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Pay 4 Performance - How to make money part time while in college or corporate


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Ever thought of getting extra in life, stuck with a 9-6 day job or has plenty of un-utilized time in college.
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Pay 4 Performance - How to make money part time while in college or corporate

  1. 1. Pay 4 Performance Plan -Prepared By Balachandran RV
  2. 2. BSYNC Clothing • Pioneer in Ethnic Clothing • Over 8000+ products in Salwar Kameez, Sarees, Wedding Lehangas • Total Products worth Rs900 crore • Distribution to 40+ countries. • Retail and Bulk Distribution through 7/8/2014 2BSYNC Confidential
  3. 3. Performance Plan • Opportunity for an individual, group or company to partner with BSYNC in the distribution channel • Pay for Performance scheme (P4P) • 3 Broad Volume based incentives Plan Name Monthly Volume Commission % Min Max BSY1L 1000 1 lakh 23% BSY5L 1 lakh+ 5 lakh 26% BSY10L 5 lakh+ no max 29% 7/8/2014 3BSYNC Confidential
  4. 4. How to operate? • Lets take an example of a guy called Ramesh who signs up for marketing with BSYNC • Ramesh can get marketing commission as illustrated in the table above based on his monthly volume • Ramesh can create sales through the following channels – Get retail orders through by using a specific coupon code say “RAM10 – Flat10% off” – Get Bulk orders from Retail outlets, wholesale agents or a particular community/society/corporate – Create a group/company to distribute products 7/8/2014 4BSYNC Confidential
  5. 5. Getting Sales Leads • The entire world is a connected marketplace due to internet • So is BSYNC’s operational methodologies • Ramesh can get orders from – Any Country/City/Pincode – Any Quantity (1 to 1000 pcs) – Any Amount in any currency • Ramesh has no entry/exit criteria. He can perform when at his will, he can also exit at his discretion. • No Upper limit on Ramesh’s income potential. 7/8/2014 5BSYNC Confidential
  6. 6. Meeting Targets? • Sales is an excellent companion to top-performers. • BSYNC’s operational methodologies are well adapted to cater to Ramesh’s flexibility • Ramesh can introduce a buyer to BSYNC and continue to get sales incentive on repeat purchases. • Ramesh can appoint further franchisees or agencies to help him grab more volume of sales. • Ramesh can use his free/spare time to grab orders and the targets he chooses are on personal will and competency. 7/8/2014 6BSYNC Confidential
  7. 7. 1. Illustration of Sales – Retail Order • Ramesh meets a girl Remya who is interested to buy Product-A from BSYNC • Product-A is listed at Rs1000 at • Ramesh being a marketing agent with BSYNC gets the product at Min 25% discount, hence his price is Rs750 • Ramesh can decide to sell the product to Remya at any price between Rs750 to Rs1000 • Say Ramesh gets a discount coupon created for Flat 10% off with code “RAM10” • Now Remya can purchase at 10% off from Rs1000 = Rs900. • Here Ramesh sacrifices a small % of his marketing incentive to close a new sale. • Summary – MRP Rs1000 – Final Sold Price: Rs900 (10% off mrp) – Incentive 25% of mrp: Rs1000 – Rs750 = Rs250 – Paid out incentive: Rs900 – Rs750 =Rs150 • Win-Win-Win scenario – Ramesh wins a new customer Remya by partially offering a discount. There is higher chance of repeat order – Remya wins a discount coupon that helped her save money – BSYNC wins by serving a quality product and rewarding its agent (Ramesh) 7/8/2014 7BSYNC Confidential
  8. 8. 2. Illustration of Sales – Bulk Order • Ramesh offers to distribute BSYNC product to Mr. Kamal’s shop/boutique. • Kamal normally visits Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi to get good variants of ethnic wear to his shop. • Ramesh offers to do a door-delivery of products which Kamal has bought by selecting through a catalog • Ramesh provides a 18% discount on MRP to give value deal to Mr. Kamal. • Kamal buys products worth Rs2,00,000 through Ramesh. • Summary – MRP of products sold: Rs2,00,000 – Discount to Ramesh: 26% = 52,000 – Discount offered to Mr. Kamal by Ramesh= 18% = Rs36,000 – Payout to Ramesh: Rs52k – Rs36k = Rs16,000 • Win-Win-Win Scenario – Ramesh wins a big fish who could buy big volumes of products every month – Kamal saves money by getting products in bulk, saving time by not stepping out of his business place to get good products – BSYNC pays out reward to Ramesh as well as serves huge volumes to Kamal 7/8/2014 8BSYNC Confidential
  9. 9. 3. Illustration of Sales – Further Franchise (FF) • Ramesh has now become an expert in selling products in the retail and bulk channel. • He now decides to maximize his earning potential by starting a group/society/company. This method is called further franchise (FF) • Ramesh now appoints 3 staffs Gokul, Gopal and Gowry to boost his sales volume. • Ramesh instructs Gokul and Gopal to go after bulk/corporate sales and Gowry to boost retail customer base. • In a particular month Ramesh’s group does an overal volume of Rs15,00,000 • BSYNC pays out commission of 29% to Ramesh = Rs4,35,000 • Ramesh can now decide on what percentage he needs to pay Gokul, Gopal and Gowry. • Win-Win-Win Scenario – Ramesh gets the max incentive benefit by clocking huge sales volume month on month – Gokul, Gopal and Gowry are benefited as they start becoming earning members of their respective family – BSYNC spreads its quality message by reaching out to more customers. 7/8/2014 9BSYNC Confidential
  10. 10. Upto 4% additional incentive • If Ramesh meets a consistent volume of either slab BSY1l or BSY5L or BSY10L gets an additional benefit upto 4% – BSY1L – 2% – BSY5L – 3% – BSY10L – 4% • Pay-out plan to reward the top performers and consistent volume creators. • Payout is applicable on every 12months evaluating the performance of Agents like Ramesh 7/8/2014 10BSYNC Confidential
  11. 11. Thankyou • Still confused ? – Email to – Call +91-9249425272 7/8/2014 BSYNC Confidential 11