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TMBTC has released its October to December newsletter. We have wide range of topics ranging from Reverberations 2013, learning from the contests, talents other than speaking and leadership and applying toastmasters at work. We also have our event calender so planning and attending is a lot easier.

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TMBTC December 2013 newsletter

  1. 1. VIGNETTES @ TMBTC TCS MAITREE BANGALORE TOASTMASTERS CLUB (TMBTC) DISTRICT 82 - A, DIVISION D, AREA 4 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: P‘ESIDENT S MESSAGE EXPE‘IENCES @ ‘EVE‘BE‘ATION LEA‘NINGS F‘OM CONTESTS OU‘ TOASTMASTE‘S AB‘OAD FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK “Our life is EASY to live, if shared with compassionate PEOPLE” A couple of interesting incidents were witnessed in the Toastmasters arena. To give you a recap, it was contest season in our Toastmasters district. We had the semi annual district conference, “Reverberation 2013” hosted in Bangalore this year. I have compiled the summary of events and experiences of Toastmasters while taking roles for the first time during these events. We have articles which talk about passion, learning, hobbies and much more. Thanks to all the Toastmasters who contributed to this newsletter in spite of the festive spirits! Hope you enjoy reading this edition ! By TM D Balaji, CC APPLYING TOASTMASTE‘S AT WO‘K TMBTC Achievements since July 2013 !!!! TALENT CO‘NE‘ 1. Added 18 new members to our club! 2. Club Sponsor and Mentor for FAI Renaissance Toastmasters Club (03572259), the corporate club of First American (India). 3. Awarded "Smedley Award" for adding five new, dual or reinstated members during August and September 4. We have completed 6/10 DCP points and aiming for 10/10 ! SELF IMP‘OVEMENT BEING HUMAN NEW MEMBE‘S @ TMBTC FAMILY NEW CLUBOFFICE‘S CONTACT US TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  2. 2. Page 2 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENTS DESK It was on July 1st 2013 that I took up the post of President of TMBTC, one of the popular and respected clubs in the Toastmasters fraternity. What looked like an herculean task then, proved out to be the best experience of my life that I will cherish forever ! Personally, it has been a wonderful experience to serve the club. Toastmasters is indeed the place where leaders are made and I can confidently say that I have evolved as a leader and a better human being! I would like to congratulate and thank all our club officers Ekanto, Ganesh, Balaji, Mahesh, Santosh, Manish, Adithya and Deepak for their amazing support, dedication and commitment. We are proud to say that TMBTC has already achieved 6 goals out of the 10 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals in this term. With 4 more goals to achieve in the upcoming term, there is nothing that can stop TMBTC from grabbing the Golden Gavel + this time. Congratulations to each and every member of TMBTC who has made this possible! TMBTC also played a significant role and made its presence felt at Reverberation 2013 as well as the division and area contests. Kudos to all of us ! Special thanks to our Immediate Past President Natasha, who has guided and mentored us throughout this journey and helped us in achieving a successful term. Finally, I would like to wish the newly elected officers a successful journey in their term! We have a new year, a new term, a new beginning and new dreams ahead of us. We will continue to stand by our club and strive to take it to newer heights ! “ TMBTC wishes you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2014 ! ” TMBTC rocksss ! TMBTC wishes all of you a very happy and prosperous new year 2014 ! Happy reading !! By TM Manjeera MOMENTS FROM CLUB LEVEL CONTEST TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  3. 3. Page 3 EXPERIENCES AT REVERBERATION 2013 FROM ATTENDING TO HOSTING EVENTS!!! Ever since I joined TMBTC, the most awaited events every year have always been the semi annual and annual district conferences, Reverberation and Ovation. My journey began with Ovation 2012 (Sri Lanka), Reverberation 2012 (Kerala) and Ovation 2013 (Chennai) and the latest pit stop Reverberation 2013 (Namma Bengaluru). Attending just one of these conferences opens the doors to the magical world of Toastmasters, the world very different from what one finds in usual club meetings. I remember at Ovation 2012, I didn’t know anyone. But when I left to return home, I had 500 odd new friends out of which many have become my close friends. I have