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Advanced Twitter Ads Strategies - HeroConf London

Learn about the latest and greatest features from Twitter Ads and how you can put them into action for your own campaigns.

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Advanced Twitter Ads Strategies - HeroConf London

  1. 1. How Advanced Twitter Ads Strategies Could Help You Win the Game of Thrones
  2. 2. Managing Partner – Clix Marketing Digital Advertising Geek Emphasis on “Geek” Writer: Search Engine Watch, ClickZ, Clix Marketing Blog, The SEM Post, Acquisio Blog, PPC Hero Speaker: SMX, SMX Social, SES / ClickZ Live, HeroConf, State of Search, Acquisio User Summit, Bing Ads Connect
  3. 3. OK, John… Twitter Ads and GoT?!?!?
  4. 4. Campaign Management Because we all can’t afford to have a Hand around.
  5. 5. Ads Editor Bulk spreadsheet management. Excel. Import/Export. Manage campaigns; audit funding sources, conversion tags and tailored audiences.
  6. 6. 3rd PartyTools Ad Groups FTW!
  7. 7. 3rd Party Tools
  8. 8. TargetingI mean, we are targeting people here ammiright?
  9. 9. Long Standing Twitter Ads Targeting Location, Gender, Language Device, Mobile Carrier Keywords (with match types!) - matches to content of tweets, profiles, etc. Interests Followers - reach users with similar interests to followers of targeted users
  10. 10. Retargeting Retargeting lives in Twitter as a Tailored Audience “from the web.” No “universal pixel” yet. Separate pixel for each audience.
  11. 11. Tailored (custom) Audiences Uses for Tailored Audiences Target directly Exclude Create lookalike (similar) audience These audiences are based On Email Phone Mobile app users Mobile advertising IDs And…
  12. 12. TailoredAudiencesBasedonTwitter@Handles Thank the gods – the old and new.
  13. 13. TV Targeting Target Twitter users before, after or during television programs. Target specific shows, networks or genres.
  14. 14. Behavior Targeting Targeting based on big data. High level of detail for online and offline behaviors. Purchase habits. Financial status. Media choices. Lifestyles. BONUS: Exclude behavior targets, too!
  15. 15. Event Targeting
  16. 16. BiddingBe the master of coin.
  17. 17. Campaign Objective Objective determines how you bid: Per click Per lead Per install Per video view Etc. Objective determines how your data is reported in performance stats. Nearly identical to Facebook Ads Objectives.
  18. 18. Automatic vs. Maximum Bids Maximum Bids You tell Twitter how much are willing to pay for each click, lead, video view, app install, etc. Automatic Bids Twitter will dynamically adjust your bids
  19. 19. AdsGet their attention. With dragons.
  20. 20. Promoted Tweets – Tried and True Plain text copy. Can include links, hashtags, @handles and images/video separate from Cards. Note: If hashtags, @handles and images/video are include – they can be clicked and you will be charged.
  21. 21. TwitterCardsRULE Pun Intended Data courtesy of Eloqua & Twitter study:
  22. 22. Lead Gen Cards 800x200 image Custom copy and call-to-action button. User clicks button and agrees to pass their name, email and Twitter user handle to you. Connect data directly with your CRM or email marketing platform.
  23. 23. Website Cards 800x320 image Custom copy and call-to-action button. Why are Website Cards important? Rich media in normal promoted tweets can be clicked and cost you money without getting visits to your website. Website Cards provide the rich media, but deliver the click directly to your website.
  24. 24. App Cards Promote your mobile app with deep links to iOS and Android app stores. Comes in 3 Flavors Basic – text and link only. Image – image, text and link. Video – video, text and link.
  25. 25. Video Promote video content in a streamlined format in the Twitter newsfeed. Videos are hosted by Twitter and provide one-tap viewing and a better user experience.
  26. 26. Strategy Because smart is always sexy.
  27. 27. Target What’s Happening NOW As PPC advertisers, we have been instilled with the notion of “be relevant.” Twitter Ads allows you to advertise to your audience based on events in real time. Event Targeting, TV Targeting Trending Topics, Hashtags
  28. 28. Deep Segmentation for Retargeting Audience Creation The Short Version Create granular targeting segments. Clearly define audience with UTM tags. Serve ads to this audience with Twitter Ads. Create audience rules based on UTM tags. Most retargeting platforms allow URL-based audience rules. Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook, The Trade Desk, etc. Serve laser-focused ads to this audience across search, display and social retargeting to close the conversion loop. HUGE Hat Tip to aimClear:
  29. 29. Top of Funnel Lead Generation Lead Generation Cards are awesome. Did I already make that point? Until Facebook Lead Ads, Twitter was the bees-knees for First Name, Last Name, Email TOFU lead generation. Consider Twitter Ads as a premier channel for starting the conversation with your potential customers.
  30. 30. What’s Next? Creepy 3-eyed birds, that’s what.
  31. 31. E-CommerceFeatures Kaching! Partnership w/ Stripe Brings Payment Processing to Twitter Feed More info here:
  32. 32. Extended Lead Forms Did you really expect Facebook NOT to one-up the Twitters?
  33. 33. My Hope? That You Leave With More Confidence Than This…
  34. 34. Thank You! Questions? @john_a_lee