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John A. Lee - The Case for Bing Ads PLA - HeroConf 2015

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John A. Lee - The Case for Bing Ads PLA - HeroConf 2015

  1. 1. John A. Lee | @john_a_lee Managing Partner | Clix Marketing So, You’re Telling Me You Still Ignore Bing Product Listing Ads? Time for a Check Up From the Neck Up
  2. 2. @john_a_lee #heroconf Who the Heck Is This Guy? Managing Partner – Clix Marketing Digital Advertising Geek ◦ Emphasis on “Geek” Prior Sentences Served: ◦ Hanapin Marketing ◦ Wordstream Writer: ◦ Search Engine Watch, ClickZ, Clix Marketing Blog, The SEM Post, Acquisio Blog, PPC Hero Speaker: ◦ SMX, SMX Social, SES / ClickZ Live, HeroConf, State of Search
  3. 3. @john_a_lee #heroconf Forced Participation Time! #cruelandunusual
  4. 4. @john_a_lee #heroconf
  5. 5. @john_a_lee #heroconf The Argument MAKING THE CASE FOR BING PRODUCT LISTING ADS
  6. 6. @john_a_lee #heroconf But, There Just Isn’t Enough Volume… March 2015 ◦ Bing (Microsoft only) passed 20% market share. ◦ Bing and Yahoo! (Search Alliance) passed 30% market share. April 2015 ◦ Bing and Yahoo! announce changes to the Search Alliance. ◦ Impact? Unknown, but likely minimal. The Rest of 2015 ◦ Bing is teeing up for a big year of potential search volume growth. ◦ Windows 10 will be a free upgrade and introduces deep integration with Bing (and therefore Bing Ads). ◦ New avenues for SERP and ad syndication – TBA.
  7. 7. @john_a_lee #heroconf If 30% Market Share Doesn’t Sway You
  8. 8. @john_a_lee #heroconf The Product Feed MAKING THE CASE FOR BING PRODUCT LISTING ADS
  9. 9. @john_a_lee #heroconf What Does My Product Feed Get Me? Product Ads (PLA) Rich Captions on Organic Listings (unique to Bing Ads)
  10. 10. @john_a_lee #heroconf Bing Merchant Center Bing’s version of Google Merchant Center. Requires Bing Webmaster Tools site verification. Choices: ◦ Product ads? ◦ Rich captions? ◦ Block aggregators? ◦ Are you the only one selling from your domain? Block aggregators. Save and wait for approval.
  11. 11. @john_a_lee #heroconf Create a Catalog Where does your product feed live and how will you share it with Bing Merchant Center? ◦ API management? ◦ Manual upload? ◦ FTP? ◦ Automatic download from URL?
  12. 12. @john_a_lee #heroconf Feed Format Required Attributes ◦ ID or MPID ◦ Title ◦ Brand ◦ Product URL ◦ Price ◦ Description ◦ Image URL ◦ Seller Name (only if you allow aggregators) (Highly) Suggested Attributes ◦ MPN ◦ UPC ◦ ISBN ◦ SKU ◦ GTIN ◦ Availability ◦ Condition ◦ Product Type/Merchant Category ◦ Bing Category ◦ Bingads_label ◦ Bingads_grouping ◦ Bingads_redirect Feed parameters in orange can be used as targets when creating Product Extensions and Product Targets.
  13. 13. @john_a_lee #heroconf Where Will Your Feed Come From? Product Feed Service or e-Commerce Platform Elbow Grease ◦ Download feed from Google Merchant Center. ◦ Add URL tags to track Bing Ads PLA performance. ◦ Adjust feed parameters to match Bing Merchant Center requirements. ◦ Upload manually or via FTP. ◦ …and yes. Been there, done that.
  14. 14. @john_a_lee #heroconf Approval Times New feeds can take up to 3 days to go live. Updated product details or new products can take up to 36 hours to go live. Price and availability updates can take up to 2 hours to go live. Your feed expires after 30 days. If your feed is expired, your product ads WILL NOT DISPLAY.
  15. 15. @john_a_lee #heroconf The PLA Campaign MAKING THE CASE FOR BING PRODUCT LISTING ADS
  16. 16. @john_a_lee #heroconf Creating Campaigns: Web UI Set up via the web UI acts as a safeguard so you don’t forget any details.
