John A. Lee - ClickZ Live NYC - PPC Enhanced Campaigns and PLA to Shopping Campaign Transition


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John A. Lee - ClickZ Live NYC - PPC Enhanced Campaigns and PLA to Shopping Campaign Transition

  1. 1. Mastering the PPC Challenge: Enhanced Campaigns, AdWords & PLA’s What You Might Have Missed and What’s Next John A. Lee Managing Partner – Clix Marketing
  2. 2. Who Am I? John A. Lee Managing Partner – Clix Marketing PPC, Display and Social Advertising Blogger Speaker
  3. 3. Enhanced Campaigns! Enhanced Campaigns and the Evolving Google AdWords Ecosystem @john_a_lee #clzny via
  4. 4. PLAs & Shopping Campaigns! Remember that Evolving Ecosystem Thing? Let’s Chat About PLAs and the Transition to Shopping Campaigns @john_a_lee #clzny via
  5. 5. Enhanced Campaigns Timeline February 2013: Google Announces Enhanced Campaigns April 2013: Google PM Paul Feng Gets Accosted at #HeroConf July 2013: Forced Migration April 2014: We’re All Crying a Little Bit Less at Night @john_a_lee #clzny
  6. 6. Enhanced Campaigns History • Bye, bye device segmentation! • Mobile, geographic & ad schedule bid adjustments. • Mobile preferred ads. • Flexible bid strategies. • Upgraded Call Extensions and Sitelinks. What Changed in Google AdWords? @john_a_lee #clzny
  7. 7. Fear Leads to Anger, Anger Leads to Hate, Hate Leads to Suffering… @john_a_lee #clzny
  8. 8. Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. …Taking the Good with the Bad Since 2013 What You Might Have Missed @john_a_lee #clzny
  9. 9. The Shift in Mobile Targeting • Mobile, tablet & desktop targeting consolidated into a single campaign. • Loss of isolated bids for tablets and desktops. • Mobile given a bid modifier. @john_a_lee #clzny
  10. 10. The Shift in Mobile Targeting • Mobile preferred ads. • Use to test mobile ad copy. • Mobile preferred Call Extensions and Sitelinks. • ValueTrack “ifmobile” parameter for mobile landing pages. @john_a_lee #clzny
  11. 11. Impact of the Mobile Shift? • In summary, not as bad as we all feared. • Companies with large sets of data like iProspect and Wordstream report improvement in CTR and workflow; reduction in CPC. • Data via Larry Kim of Wordstream • Source: data-suggests-adwords-enhanced- campaigns-actually-work-173315 @john_a_lee #clzny
  12. 12. Bid Adjustments FTW! Geographic Bid Adjustment Ad Schedule Bid Adjustment @john_a_lee #clzny
  13. 13. Bid Adjustments and Optimization Strategy • PPC managers are encouraged to rethink their campaign structure and targeting strategy. • Granularity in geotargeting and ad schedule pay off with more control over bid and performance. • Combined with AdWords Scripts, can be a powerful tool. The Silver Lining of the Enhanced Campaign Bid Adjustments?
  14. 14. Bing Ads Parody • Despite maintaining device segmentation... • Microsoft created complete parody between AdWords Enhanced campaigns and Bing Ads. • Mobile bid adjustments & preferred ads. • Ad schedule bid adjustments. • Geographic bid adjustments. • Maintain a small piece of your sanity. @john_a_lee #clzny
  15. 15. Flexible Bid Strategies • Customizable bid automation? Yes, please. • More options. Key point: flexible. • Set different bid strategies at the ad group and keyword level. • e.g. keyword a – manual CPC, keyword b – Target CPA @john_a_lee #clzny
  16. 16. Flexible Bid Strategies • Enhanced CPC • Existed before Enhanced Campaigns. • Bid is adjusted up to +/- 20% based on the likelihood of conversion. • Maximize Clicks • Formerly known as Budget Optimizer. • Target Search Page Location • Bid to position (ish). • Target CPA • Formerly known as Conversion Optimizer. • Target Return on Ad Spend. • Can’t leave e-commerce advertisers out, can we? Flex Your PPC Skillz @john_a_lee #clzny
  17. 17. Flexible Bids in AdWords Editor Want to Manage Flexible Bid Strategies in AdWords Editor? Nope. Better Luck Next Time! This campaign employs Max CPC and Target CPA (which doesn’t have a Max CPC) at the keyword level. Can’t edit either one. @john_a_lee #clzny
  18. 18. PLAs & Shopping Campaigns. …Welcome to Enhanced Campaigns v2.0 What’s Next for Product Listing Ads @john_a_lee #clzny
  19. 19. PLA & Shopping Campaigns Timeline October 2012: Announced That Google Shopping Would Become AdWords Product Listing Ads November-December 2012: E-Commerce Managers Complained. A Lot All of 2013: E-Commerce Managers Got Used to PLAs – Even Liked Them October 2013: Google Announces a New Campaign Type for PLAs – Shopping Campaigns March 2014: Microsoft Announces (finally) That PLA Campaigns are Live in Bing Ads @john_a_lee #clzny
  20. 20. Bing Ads PLAs They Really Do Exist! • Set up Bing Merchant Center. • Import Google product feed. • Set up your store. • Create product targets. • Boom, baby!
  21. 21. What’s the Difference Between PLAs and Shopping Campaigns? • PLAs: all product feed review is done in merchant center. • Products targeted via Auto Targets in AdWords. • Performance analysis done in 3rd party tools or only as good as Auto Target segmentation. • Shopping Campaigns: product feed review is done in AdWords. • Organize inventory into product groups. Streamlines feed-to-targeting process. • Leverage AdWords labels. • Conduct performance analysis at product level. • Gain access to competitive data to influence bid and targeting strategy. • PLA bid simulator FTW! @john_a_lee #clzny
  22. 22. Google Shopping Campaigns Quick Segmentation Based on Product Feed @john_a_lee #clzny
  23. 23. Google Shopping Campaigns Product & Category Level Performance Analysis @john_a_lee #clzny
  24. 24. Google Shopping Campaigns Competitive Analysis @john_a_lee #clzny
  25. 25. Google Shopping Campaigns Product Listing Ads Bid Simulator @john_a_lee #clzny
  26. 26. Google Shopping Campaigns • Legacy PLA campaigns will be lost in transition to Shopping Campaigns. • Initial backlash over lack of ad group structure and control. • Announcement/release last week erased these concerns. • • Complete shift in e-commerce PLA management strategy. Potential Concerns @john_a_lee #clzny
  27. 27. Shopping Campaigns: Is This “Enhanced Campaigns v2.0?” • Rumor mill has been active, but today it was confirmed. • Legacy PLA campaigns will be forced to migrate (“automatically upgraded”) by August 2014. • @john_a_lee #clzny
  28. 28. THANK YOU! • Have questions? • Twitter: @john_a_lee • Email: • Web: @john_a_lee #clzny