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Boking Social: What we do?


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We are building futuristic reservation system on cloud. We foresee that service domain is evolving its way, undoubtedly. We are building the next big thing in ‘Service Domain’, which will transform the current service interaction drastically.

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Boking Social: What we do?

  1. 1. WHAT WE DO?
  2. 2. WHAT WE DO? We are building futuristic reservation system on cloud  How do we predict future? Next big thing in ‘Service Domain’  How big? Service industry goes more social  What is social?
  3. 3. FUTURISTIC RESERVATION SYSTEMHow do we predict future?Business is build on relationship with customer* www.bookingsocial.comKeywords considered: Customer engagements,Conversation, Share, Likes, Tweets, Plus, Cloud
  4. 4. FUTURISTIC RESERVATION SYSTEMInterpreting these trends…Analyzing available solutions… www.bookingsocial.comWhat we found is…We do have reservation system available but we don’t have futuristic reservation system in place. Which will be more meaningful, dynamic, portable, social, personalized and streamlined.
  5. 5. FUTURISTIC RESERVATION SYSTEM Wecan’t extend existing system to support these trends!  They are not mend for that.  We have to build for the purpose of being social. We follow iPod, iPhone, Salesforce way.  Do things differently.
  6. 6. NEXT BIG THINGHow often you see a share/tweet button on web, our moto is to create a “Book” button like wise.Understand data and interpret possibilities.The way search, blogging, networking and other internet trends are fundamentally changing, similarly service industry should also evolve along with these changes with the availability of real time data.
  7. 7. WHAT IS SOCIALSocial is change! Because its you and me.Social is not a new, it is evolving. Currently we find there is a stagnation, because social evolution just hit the road in online era. We still have time to define it or being a definition of it.We believe: Facebook equal to social. They try to find the meaning of social like us!
  8. 8. LIKED OR NOT Please share your feedback. Conversations/Interaction helps delivering best products. If you are interested you can be part of us. Contact us, lets share ideas.  