a lot of precious memories to treasure from all these trips. And most importantly I remember that at each of these places as guests, we were treated like royalty and made sure it felt like home by the hosting Toastmasters. So when it was our chance to host Reverberation 2013, it was time to pay back the hospitality we received. I was given an opportunity to head the Marketing team for R-13 and my job started six months before the conference date. As months passed, we saw our ideas materialize and the inception of our little small spark transpire to more luminous depths. Nothing can match the happiness I felt on Nov 23rd and 24th. To summarize them: 1. Blocking everything else in the world,for those 2 days I belonged to the world of Toastmasters. 2. I was ecstatic to meet all my Toastmaster friends from different clubs and cities. 3. In my head I had two aims – The entire conference had to be a BIG Bang like we promised and we had to be the perfect hosts! All of the Toastmasters from Bangalore joined hands and united to put on a fabulous show. We ensured that we were the perfect hosts and no matter what rain or sun, we were there with a smile on our face to help everyone! We had our share of lessons to learn from, be it good or bad, but like they say, nothing is fun if there is no learning from it at the end of the day. “see you at Ovation 2014 where ‘Paradise is calling’ in the land of Goa!!!” As 24th November came to an end, I felt an internal sense of satisfaction and was overflowing with happiness. But as the day ended and I bid adieu to my TM friends, I told them “see you at Ovation 2014 where ‘Paradise is calling’ in the land of Goa!!!” By TM Natasha Rajasheaker, ACB, ALB ONE BIG BANG LIT BY MANY HANDS! Over 600 people from the four regions of District 82 came together on the 23rd and 24th of November to be a part of ‘The Big Bang’, Reverberation'13. Pulling off an event of this magnitude requires enormous team effort and time. Being a part of Toastmasters gives one the passion and motivation to do so. Reverberation gave people, belonging to different backgrounds, an opportunity to work together as a team, do tasks they had never done before and gain new experiences. The enthusiasm of the team was infectious, any small help was heartily appreciated, all enjoyed the task they performed and basked in the sheer pleasure of doing it. It was then that I realized, Toastmasters is like one big family where everyone is eager for everyone else to succeed and no one is too big or too small to perform a task. All you need is genuine willingness to learn and deliver and opportunities will come knocking at your door. By TM Adithya V TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  4. 4. Page 4 EXPERIENCES AT REVERBERATION 2013 BIG BANG EFFECT! I always read in books and articles about BIG Bang but never thought I would be a part of one, some day ! Super enthusiastic, ever smiling and extremely hospitable is what I can summarize the least about the crew of Reverberation 2013. Yes they were caught up in an extremely busy schedule, but none EVER made me feel so. They were there when I had any doubt even if it was as silly as asking for the lunch venue ! I never felt I was just 2 months old to Toastmasters thanks to the extremely supportive crew of Reverberation that made sure I had plenty of learning to be carried home along with an experience of a lifetime. I am 10 times more confident than I was 3 months ago. # Big Bang effect ! By TM Achala Bhat MOMENTS AT REVERBERATION 2013 !!! TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  5. 5. Page 5 MOMENTS AT REVERBERATION 2013 TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  6. 6. Page 6 LEARNINGS FROM CONTESTS TICK A TICK.. October doesn't only get season of winter to Bangalore but also the Toastmasters contest season! I know champions at Toastmasters who usually have more serious strategies than what Reserve Bank of India would have to curb inflation! And Toastmasters who fail to make such strategies, participate in TM Evaluation contest! 2013 gave me chance to participate in the club level Evaluation contest, then Area and then the Division D! Yuppie! It was huge fun climbing the ladder. In this article, I'm trying to share the mistakes that I did or saw people around me doing , during various contests at Toastmasters! With a hope that you don't repeat them, learn from them and bring the highest tittle to our club during the next contest season! Lets call it, tick a tick! Treat this as a checklist of mistakes and tick it when you DON’T do it while participating in any contest. 