Use Call and Location Extensions to Maximize Conversions - SMX West 2014 - John A. Lee


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Learn how to leverage call extensions and location extensions in Google AdWords and Bing Ads to maximize conversion opportunities. Includes case studies!

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Use Call and Location Extensions to Maximize Conversions - SMX West 2014 - John A. Lee

  1. 1. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Maximize Conversion Potential with Ad Extensions! P R E S E N T E D B Y J O H N A . L E E MA N A G I N G PA RT N E R – C L I X MA R K E T I N G S MX W E S T – MA R C H 1 2 , 2 0 1 4
  2. 2. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Dominate the SERPs MAXIMIZE CONVERSION POTENTIAL WITH AD EXTENSIONS!
  3. 3. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Super Size Your Ads Say goodbye to wimpy, 4 line text ads and hello to super-sized ads! ◦ Ad Extensions expand your text ad and command more real estate in the SERPs. ◦ Provide calls-to-action, location, reviews, images and more. Available in Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Call Extensions Sitelinks Review Extensions Location Extensions Image Extensions Offer Extensions Communication Extensions ◦ Google is ending beta. …and More!
  4. 4. @john_a_lee #smx #22b
  5. 5. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Call Extensions MAXIMIZE CONVERSION POTENTIAL WITH AD EXTENSIONS!
  6. 6. @john_a_lee #smx #22b What is a Call Extension? Phone number published with your text ad. Applicable to Google, Bing or Yahoo! search results. Click-to-call for mobile devices. Forwarding number available to track manually dialed calls. Unlike other ad extensions, phone number displays even when ranked below position 3.
  7. 7. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Setting Up Call Extensions GOOGLE ADWORDS BING ADS
  8. 8. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Call Extensions in the Wild Google AdWords: Desktop
  9. 9. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Call Extensions in the Wild Google AdWords: Mobile
  10. 10. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Call Extensions in the Wild Bing Ads: Desktop (with some Skype action!)
  11. 11. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Call Extensions in the Wild Bing Ads: Mobile
  12. 12. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Mind the Settings, Please Forwarding Number or Your Own Number? ◦ Forwarding number allows you to track calls from desktops and tablets. ◦ Google AdWords ◦ At ad group level: minimum of 20 clicks over 4 week period for forwarding number to display. ◦ Otherwise, your “root” destination phone number will show and NOT be tracked. Show Links? ◦ Only want phone calls? Choose “just the phone number.” Report Phone Call Conversions? ◦ Choose to count calls as conversions in reports based on call length. ◦ This is the default setting! You’ve been warned…
  13. 13. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Reporting on Call Extensions GOOGLE ADWORDS Dimensions Tab > Call Details Segment > Click Type (mobile click- to-call): ◦ Campaign, Ad Group, Ad and Keyword (click-to-call only) Levels Add Columns: ◦ Phone Impressions, Phone Calls Phone Conversions BING ADS Dimensions Tab > Call Details Reports > Call Details Add Columns: ◦ Phone Impressions, Manual Calls, Click Calls ◦ Campaign, Ad Group Levels Only
  14. 14. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Location Extensions MAXIMIZE CONVERSION POTENTIAL WITH AD EXTENSIONS!
  15. 15. @john_a_lee #smx #22b What is a Location Extension? Location Extensions attach your business address and phone number to your text ad. When Call Extensions and Location Extensions exist in the same campaign: ◦ Click-to-call and/or call forwarding number settings will affect the phone number associated with your Location Extension.
  16. 16. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Setting up Location Extensions GOOGLE ADWORDS BING ADS
  17. 17. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Location Extensions in the Wild GOOGLE ADWORDS BING ADS
  18. 18. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Want 100% Coverage for PPC Call Tracking? Install a 3rd party call tracking service! ◦ See data for *ALL* Call Extension and Location Extension calls regardless of ad group click levels. ◦ More importantly: See phone calls from your website & landing pages.
  19. 19. @john_a_lee #smx #22b
  20. 20. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Case Study 1 Call Extension tracking numbers don’t provide 100% coverage. Use of 3rd party call tracking provides data for *all* calls resulting from Call Extension. An average of 22% more calls occurred than were recorded by the Call Extension. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Call Extension Tracking Number Coverage Call Extensions Recorded Actual Calls (Mongoose Metrics)
  21. 21. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Case Study 2 Call Extensions can negatively impact online conversion rates and cost-per-acquisition. It is important to look at the net effect of online conversion combined with increased phone call volume. This client saw form lead conversion rate drop 7%. When the Call Extension calls are included, TOTAL conversion rate increased 5%. 8.20% 8.40% 8.60% 8.80% 9.00% 9.20% 9.40% 9.60% 9.80% 10.00% 10.20% FORM LEAD CONVERSION RATE TOTAL CONVERSION RATE Before & After Implementing Call Extensions 12/27/13 - 01/23/14 01/24/14-02/21/14
  22. 22. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Case Study 3 This client’s primary conversion action is a phone call. • Only 19% of total conversions occur online. Entered beta test of Bing Ads Call Extensions in October 2013. Overall calls saw a 6.7% lift per month with the addition of Bing Ads Call Extensions. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Impact of Adding Bing Ads Call Extensions Bing Call Extensions % Lift in Calls
  23. 23. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Case Study 4 This client operates women’s health centers. Appointments come from walk-ins, phone calls and online appointment requests. Before January 2012, they did not utilize Call Extensions or Location Extensions. The combination of these extensions increased total conversions 345% and reduced cost-per-acquisition by 75% (against only 10% lift in ad spend). 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 OCT-DEC 2011 JAN-MARCH 2012 Impact of Location Extensions & Call Extensions Mobile Click-to-Call Manually Dialed Calls Location Extension 'Get Direction' Online Conversions Total Conversions (Call+Online) Time Period Total Conversions (Call+Online) Total CPA Ad Spend Oct-Dec 2011 400 $ 34.18 $ 13,671.00 Jan-March 2012 1779 $ 8.45 $ 15,026.00
  24. 24. @john_a_lee #smx #22b Thank You! Have Questions? @john_a_lee