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Now you can list online, e commerce solutions for suppliers


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Now you can list online, e-commerce solutions for suppliers

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Now you can list online, e commerce solutions for suppliers

  1. 1. Start listing your brand online… E-commerce solutions for Apparel Manufacturers
  2. 2. What is online Trading? • Traditionally manufacturers created new products and depended on store keepers for stocking their items. When customers walk into the store, they would end up buying the product. • Products that are kept on store shelves had to be sold by heavy advertising and television commercials. If the advertisement stops, customers stop buying the product. • Online Trading is a newer method of selling products to prospective customers using the leverage of Internet. • Online Trading helps the manufacturers by shorter lead time, faster sales, early customer feedback and direct to customer access. • Online Trading helps manufacturer in reducing the stock overhang, faster payments and quicker service possibilities.
  3. 3. What are the benefits of listing online? • Reach and penetration to millions of buyers. Traditional system had limitations on the number of impacted customers. • Faster turnaround time – Product is made faster, listed faster and reaches customers faster. If the traditional system took 30 days for a product lifecycle, the online lifecycle could be as low as 3 days. • Gets Early feedback from customer. Manufacturer gets early message from the customer on the quality, pricing and satisfaction. This helps manufacturer to re-design his portfolio for better penetration. • Branding of the manufacturer – Normally a manufacturer is not known for more than 10 km from his production house. Online listing helps get his brand known to all internet users in the globe. • More customization – Manufacturers can easily customize their product to meet a segment of customers. This helps them build a market share for a niche product • Better Return on Investment – Manufacturers used to create 3000+ items of a single item to ensure they reach all the retail outlets in the country. Most likely note even 1500 of them gets sold. This blocks the capital. In online listings manufacturer can start with just 100+ items of an item and waits for the customer to pick up. Even if 60 of them gets sold, it’s a better ROI.
  4. 4. What are the de-merits of listing online? • Needs faster response time – After the customer orders the item, it has to be billed, packed, shipped, tracked and closed within a stipulated time. This cycle should not exceed 3 days. • Needs State of Art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Each item has to be documented, located, billed and tracked carefully. • Needs better product description – Customers cannot physically feel a product. Hence the product description has to be detailed to the minutest extent. • High Quality Product – The sold item has to be free from any manufacturing defect. The attention to detail has to be performed. Traditionally the products could get-away with minute defects, but in online channel there is no option. • Manufacturer has to be flexible to newer trends – Online listing helps manufacturer identify trends faster, he needs to be flexible enough to bend his production cycle to meet the demands.
  5. 5. Can I list my products too ? • If you are a manufacturer meeting the following requirements, you too can list online – High Quality Products. – If the price is of online listing is cheaper than retail price. – If you have soft copy of photos of the item taken with a model. – If you wish to spread your brand to the online buyers. – If you can provide detailed description/specification of each product • If you are a fast learner and early adopter, you can learn the process in 5-8 days. • If you can spare 30-50 products for online listings and you can keep a separate stock for it.
  6. 6. What are the things I need to do ? • You need to sign-up with a leading online retailer like BSYNC. • You need to associate with a dealer who could do the online listing, packing, shipping and tracking on your behalf. • You need to spare a stock of 30-50 items with the dealer so that he can ship the item on customer order. • The spare stock can be rotated every 10-15 days so that you can sell these items on other sales channels.
  7. 7. What formalities I need to complete ? • You need to complete registration with BSYNC • The registration amount is Rs 3000 of which – Agreement Rs 200 – 100 parcel covers Rs1200 – Tags and barcoding Rs350 – Non Refundable Caution Deposit Rs1250 • You need to complete registration formalities with a local dealer. This is absolutely free.
  8. 8. When Can I Start ? • You can go online within 5 days. • Read the Terms & Conditions • Complete Sign up with the dealer • Complete Sign up with BSYNC • Provide stock, photos, prices and inventory to dealer.
  9. 9. How do I Get paid ? • You get paid when the product gets sold. • The payment clearance cycle runs on every Monday and Thursday. • You will get a notification from when your payment is processed. • The final payment will be after deducting the tax and online transaction cost.
  10. 10. How to ensure my product sells ? • All you have to ensure is the product is – Best Quality – Fairly Priced – Has high quality photos – Described in detail • Leave the selling to BSYNC, we have the best online marketing and SEO experts. We ensure the product reaches to thousands of prospective customers every month.
  11. 11. What are my fees ? • Our fees are the least in the country. • Pricing starts at Rs 499 per month • You can opt for unlimited listing for as low as Rs 2999 per month. Selling Packs Code Type Packs Monthly Charge Picture Pack Free Listings Additional per pc rate M1 Monthly Rent Option A 499 Pics provided by supplier 20 25 M2 Option B 999 Pics provided by supplier 70 15 M3 Option C 1999 Pics provided by supplier 200 10 M4 Option D 2999 Pics provided by supplier UNLIMITED NIL
  12. 12. If this does not work, how to exit ? • We know that online trading is not easy for all of us, hence we made the exit procedure as simple as the entry. • If you do not wish to sell your item, you can send an email to with the subject: DELIST <supplier name> <from date> • After the receipt of the email, your account will be suspended w.e.f the “from date” specified. • We will wait for another 60 more days, if you still wish to exit – we will permanently delete the supplier credentials from our account. • If the supplier opts to return to online listing, he can do so – Free of cost within the 60 day period of suspension – Pay the registration fees and start all over again
  13. 13. What if I require support ? • You get 16X7 support from our client acquisition team, contact details will be provided in registration form. • You can email to with your queries and we will respond with an email or call within 6 hours. • We will provide the local dealer’s contact in the registration formalities, you can request face-to-face support from him.
  14. 14. Start Small, Climb Fast… • E-commerce is a new dimension in selling products. • Its more about learning the procedure than stocking volume of products. • Start small by listing 30-50 products per month. • After you have learnt the techniques of online retailing, start increasing the product range. • In 6 months time you can list upto 3000+ variety of items through this channel and get it sold. • Start small, climb fast.
  15. 15. Thankyou