A Whirlwind Tour of FamilySearch Resources - 2013 URL List


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This is the syllabus materials for a presentation I gave at the 2013 BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy. It gives a high-level overview of available resources on familysearch.org. This document gives links to many pages within familysearch.org. A corresponding presentation showing screenshots has also been uploaded to SlideShare.

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A Whirlwind Tour of FamilySearch Resources - 2013 URL List

  1. 1. A Whirlwind Tour of FamilySearch Resources Ben Baker – bakerb@familysearch.org
  2. 2. 1. Family Tree - https://familysearch.org/tree/ Replacing https://new.familysearch.org – Some key new features include public access (not just LDS church members), a single wiki-like tree that can be edited by any user, linking to sources, change history with justification reasons, not a match declarations to prevent bad merges, interactive fan chart, integration with photos/stories and more. https://www.familysearch.org/tree/#section=fan – Interactive fan chart https://familysearch.org/treetraining - Lots of training resources (videos, manuals, guides, lessons, etc) http://broadcast.lds.org/eLearning/fhd/Community/en/FamilySearch/FamilyTree/pdf/familyTreeUserGuide.pdf http://familysearchtraining.com – Training used for family history missionaries http://rootstech.org/?start=8927&id=B34&video=2245338986001 – Ron Tanner’s RootsTech 2013 session 2. Photos (and Stories) – https://familysearch.org/photos/ Upload photos and stories about your ancestors to bring them more to life. Supports sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and E-mail https://familysearch.org/photos/images - Add and tag photos, view My Photos https://familysearch.org/photos/people - View by people tagged in the photos – can link to Family Tree https://familysearch.org/photos/albums - Organize into albums – Good way to share sets of photos https://familysearch.org/photos/stories - Add and link stories to people 3. Search - https://familysearch.org/search This is the place to go to search for historical records and user-uploaded genealogies. This page is the most like the previous home page. About 1 million images are being added each day, many not indexed, so don’t forget to search un-indexed record collections. https://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/list - All Record Collections https://familysearch.org/blog/familysearch-webinar - Tips for searching records, the catalog and IGI https://familysearch.org/family-trees - Search user-uploaded genealogies tab, including Ancestral File & PRF https://familysearch.org/upload - The new way to upload GEDCOMs, replacing Pedigree Resource File (PRF) https://familysearch.org/catalog-search - Search FamilySearch catalog (still in beta) https://familysearch.org/eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp - Old catalog https://books.familysearch.org – Digitized family history books https://wiki.familysearch.org - Community-built research advice articles http://hiddenancestors.com/FStour.html - Good explanatory video of wiki 4. Temple – https://familysearch.org/temple Shows information and status about LDS temple ordinances – Only available to LDS church members More features around sharing reserved cards with family and friends are coming soon. https://familysearch.org/temple/all - Shows status of all cards reserved regardless of status https://familysearch.org/temple/reserved - Cards that have been reserved, but not yet printed https://familysearch.org/temple/printed - Cards that have been printed https://familysearch.org/temple/shared - Cards that have been shared with the temple https://familysearch.org/temple/opportunities - People in Family Tree four generations up from you and all their children that may already be ready for temple ordinances
  3. 3. 5. Volunteer - https://familysearch.org/volunteer Volunteer to give of your time, knowledge, money or insight https://familysearch.org/ask/givehelp - Register to be a live research helper https://familysearch.org/volunteer/indexing - Help index historical records to produce searchable indexes https://help.familysearch.org/publishing/486/102636_f.SAL_Public.html - Becoming an indexing arbitrator https://www.familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/FamilySearch_Wiki:Help_wanted_on_the_Wiki – Build the wiki https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Research_Communities_on_Facebook - Location-based communities https://secure3.convio.net/ldsp/site/Donation2?df_id=5080&5080.donation=form1 – Monetary donations https://labs.familysearch.org/evaluation/screener/survey.html - Evaluate FamilySearch products and services https://familysearch.org/sites/default/uploads/Donations-Guidelines-REVISION-12-July-2012.pdf - Donate records or services 6. Get Help – https://familysearch.org/ask/ Supports phone calls, live chat and send a message to get help. Don’t forget to login to see LDS-specific helps. https://familysearch.org/remote/rc_en.html - Allow support to remotely connect to your computer https://familysearch.org/ask/productSupport - Product support articles and Frequently Asked Questions https://familysearch.org/ask/researchAssistance - Get help with genealogical research https://familysearch.org/ask/gettingStarted - Simple ways to get started https://www.familysearch.org/learningcenter - Hundreds of genealogy courses by area, subject and skill level 7. LDS Church Websites http://www.lds.org/topics/family-history - Main lds.org page for family history http://www.lds.org/topics/family-history/family-history-is-for-everyone - 9 fun ways to participate http://www.lds.org/callings/temple-and-family-history/leader-resources - Resources for leaders to help http://www.lds.org/callings/temple-and-family-history - For those with family history callings http://www.lds.org/youth/family-history - Getting youth more involved in family history http://www.lds.org/callings/temple-and-family-history/course-materials - Beginning-level course materials http://www.lds.org/topics/family-history/turn-our-hearts - Video about how family history helped one family http://mormon.org/family-history - Good for explaining to non-LDS people why Mormons do family history 8. Profile – https://familysearch.org/profile Control user profile settings such as password, contact information and notification e-mails https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Special:Preferences – Research wiki preferences https://familysearch.org/links-gadget/linkpage.jsp#sbp - Source box 9. Indexing – https://familysearch.org/indexing Help index historical records to produce searchable indexes https://indexing.familysearch.org/public/publications.jsf?lng=en-US – Indexing Resource Guide https://indexing.familysearch.org/projtab/current_projects.jsf - Current indexing projects https://indexing.familysearch.org/public/news.jsf - Indexing news
  4. 4. 10. What’s new – https://familysearch.org/whats-new/ Learn about the latest features in FamilySearch products and services 11. Locations – https://familysearch.org/locations In-person help at Family History Centers and Libraries worldwide – Some offer on-site courses, microfilm ordering and other services. 12. About – https://familysearch.org/about Learn more about the FamilySearch organization, affiliated products and more. https://familysearch.org/news/ - Official press releases – can subscribe via an RSS new reader https://familysearch.org/products/ - Affiliate products https://familysearch.org/developers/ - For software developers producing products using FamilySearch data https://familysearch.org/developers/support Software developer support https://familysearch.org/archives/ - For record archives collaborating with FamilySearch to publish data https://familysearch.org/archives/services/ - Services FamilySearch provides record archives https://familysearch.org/archives/active-projects/ - Active FamilySearch digitization projects worldwide https://familysearch.org/careers - Open positions at FamilySearch 13. Blog – https://familysearch.org/blog See the latest announcements and features – Can subscribe via an RSS news reader 14. Feedback – https://familysearch.org/feedback Provide feedback on FamilySearch products and services https://familysearch.org/help/mycases - Track cases you’ve submitted https://getsatisfaction.com/familysearch/ - Ideas from the community to improve FamilySearch 15. Languages Website currently supports 10 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese Some other useful links http://rootstech.org/ - Annual FamilySearch sponsored conference – Can download course materials and view select presentations https://familysearch.org/films - Online microfilm ordering http://maps.familysearch.org/ - Interactive England 1851 parish/district maps https://labs.familysearch.org/stdfinder/PlaceStandardLookup.jsp - Standard finder for names, dates & places http://histfam.familysearch.org/ - Community trees project https://familysearch.org/techtips/ - Learn to leverage technology for family history https://labs.familysearch.org/ - See some latest ideas being user tested https://familysearch.org/mission/ - Information about serving family history related LDS missions https://familysearch.org/paf/ - Learn about why PAF is being discontinued and what to do about it http://youtube.com/familysearch - YouTube channel http://www.facebook.com/familysearch - Main Facebook page
  5. 5. https://www.facebook.com/familysearchindexing - Facebook page for FamilySearch indexing https://www.facebook.com/familyhistorylibrary - Facebook page for main Family History Library https://twitter.com/FamilySearch - Main Twitter page https://plus.google.com/+familysearch – Main Google+ page Note: All screenshots and links above were current as of June 2013