1. Being unprepared : So the day of the Division contest arrived and unlike other Evaluation contestants I was clueless about my strategy! Being unprepared is a sin!! Ofcourse we learn every time we stand on the stage! But that learning is fruitful only when we prepare ourselves accordingly when we step on the stage next! Being unprepared makes us feel overwhelmed with thoughts. 2. Unorganised notes : My usual problem with evaluation is that I write too many points and try to tell all of them! Here we learn a very important lesson not just about contests but also about day to day life. We all have many problems at hand. Our kitty is always full. But the winner is who learns to pick the most important ones first! In short prioritize the problems. 3. Thinking too much of the opponents : First thing, they are NOT opponents, but co-contestants! This is a lesson I learnt from my co-contestant long back. During my initial days at Toastmasters, at one contest, I met a contestant, who got seriously worried seeing another club's champion as her co -contestant! The co-contestant was very well prepared and had even jotted down points. But during the preparation time, when all Evaluation contestants sat together, the co-contestant wasted most of the time in observing the champion trying to gather last minute tips etc. Believe in yourself and your preparation and just give it your best try ever without thinking about the outcome! 4. Result orientation : Yes you read it right, I believe its a mistake! We have this goal in our appraisals all the time! But I would say, for a creative and learning field like oratory, result should be the side-effect not the sole objective! Effort and self belief should be the ultimate goal! So dont concentrate on how can you defeat the co-contestant or win, think how best you can present yourself in front of the audience! “The tick of time cost me the champions trophy! Let’s respect time at TM contests” 5. Most important tick ! The ace of mistake is disrespecting the tick of the clock! The timer cards are the most helpful thing any contestant can ask for! If our kitty is full of points, we tend to ignore the green and wake up at yellow and start wrapping by red! Which is utterly wrong! The tick of time cost me the champions trophy! So dear readers, hold on to your urge to present that one "more" important point! And respect the time! Lastly, contests are our true testers. They might not give you any certification which can adorn your resume but they give you the most memorable thing an orator should expect, the deafening applause of the audience! By TM Neha Vishwas Jagtap, CC, ALB TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  7. 7. Page 7 LEARNINGS FROM CONTESTS HUMOROUS SPEECH FOR THE FIRST TIME!! I joined Toastmasters in May 2013, my primary objective was to grow as an individual. I was fairly convinced that this exposure will add another dimension to my personality and found my excitement totally justified as I immersed myself into the hues and colors of Toastmasters in the following three months treasuring every moment. The renowned annual “Humorous Speech” contest of Toastmasters came knocking then and I really thanked my stars that I’d be able to witness such an exciting contest where every club in the district chose its best humorous speakers and the screening would get more and more selective as contestants progressed from Club to Area to Division and finally to the District level. Now it’s not a queer understanding that making the audience laugh is arguably one of the hardest speaking tasks and I was geared up to witness the event sitting in the audience, ready to laugh my guts out. And then came the shocker. My president walked up to me and said ‘Manish, I want you to participate in the Club Contest’. My instinct said ‘She must be crazy’. How will I present a humorous speech when my only experience in life of making people laugh was by telling them tacky jokes? But then the support system of the Club triggered and everyone seemed to encourage me to participate. I recalled my objective of joining the club and told myself- ‘what the heck…let’s do it. If nothing more, it’ll be another experience added to life’. So I worked real hard on my speech and arrived at the club contest and sure enough, delivered my supposedly funny speech without many hiccups. I had felt the adrenaline rush and was glad that it’s over. But then, the results were announced. Drum roll please; I had qualified for the Area level. I felt like my head and my ears were not in sync anymore. But the resounding applause confirmed it for