User Journey


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User Journey

  1. 1. Entrance  Sources  to  the  Wizard   Is   Ac&va&on  in   ac&va&on   Y   Welcome  to   progress   completed   wizard   page*   within  1   (Entrance)   minute?   STEP  1   N   You  must  be  an   Your  SIM  ac&va&on  is  taking  longer   Ac&ve   N   ac&ve  SIM  user   Ac&va&on   SIM   than  expected.  We  will  send  you  an   Login   to  access   success  email*   Ac3va3on   email  once  your  SIM  is  ac&ve.   user?   Wizard   STEP  0.1   STEP  0.2.   Y   Welcome  to   My  giffgaff   wizard   (Entrance)   STEP  1  *  Ac&va&on  in  progress  page  will  be  the  new  ac&va&on  success  page,  *  Ac&va&on  success  email  main  CTA  will  be  the  Wizard.  
  2. 2. The  Wizard  –  Unlock   Your  phone  is  unlocked,   Con&nue  to  set-­‐up   internet  seOngs…   YES   STEP  2.2   S&ck  SIM  in   your   Welcome  to  Wizard   S&ck  the  SIM  in  your  phone   phone...   (Entrance)   Con&nue   Seeing  sign   YES   coverage?   (unlock)   STEP  1   STEP  1.1   NO   STEP  2.0   You  may  be  in   a  bad   If  you  are  s&ll  not  seeing   coverage   sign,  it  may  be  than  your   area  /  restart   NO   phone  is  locked…   your  phone…   See  sign?   STEP  2.3   STEP  2.1  Users  who  have  seen  STEP  2.0.  and  not  STEP  2.2  will  be  flagged  as  a  user  who  has  not  managed  to  unlock  their  handset.  
  3. 3. The  Wizard  –  Se@ngs   You  are  all  set-­‐up  for   giffgaff…     Con&nue  to  handy   numbers   Follow   YES   STEP  3.4   instruc&ons.   Can  you   access  the   Internet?   NO   YES   STEP  3.1   YES   Now,  you’ve   got  coverage.   Did  you  get  an   Worth  trying   SMS?     manually.   If  this  is  the  case   please  explain  your   Can  you   NO   access   problem  in  the   NO   community   internet?   STEP  3.0   STEP  3.5   STEP  3.3   We  are  about   to  send…   Send  seOngs   We  don’t   to  2020.  What   have  info…   did  you  get   back?   STEP  3.2  Users  who  have  seen  STEP  3.0.  and  not  STEP  3.4  will  be  flagged  as  a  user  who  has  not  managed  to  set-­‐up  internet  on  giffgaff.    
  4. 4. The  Wizard  –  Important  numbers   Here  go  a  few   numbers  you  may   My  giffgaff   want  to  be  aware  of   Got  to  my  giffgaff.   STEP  4.0