properties• A little formatting can make a document look much better.
  13. 13. Picture Links• Add links to pictures to make them “come to life”• Image maps• Fancier DB, View, or document links
  14. 14. Picture Wrap• Wrap Text• Align Images
  15. 15. Create New Folder• Easily create a document from any database
  16. 16. StartUp Folder• Automatically start databases, links, application, files!
  17. 17. Extended Accelerators• Press the ALT key, and numbers appear on the Action Buttons in the current document or view• Press ALT + W, numbers appear over the Windows tabs• Press ALT + B, numbers appear over the bookmark icons
  18. 18. Tabbed Window Interface• Now every program wants to look like Notes! (IM clients, newsreaders, web browsers)• Drag and Drop Re-order• Open In New• Notes 7 = Close All• Saved Windows State
  19. 19. Navigation History• If you prefer your keyboard to the mouse, you can use ALT+LEFT ARROW to go back, and ALT+RIGHT ARROW to go forward.
  20. 20. Creating Groups• Copy Into New Group• Add Recipients to Group in Address Book
  21. 21. Suggested Meeting Times• Let Notes find the best time for a meeting.
  22. 22. Summarize Calendar
  23. 23. Print Calendar To Document• BEST HIDDEN FEATURE IN NOTES!• Weekly, Monthly, Calendar List• Forward via email
  24. 24. Tools!
  25. 25. Content Paste• Do you have bits of information that you reuse over and over again?
  26. 26. Share Documents• Have you ever wanted to easily copy or move information from your mail file to a TeamRoom, Document Library, Personal Journal, or any other database?
  27. 27. Linker• More “URL-link” database, document, or view links.
  28. 28. Map Address• Have you ever wanted to generate a map to one of the contacts in your Personal Address Book?
  29. 29. Resources on• Archives• By Category• RSS Feeds• Notes/Domino 7• Administration• Application Development• Product Catalog• Many, many, many more tips!