me. As I walked up to receive my award, it dawned upon me. Upon me now rested the responsibility of representing one of the most recognized and respected clubs of our district. I felt overwhelmed and excited at the same time. Sure, I was happy to have won but the real perspective came from the sense of responsibility. As any accomplished person would tell you, one never really grows until one has carried out serious responsibilities sincerely and this realization made me grow a little. Yes, Toastmasters magic was working. Over the next few weeks, I was humbled by the unconditional support I received from fellow members on my preparation. Fostered by TMBTC I finally delivered my speech at the Area level, I could tell from the audience’s response I did a good job. “I felt like my head and my ears were not in sync anymore. But the resounding applause confirmed it for me.” I did not win, but more astonishing was my realization …IT did not matter. What mattered was the satisfaction of having taken the right step… I am GROWING, so is my self confidence. “Self-confidence enables YOU to take great undertakings in LIFE” By TM Manish Singh TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  8. 8. Page 8 OUR TOASTMASTERS ABROAD TOASTMASTERS INSIDERS CLUB @ USA It was my first visit to USA and Santa Clara was a whole new world to me. As days passed by, I began missing TMBTC which I used to attend religiously every Wednesday. I searched for other Toastmaster clubs in the vicinity and found that most of them had their meetings at inconvenient times. After a few days, a colleague told me about the existence of a club in the location where I was working. I was ecstatic when I heard this news and when I attended that club meetings, it felt like HOME. Yes, I can still remember that feeling, I was so relieved that in an unfamiliar country this place was something which I was very familiar with! The meetings in this club - "Toastmasters Insiders" were the same as that in TMBTC. The speakers are excellent and there is always something to learn in Toastmasters. From Toastmasters Insiders club, there a few things that we can learn and try to incorporate in our club meetings : 1) The meetings here are punctual to the second, irrespective of how many people are there in the room. 2) When the speaker uses the "Word of Day", the audience claps to show their appreciation. 3) Along with the prepared speech speakers, the table topic speakers too are evaluated on the content delivered. However, an important element missing at Toastmasters Insiders was Fun, yes, “Fun”. At times, the meetings here are just a drag, but that’s not the case with our club. We have loads and loads of fun in our meetings. I strongly believe “Fun” is the most important thing which bonds us all in TMBTC during the meetings and after the club meetings. I also had an opportunity to visit the Division F (District 4) conference for the Humorous speech and Speech Evaluation contest, where I was completely surprised to meet a past member of our club ‘Kavitha’ (past VP-Ed of TMBTC). I was overjoyed to know that she was a contestant in the Evaluation contest. The contest was tough and Kavitha secured the second place in the Evaluation contest. Throughout the conference I kept recollecting all the good and fun memories of my experience at the Division conference I had attended back in Bangalore. “Fun” is the one element which bonds us all in TMBTC forever” To sum it up, our club TMBTC has grown leaps and bounds with now a prominent presence in Bangalore. There is always something to learn from other clubs and I feel incorporating such learnings in TMBTC will help it scale higher. It is worth mentioning again that “Fun” is the one element which bonds us all in TMBTC forever. By TM Santosh Raj Pandiri, CL TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  9. 9. Page 9 APPLYING TOASTMASTERS AT WORK HOW TO TELL YOUR BOSS 'NO' — WITHOUT SAYING 'NO' Your boss asks you to take on a new project, and your first thought is: “There is just no way.” Maybe it’s because you’re already juggling three projects near deadline, or maybe you fundamentally disagree with his strategy. The trick is to push back more diplomatically — getting your point across without actually using the word “no.”