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Direct Mail statistics that you should know


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92% of all direct mail is opened and 48% of people admit to taking action after receiving it. These are powerful statistics not to be ignored. Direct mail has also proven to offer a higher ROI than Internet advertising and a lower cost per lead than email. Check out Baker Goodchild’s infographic and see for yourself!

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Direct Mail statistics that you should know

  1. 1. Sources: STATISTICS THATYOU SHOULD KNOW Statsaboutmailin the homeStatsaboutmailin the home DirectMailisn’tdead –and hereare some stats to prove it Statsaboutmailin the home DirectMailROI statisticsDirectMailROI statistics DirectMailcampaign statisticsDirectMailcampaign statistics DIRECTMAILVS EMAILSTATISTICS LEAD ACQUISITION DIRECT MAIL $51.40 EMAIL $55.24 DIRECTMAILVS EMAILSTATISTICS DirectMailisn’tdead –and hereare some stats to prove it THE AVERAGE TIME THAT PEOPLE KEEP ADVERTISING MAIL During 2014 UK businesses invested more than £1.5bn into Direct Mail of UK homes have a dedicated area to display mail of all mail is shared with other members of the household 39% OF ALL ADVERTISING SPEND GOES ON DIRECT MAIL 92% driven online by Direct Mail 17 days 23% There are a myriad of statistics relating to Direct Mail. We bring some of them here to you in this infographic to support the fact that investment in Direct Mail is a wise business decision and is well backed by supporting statistical information. £3.22 ROI for every £1 spent on Direct Mail £3.12 ROI for every £1 spent onLINE 14% Charities spend a higher proportion on direct mail, £239M of £394M 61% addressed direct mail, accounted for 26% of ALL revenue in the Business Mail sector during 2014 Clean data offers increased ROI opportunity - UK Companies waste £18M each year mailing deceased people. If investments were made in clean data then even more ROI could be achieved 26% 87% were influenced to make an online purchase 86% connected with a business 54% engaged with social media OF MAIL IS OPENED 43% downloaded Company related information 12% increase in project ROI WHEN USING DIRECT MAIL 92% of recipients prefer their Direct Mail to be personalised A report from the Royal Mail suggested that 83% of people surveyed preferred to receive Direct Mail than e-mail. Contrary to opinion people actually like to receive mail! WHICH CAMPAIGN DO CUSTOMERS TAKE MORE SERIOUSLY? DIRECT MAIL EMAIL 98% OF OF PEOPLE Admitted to taking action from a Direct Mail 48% of people felt that Direct Mail keeps brands in their mind. High levels of brain activity were recorded when opening Direct Mail 60% 63% 18% WHICH CAMPAIGN GIVES THE BEST IMPRESSION OF A COMPANY? Responders said they valued something more if they could both see and touch it rather than only being able to see it in neurological testing Direct Mail beat e-Mail on 3 categories tested: DIRECT MAIL EMAIL DIRECT MAIL LONG TERM MEMORY EMOTIONAL INTENSITY BRAIN ENGAGEMENT EMAIL DIRECT MAIL EMAIL DIRECT MAIL EMAIL 55% 25% WHICH CAMPAIGN MAKES CUSTOMERS FEEL MOST VALUED? DIRECT MAIL EMAIL 57% 17%