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A Whirlwind Tour of FamilySearch Resources - 2012


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I gave this presentation at the semi-annual meeting of the Thomas Tolman Family Organization in October 2012. It gives an overview of the many resources available at, including the FamilySearch Family Tree that will soon replace new.familysearch.

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A Whirlwind Tour of FamilySearch Resources - 2012

  1. 1. A Whirlwind Tour ofFamilySearch ResourcesThomas Tolman Family Organization Semi-Annual Meeting October 20, 1012 Ben Baker
  2. 2. Learning Resources• Research Wiki – Community-built research advice• Learning Center – Genealogy courses by area, subject and skill level• Discussion Forums – Post questions• Tech Tips – How to apply technology to family history• Getting Started – Videos and other items for beginners
  3. 3. FamilySearch Centers• Find a family history center near you• Links to other learning resources, library catalog, etc. that can be accessed from other links as well
  4. 4. Ways to Give Back – Anyone can help• Gift of time – Index records to produce searchable indexes Can do in short time periods Great for youth Practice mission language or learn a new one• Gift of knowledge – Contribute to research wiki• Gift of money – Donate to help further the work• Gift of insight – Volunteer to evaluate new FamilySearch products
  5. 5. FamilySearch Blog• Updates on latest happenings at FamilySearch• Announces new features, newly available records, etc.
  6. 6. Signing in with your LDS Account• LDS church members receive access to additional resources • Need membership number to sign up • Additional search results when searching historical records • Additional self help resources including regarding temple ordinances • Access to temple ordinance data and reservations• Must be signed in to see FamilyTree• Non-LDS church members can get accounts too
  7. 7. Help• Videos, manuals, FAQs, etc• LDS-specific helps require log in as an LDS member
  8. 8. Records Tab• Used to search indexed historical records• Use logo to return to main site to perform searches• Don’t forget to sign in to get more results (LDS church members have access to some records the public does not)
  9. 9. Trees Tab• Can search user submitted trees such as Ancestral File (AF) and Pedigree Resource File (PRF)• Can submit GEDCOMs still (more features in future)• Not to be confused with Family Tree tab at top
  10. 10. Catalog• Search entire Family History Library catalog by various criteria
  11. 11. Catalog Search Results• Learn to use facets to narrow results by Year, Category, Availability and Language• Shows items that have been digitized and/or indexed (online availability)
  12. 12. Family History Books• Digitization effort for all books in FH Library• Also has books from other locations• Many books have been OCRd and can be searched• Access search from Books tab or
  13. 13. Books Search Results• Can refine results here as well• Click on link to view book• Some books are searchable (have been OCRd)
  14. 14. All Record Collections• All Record Collections link from main page can also be used to find specific collection and search or browse records
  15. 15. Historical Record Collections• Narrow search by collection name and/or Place, Date, Collection Type facets• Selecting a collection allows collection specific searches• Camera icons indicate which collections have digital images - can browse collections that are not yet indexed• Click on Last Updated to see what collections have been updated recently
  16. 16. Records Being Added Daily• Over one million images processed every day• As of 2012 23% of vault is digitized• Expect to have all 2.4 million rolls of microfilm at vault digitized in 3-4 more years• Over 200 cameras at archives throughout world• Ongoing effort to digitize FH Library books
  17. 17. Family Tree Tab• Must be logged in to see tab• How to get access (invite link not necessary soon) (LDS) (non-LDS)• Lots of training resources (videos, manuals, guides, lessons, etc.)
  18. 18. FamilySearch Family Tree• Will replace soon• Public access, not just LDS church members• Ability to attach sources• Can edit data/relationships others contributed• Flag non-matching duplicate people• Provide justifications for all changes• Change history – can restore previous edits
  19. 19. Tree Tab• Tree view of ancestors and children• Click on names to bring up Person Card • Use View Tree link to place ancestor at main position • Use View Person link to open person page
  20. 20. Person Tab• Place to view/edit all information about a person • Vitals (name, birth, death, etc) • Other information • Family Members • Sources • Discussions • Temple Ordinances • Change History • Merge or Mark Not-a-Match Possible Duplicates • Future Additional Tools
  21. 21. Search Tab• Look for people in the tree by name or ID number
  22. 22. Watches• Add watches to people you’re interested in• More critical in open-edit Family Tree system• Will receive weekly e-mail of changes others make to these people• Use Watch List tab to manage your watches
  23. 23. Temple Ordinances• Reserve temple ordinances at bottom of person page• Click on drop down arrows to view ordinances for additional parents/spouses• Use Temple tab to manage reserved ordinances
  24. 24. History Drop Down• Use History drop down to return to previously viewed persons
  25. 25. Sources• Links historical documents to people in the tree
  26. 26. Historical Records Search Results• Camera icons indicate records with digitized images of originals• Add life events/relationships to narrow searches• Filter results by particular collections, places, dates etc. (facets)• Webinar on obtaining better results from searches
  27. 27. Source Box• Add records to source box to be able to attach to people in tree• Found easiest to work with two windows or tabs open. One for records and other with the tree.• Each person in a record has a different link and should be attached separately
  28. 28. Adding Sources to a Person in Family Tree• Go to Source Box to attach from list of sources you’ve added from FamilySearch record searches• Can create a new source to anything • FamilySearch records will have a tree icon and will auto-generate a lot of citation information and may improve over time • Anything with a URL can be attached (Ex. Record on Ancestry, picture on Flickr, personal web site, etc.) • Don’t need a URL, can just enter a normal citation• Clicking on icons will jump directly to source• Can tag sources as having information specific to birth, death, etc.
  29. 29. Edit Bad Data • Edit or delete conclusions and relationships with change history • Justifications for changes
  30. 30. Possible Duplicates
  31. 31. Merge Duplicates or Mark Not a Match
  32. 32. For more information, see manual, handouts and webinars at
  33. 33. Q &A