. Let’s see how ! ============================================================================ Situation: You Truly Don’t Have the Time Instead of: There’s no way I have time for that. Try: Could you help me prioritize my project list? While, “No, I don’t have time,” seems like a perfectly legit response when you’re up to your elbows in other work, it can also make your boss question your ability to capably prioritize and execute the tasks that are on your plate. So, this is the time to remember, “Show, don’t tell.” Respond to your boss by saying, “Could you help me prioritize my project list?” In that meeting, lay out what you’re working on, how long it’s taking, and what you would have to delay or stop doing in order to take on the new task. ============================================================================ “The trick is to Situation: You Disagree With the Strategy at Hand push back more Instead of: I don’t think that will work. diplomatically — Say: Can I throw out another idea? getting your “Can I throw out another idea?” Your boss can say “yes” or “no.”. If your boss says “yes” he/she has welcomed you to contribute a new approach before you even start, which means he/she is more likely to consider it. point across without using the word NO...” If he/she says “No — this is the way we’re doing it,” you know she’s serious about the proposed strategy, despite your reservations. ============================================================================ Situation: You Just Don’t Want To Instead of: Ugh. No. Say: Sure (Usually) That said, you can still say “no” if the task will distract you from your other projects (see situation 1) or if you are disproportionately the one asked and feel as though you’re being taken advantage of. By speaking clearly — but without the letters 'N' and 'O' — you’re finding a way to get your point across without making your boss get defensive. That way, you keep the focus where it should be (that everyone wants the best results) and won’t get caught up in who decides how things are done. By TM Alok Kumar Thakur, CC, CL TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  10. 10. Page 10 TALENT CORNER HANDWRITING ANALYSIS “Oh he is so talkative! “, “Oh my god he has a really bad temper!”, “Wow his concentration is amazing” … Well we have all heard people talking about other’s personality traits. But what if I tell you, it doesn’t take someone to tell you about your own personality, instead your own handwriting will reveal it by leaps and bounds!!! Surprised?? Well don’t really be, I have loads of such surprising facts for you as the article unveils. What is it? Graphology - the study of handwriting and handwriting analysis - is now an accepted and increasingly used technique for assessment of people in organizations. Handwriting analysis is an effective and reliable indicator of personality and behavior. Snippets of this amazing science:    The way alphabet “t” is written reveals nearly 27 different things about the person!! The pressure with which a person writes can talk volumes about his emotional responses. Forget the writing, even the margins you choose, that is the spaces you leave up, down, right and left when writing on a plain paper all have a definite meaning which reveals more about you! I am sure this article has stirred an interest in you to know more about this. Your handwriting will no longer just be a few lines scribbled on a paper but will be of prime importance in understanding more about yourself. “nearly 100 Get in touch with an Handwriting analyst and get your Handwriting analyzed. can be revealed FYI: The nearest Handwriting analyst is just around the corner @ TCS Dhara ;) by your Your brain guides your hand. Everything put on paper is a result of a two-way circuit between your brain and the motor reflex muscles of your hand. Thus, your handwriting becomes a Polygraph or Oscilloscope read-out of your "complete self." To you, it's just handwriting, but to a handwriting analyst, it paints a picture of the person "behind the pen." handwriting !!!! By TM Shubha Bhargavi different traits A handwriting analyst is just around the corner @ TCS MY HOBBY PROJECT—TRIBUTE TO BIBLIOPHILES Dhara” I discovered the bibliophile in me when I was alone in Hyderabad. Bibliophile is someone who loves and usually maintains a collection of books. In less than an year, I bought more than 30 books. When I meet a like minded reader or a bibliophile, the very obvious questions we ask each other would be “What books do you have? What books did you finish reading recently? I am interested in that book, would you mind sharing it with me for a month.?”. I started sharing books and felt the need for a software or website that fits the needs of bibliophile. I was not satisfied with existing stuff. The engineer in me wanted to create something of his own and thereby promote the habit of reading. was born. It’s a personal library manager. It’s something that keeps me busy at my leisure apart from Toastmasters related work. By TM D Balaji, CC TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  11. 