  17. 17. @john_a_lee #heroconf Creating Campaigns: Desktop Editor So. Many. Steps. Rare instance where the web UI wins out. However… ◦ When working in bulk, creating a large number of ad groups and product targets is simplified with the desktop editor.
  18. 18. @john_a_lee #heroconf Promotional Copy Improve your CTR now. Free shipping! Do This!!!! Or else your PLA ad will look like this!
  19. 19. @john_a_lee #heroconf You Need Both – I Promise PRODUCT EXTENSION PRODUCT TARGET Product Extension informs your ad group of which set of products to make available for targeting. Product Target is the biddable selection from your product feed. Brand, product, category, SKU, etc.
  20. 20. @john_a_lee #heroconf Bing PLA Reports
  21. 21. @john_a_lee #heroconf Product Offer Reports Product (“offer”) Level Reporting.
  22. 22. @john_a_lee #heroconf Product Target Report Data Based on Your PLA Campaign Targeting Parameters (what you bid on).
  23. 23. @john_a_lee #heroconf Other Considerations DEVICE Bing’s PLA ads do serve on mobile devices. Take advantage of the Unified Device Targeting bid modifiers. ◦ Mobile ◦ Increase up to 300% ◦ Decrease up to 100% ◦ Tablet ◦ Increase up to 300% ◦ Decrease up to 20% NETWORK Bing Ads has 2 network options: ◦ Bing and Yahoo! Search Only ◦ Bing Syndicated Partner Network PLA ads can be served on both. ◦ If you run on Syndicated Partner Network – do your home work and run placement reports!
  24. 24. @john_a_lee #heroconf Syndicated Partner Network is Great But Only If You Do Your Job
  25. 25. @john_a_lee #heroconf Take More Than Just a Blanket Home With You! Link to Bing Ads PLA Check List:
  26. 26. @john_a_lee #heroconf The Big News MAKING THE CASE FOR BING PRODUCT LISTING ADS
  27. 27. @john_a_lee #heroconf Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) OVERVIEW Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) are a new and improved way for advertisers to create and manage their product ads campaigns in Bing Ads. Allows customers to import Google Shopping campaigns and use the GSC feed format. In beta and will be available soon to a limited set of users. Broad launch is set for later this year. BENEFITS Bing Shopping Campaigns allow for greater advertiser control in campaign settings and enhanced targeting. Google Parity.
  28. 28. @john_a_lee #heroconf Look Familiar?
  29. 29. @john_a_lee #heroconf Changes to Feed Attributes Product Ads Feeds (current) ◦ ID ◦ Brand ◦ Condition ◦ Product type ◦ SKU ◦ Bing Ads group ◦ Bing Ads label Filter by up to 7 at the Extension Level Filter by up to 3 per Product Target Bing Shopping Feed (new) ◦ ID ◦ Brand ◦ Condition ◦ Product type ◦ Bing Category ◦ Custom Label 0 ◦ Custom Label 1 ◦ Custom Label 2 ◦ Custom Label 3 ◦ Custom Label 4 Filter by up to 7 at the Extension Level Filter by up to 7 Hierarchy Levels
  30. 30. @john_a_lee #heroconf Bing Shopping Campaigns – Beta vs. Later Initial Beta: Greater control with enhanced settings: Manage your campaigns with these new settings Campaign Priority: Set your campaign priority to give a specific, timely campaign preference despite bid amounts Only One Ad within an Ad Group: Use a single Promotional text for each Ad Group Product Groups replace Product Targets: A streamlined hierarchal structure organizes automatic product groups so each group has a unique set of offers. New feed elements: New custom labels + Category and merchant defined Product Type Hierarchical use of Google Category and Product Type feed attributes: This new functionality allows for targeting on individual offer values/attributes. Coming Soon: More actionable information: Get real-time feedback of your offers that match automatic product targets. No Separate Extension: Merchant account info is part of your Bing Shopping Campaign, easily managed in a settings tab Enhancements to Inline Reporting: Performance metrics will be associated with the item/product, not the auto target. Benchmark CTR, CPC & Impressions Data: Advertisers will be able impression share, or the number of impressions the ad received, as well as the estimated number of impressions the ad was eligible to receive – in the SOV report and inline in the UI Bid Simulator Tool: Allows advertisers to estimate the clicks, costs, and impressions ads would have received if you had used a different maximum CPC bid for a product group.
  31. 31. @john_a_lee #heroconf Thank You! Have Questions? Find me at #HeroConf and let’s talk! @john_a_lee