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Bakerlingo summer school kids


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Published in: Education
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Bakerlingo summer school kids

  1. 1. Bakerlingo®Summer School KidsTeens
  2. 2. Welcome to BSSDear All,It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to Bakerlingo® Summer School, now celebratingits birthday.Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is called the daughter of the Pharaonic civilization and the gem of theArab world. To take this metaphor one step further, one of the brightest pearls in Cairo isBakerlingo® Summer School. Inspired by the Egyptian revolution of 2011, Bakerlingo® summerschool was launched as a part of our tendency towards regaining the role of Egypt as thecapital of culture and educational excellence. In addition, the fact that Egyptian people createda model of civilized revolution will surely be beneficial to future activities of Bakerlingo® SummerSchool. In Bakerlingo® Summer School, education and culture will coincide and cooperate in adynamic environment!Cairo is a historically renowned hub of culture, research and education. Egypt education systemgenerates a huge talent pool that needs organized training to positively contribute to thenation’s development plans. BSS seeks to refresh the rich and diverse academic community ofthe Metropolitan Region.The goal of Bakerlingo® is not only set on pure academic and scientific grounds – Bakerlingo®wishes to be an active operator for the well-being of humanity and just society, in Egypt andglobally.Bakerlingo® Summer School established itself as a highly valued academic summer event. Weplan to make the annual BSS experience includes high-quality instruction; a wide range ofinteresting; a great atmosphere; real difference and added value to the students. BSS is theperfect chance for all of you to learn more, make new friends, and, above all, experienceeverything the daughter of the Pharaonic civilization and the gem of the Arab world to offer.Dr. Mohamed BakrFounder & President Thank You
  3. 3. OverviewBakerlingo offers strong summer courses, in a wide variety of subjects based on the best and proven educationalstandards. It reflects the company’s innovative, forward thinking approach to education and learning and takesadvantage of our excellence resources and facilities. Most courses are timetabled to run between Junes throughAugusts every year. The summer school at Bakerlingo welcomes visiting students from other countries.Our multidisciplinary courses, which are taught in different languages including Arabic, aim at stimulating thoughtand intellectual development in an open and diverse environment. At Bakerlingo® Summer School, the richacademic, cultural and social resources of this vibrant city of Cairo all become part of the classroom experience.The school is established seeking a more child centered approach to education. In a warm, relaxed environmentwe foster independence and a joy of learning. The programs are rich in choices and responsive to children’sinterests. At Bakerlingo Summer School, there is a time to play, work, quiet contemplation, skill development andmaking friends. Play is an essential tool for learning and is an especially valuable part of Summer School.
  4. 4. Why Summer School?A summer school is just the thing if youre looking for a fun-packed few weeks of skill enrichment classescombined with numerous social and sporting activities. Specially geared to kids and teens between 4 and 18years, our junior programmes have a real interesting flavour, with young people from many different placescoming together to study English, computer, communication skills, insights, future prospects, take part inactivities and above all have fun! Language classes take place in the morning and then the real fun begins,with activities ranging from excursions to places of importance, leisure, shopping, sport tournaments,swimming, talent contest, games, sketches, movies, leadership, future dreams, value system and socialresponsibility.Parents can be assured that all programmes are fully-supervised and coordinated by a professional team ofteachers and monitors. And students can be assured that, as well as making lots of new friends, they willcome back with a variety of language, sporting and social skills valuable for the rest of their lives. Students willsure come back year after year.You can take advantage of the summer break to: - Enrich your educational experience through skill improvement programmes. - Progress through your programme more quickly. - Make up unsatisfactory performance in a previous semester. - Spread a heavy workload. - Develop social and communication skills - Discover young leaders. - Enhance role within family - Develop religious and political senses
  5. 5. What to expect?We run the courses over a shorter time period than usual, with a condensed teaching format and ademanding assessment schedule. - You need to be really committed to successfully complete the course requirements. - You must be able to organise and manage your time effectively. - You can expect to spend a minimum of 2 additional hours of reading and private study for each class hour. - Language courses are likely to involve different time requirements from other courses. - You must attend all lectures, tutorial and laboratory classes. - You must complete all set work, as well as final examination (if applicable) in each course studied.
  6. 6. Programme
  7. 7. 4 Kids Modules1. Learn the Lingo2. Creative Delight3. Do it yourself4. Summer Breeze5. Computer 4 kidsYou can register in one or more of thesemodules of the programme exclusively or in thewhole full-fledged programme enjoying ourgreat discounts.
  8. 8. Modules Classes & Hours Location Fees MOAges 3 - 10 SA SU TU WE Hours Total School 200 * * *Learn the Lingo 20 Hrs 05- 07 05- 07 School 200 * *Do it yourself 05 – 07 20 Hrs 05-07My Computer School 200 * * * 20 Hrs 07-09 07-09 Schedule School 200 * **Creative Delight 07 – 09 20 Hrs 07-09 Outdoor 200 ****Summer breeze All day 20 HrsStart Date Saturday, June 18, 2011End Date Wednesday, July 27, 2011  Register in two modules & get 15 % off.Discounts   Register in three modules & get 30 % off. Register in four modules & get the fifth free.  Refer one student and get 10 % off  Refer two students and get 20 % off  Refer three students and get 30 % off  Refer four students and get 40 % off  Refer five students and get a free place.  Refer ten students and get two free places.  Refer twenty students and get four free places.