11. Page 11 SELF IMPROVEMENT TIME IS GOD, NOT GOLD ... " Lost time is never found again "- Benjamin Franklin Time is the most precious resource on earth. It is the most valuable thing people have. It is perishable, it is irreplaceable, and it cannot be stored. People compare time with gold but it is a wrong notion. The value of gold fluctuates from time to time but the value of time will never fluctuate. Even 1000 years ago, a day consisted of 24 hours per, 60 minutes per hour and 60 seconds per minutes. Still in the 21st century, a day consists of 24 hours. There is no change in the value of time. There is no precious asset on earth rarer than time. Hence, don't compare time with gold. Every person has 24 hours per day. Why do a few people succeed in their pursuits and others fail? Successful people utilize time in a more effective manner than unsuccessful people. They priorities activities and allocate time on the basis of importance. Time can only be reallocated from activities of lower value to activities of higher value. All work and accomplishments require time. Your ability to think and prioritize activities is the most valuable trait for the smoothest flow of life. "Wise time management is inseparable from high quality life." It is a fact that life means time and time means life. God has given us this wonderful life to live happily and achieve life goals but not brood over failures. Time is absolutely essential to develop important relationships in life. Life itself is time and hence life without time has no value. We all grow in time, live in time and ultimately, perish in time. There may not be an exact definition of time, but we all know what it is and its great value in human life. A man has a lot of wants. We all want fame, success, money, happiness, love, relationship etc. There is no end to our desires. Never curse time for not giving you riches; we have to extract riches from time. But those who forget the value of time may find to their utter dismay that it will be harsh on them later. Man may neglect time and misuse it but time doesn't wait. It may be a fantasy that time may take revenge on us so utilize this precious recourse carefully. “Always remember, if YOU’VE lost time, you’ve lost EVERYTHING.” Time will never forget us though we may forget it. Time reciprocates. if we use it in a wise manner, it gives us happiness otherwise it pushes people into troubles. By TM Vandana Chauhan TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  12. 12. Page 12 BEING HUMAN A JOURNEY FROM INDIA TO BHARAT Often we talk about ‘Unity in Diversity’ in our country. Diversity in terms of language, religion, traditions and cultures. A train journey of mine from Bangalore to my home town, Saharanpur in West UP, gave me an insight into how deep this new criteria divides us. I was going home to celebrate Diwali with my family. This was the first time in my life I was travelling such a long distance by train. So I was quite excited about the journey and boarded the Rajdhani Express from Bangalore to Delhi. I occupied my seat which was in the 3rd AC compartment and was looking forward to a memorable journey. The compartment was soon full but nobody even bothered to greet each other or share a smile. Everyone ate their dinner quietly. I wondered, was this the supreme height of fine ‘culture’ of a city dweller or the spreading indifference. Once or twice, I tried to start a conversation by commenting on the taste of food but went in vain. As time passed, one person spoke to me, but to my sheer disappointment, he asked me when he could open his middle berth ! Night passed. A new day began. I thought now I’ll start a good conversation and engage everyone. After breakfast, I started chatting with the middle berth guy regarding his whereabouts and where he was going. He gave me crisp answers. In return I expected to be asked the same questions but the conversation went cold. The whole day passed just like that. The silence of the compartment was only broken by the passing pantry boys or an occasional Sorry, Thank you and Excuse Me getting exchanged for petty reasons. Finally Delhi came and this put an end to the boring journey. I had to catch another train to Saharanpur. This journey was a smaller one, around 3-4 hours. I had no excitement left for this journey now. I was only eager to reach home. I hopped on to the second train. When I reached my seat, I saw a lady with a kid sitting there. Instantly and impulsively, I asked her to vacate the seat as it was mine. The lady seemed to be from a well-to-do family but not quite educated. I asked her why she didn’t have a reservation. She told how her plan was last minute and that her journey was not a long one. After an hours ride the general compartment was full beyond its capacity. I felt sorry for my behavior and apologized. She was surprised and said that there was no such need. Soon some more people came and started occupying their seats. No one looked highly educated. The people soon started talking to each other. The environment became lively. The child in the lady’s lap started playing with the man sharing the seat. I also got engaged in conversations with them. The lady had several things to offer to eat, like fruits and biscuits. The first piece went to her child, the next came to us. At every successive station, more people boarded. Soon I forgot that the whole seat was mine and I was sharing it with 2 other people. Everyone seemed interested in talking to each other rather than being glued to their phones or laptops. What a difference in the crowd as well as environment as compared to my previous journey. And these were the people who were supposed to be uneducated and not so ‘civilized’. I lost track of time and when the journey came to an end, I was longing for more. “Everyone seemed interested in talking to each other rather than being glued to their phones or laptops.” Finally when I reached home, I was rejuvenated and then it dawned upon me how diverse my two train journeys were. I felt altogether I had come to a new country, which we call as ‘Bharat’, leaving behind the one called ‘India’. Here people care for each other, they are interested in you. You have so many people around to share your grief as well as happiness with. When our education was supposed to give us a broad outlook towards life, why has it made our approach so narrow? When we move from our small houses, lanes and shops of our hometowns towards the big buildings, roads and malls of our metros, why has our hearts become so small on the way? If we are really more civilized and properly educated, then we should have more humanity, shouldn’t we? Then why does it appear to me that our metros or big cities are nothing but ‘concrete jungles’? Quite some food for thought!! Think, maybe an answer will come from within your conscience. By TM Ashish Jain TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  13. 13. Page 13 NEW MEMBERS & FAREWELL !! A WARM WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS !!!!!! FAREWELL TO OUR BELOVED MEMBER ARUN KATTI (CC) Shubhabhargavi Hs Nutan Garla Sriram KJ Vinod Das Ashish Chandak Arun Kumar Reddy Krishna Prashanth Amit Chaudhary MISSION OF TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL : We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders…! DISTRICT NEWS : For more info log onto : TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  14. 14. Page 14 NEW CLUB OFFICERS Welcome our new club officers (For the term January - July’14) PRESIDENT VINOD DAS (ACB,CL) VP EDUCATION MANISH SINGH ASST VP EDUCATION ASHISH CHANDAK VP MEMBERSHIP GS GANESH (CL) ASST VP MEMBERSHIP SAMUEL VP PUBLIC RELATIONS D BALAJI (CC) PR TEAM MAHESH, KRISHNA PRASHANTH, SHUBHA, ACHALA, VANDANA SECRETARY ASHISH JAIN TREASURER ADITHYA V SAA SHUBHA EVENTS TO WATCH OUT FOR IN THE UPCOMING TERM ! 1) Installation ceremony of new officers ( January - July 2014 ) 2) We are just 10 meetings away from reaching a new milestone… the 200th meeting ! 3) Officers Training Program 4) Judges Training Program 5) Educational sessions on roles and club procedures , how to select a speech topic and how to make your CC and CL journey interesting! 6) Contest season will return with the International Speech contest and the Table Topics contest. TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4
  15. 15. Page 15 CONTACT US You can find us @ : We meet every Wednesday from 5:45 pm - 7:15 pm at Dhara building, GR Tech Park, Whitefield (just after ITPL), Bangalore. Join us for learning and growing with fun @ our meetings! On Social Forums : Knome group on TCS Ultimatix : Join our group on Facebook : For any club related information & queries, kindly contact : Vinod Das ( President ) - Manish ( VP Ed ) - Ganesh ( VP M ) - Send us your suggestions by mail to our VP-PR and Chief Editor of our Newsletter — D Balaji. Feel free to communicate ! Contact Details : Our Editorial Team Balaji Natasha Manjeera Adithya Vandana Ashish Samuel Shubha TMBTC Oct - Dec 2013 Newsletter Issue 4