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Mps cemp-final

  1. 1.   Rooty Hill Regional Distribution Centre (RDC)     CONSTRUCTION ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN   Final (Version 0) September 2011
  2. 2. Conte 1  Intro 1.1  1.2  1.3  1.4  1.5  1.6  2  Proj 2.1  2.2  2.3  3  CEM 3.1  3.2  3.3  3.4  4  Env 4.1  4.2  4.3  5  Env 5.1  5.2  5.3  5.4  5.5  5.6  5.7  5.8  6  Mon 36  6.1  6.2  6.3  6.4  6.5  nts oduction CEMP P CEMP O Prepara Project Overview Integrat ject Descr Project Constru Plant an MP Inputs Statutor Legislat Approva Complia ironmenta Constru Consult Roles an ironmenta Overview Environ Constru Complia Procure Commu Training Incident nitoring, In Environ Environ Environ Environ Plan con Purpose an Objectives tion of this Environme w Project E ion with ot ription and Overview uction Work nd Equipme ry Requirem tion als, Permits ance Stand al Manage uction Envi tation and A nd Respon al Issues a w mental Asp uction Envi ance Manag ement Proc nication an g awarenes t and Emer nspection, mental Mo mental Ins mental Au mental No ntrol and R Rooty H d Scope s CEMP and ental Policy Environme ther Projec d Initiative ks and Stag ent ments s, Licences dards and G ement Deli ronmental Approval R nsibilities and Contr pects and ronmental gement cesses nd Consult ss and com rgency Plan , Auditing onitoring spections dits n-Complia Records Ma Hill Regional Di Sinclai d Issue Sp y ental Asses ct Plans and es ging s Guidelines ivery Managem Requiremen rols Impacts Objectives tation mpetence nning, Prep , Environm nce anagement istribution Cen r Knight Merz | Con pecific Plan ssment and d Procedur ent System nts s and Targ paredness mental Pe t ntre nstruction Environm ns d Approval res m ets and Respo rformance mental Managemen 1  1  1  2  2  2  3  5  5  9  11  12  12  16  16  16  17  17  20  22  26  26  26  28  29  29  29  32  onse 35  e and Rep 36  37  38  39  39  nt Plan i porting
  3. 3. 7  Rev 7.1  7.2  Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix     iew and Im Environ Continu x A  Envir x B  Holci x C  Envir x D  Envir x E  Envir x F  Sens x G  Envir x H  Envir x I  Enviro x J  Envir x K  Exam x L  Emer x M  Envi x N  Com x O  Envir x P  Exam mproveme mental Ma al Improve ronmenta im Enviro ronmenta ronmenta ronmental itive Area ronmenta ronmenta onmental ronmental mple Envir rgency Co ronmenta pliance Tr ronmenta mple Inqui Rooty H ent of the nagement ement l Control P nmental P l Legal Re l Aspects, l Objective as Diagram l Training l Monitori Inspectio Auditing ronmental ontacts al Incident racking Re l Action R ries Form Hill Regional Di Sinclai CEMP Review Plans for Policy egister , Impacts es and Ta ms (SADs) Program ng Progra n Program Program l Site Insp Report Fo egister Register m and Com istribution Cen r Knight Merz | Con Non-Key I and Risk argets ) am m pection Ch orms mplaints Re ntre nstruction Environm Issues register hecklist egister mental Managemen 41  41  41            nt Plan ii
  4. 4. Docum Revision Initial Draft Final Draft Final Draft V Final Draft V Final Draft V Final Draft V Final V0   Distrib Revision Initial Draft Final Draft Final Draft V Final Draft V Final Draft V Final Draft V Final V0   Printed: Last saved: File name: Author: Project man Name of org Name of pro Name of doc Document v Project num   ment h Date issued 22/03/11 2/06/11 V1 20/06/11 V2 29/06/11 V3 09/09/11 V4 26/09/11 2809/11 bution Copy no Via ema Via ema V1 Via ema V2 Via ema V3 Via ema V4 Via ema Via Ema nager: ganisation: oject: cument: version: mber: istory Review 1 L Monte J Ball 1 R Savag 1 L Monte 1 L Monte 1 L Monte L Monte of cop o ail ail ail ail ail ail ail/Post 29 Septemb 28 Septemb skmconsu RDCConst Lisa Monte Claire O’Ke Holcim Rooty Hill R Constructio Final Versio EN02782.4 Rooty H and sta ed by App esin L Mo J Ba ge L Mo esin L Mo esin L Mo esin L Mo esin L Mo pies Quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ber 2011 ber 2011 05:10 ulting.comSYDP truction Environ sin/ Alice Busby eefe / Lisa Mont Regional Distrib on Environment on 0 400 Hill Regional Di Sinclai atus proved by ontesin all ontesin ontesin ontesin ontesin ontesin Is R R D Is D D D 0 PM ProjectsENVR nmental Manage y-Smith tesin ution Centre Management P istribution Cen r Knight Merz | Con Date approved 22/03/11 16/06/11 21/06/11 21/06/11 09/09/11 09/09/11 2809/11 ssued to R Savage and D R Savage and D DoPI for review ssued for tender DoPI DoPI DoPI / R Savage ProjectsEN028 ement PlansCE Plan ntre nstruction Environm d Revision ty For initial re For final rev DoPI for rev Issued for T Address Do Address Do DoPI Appro Elliot Elliot r e 872TechnicalR EMPEN02782.4 mental Managemen ype eview view view Tender oPI comments oPI comments oved Rooty Hill 400_Constuctio nt Plan iii n
  5. 5. Glossa Term CDMP CEMP CNMP CMS CRM CTMP CSWMP CVMP CWMP DSEWPaC DoPI DTI EA EAR ECP EMS EO EP&A Act EPBC Act EPL ESCP ER EWP JSEA MCoA NOW NPWS OEH POEO Act SADs SoCs The Projec TSC Act ary Defin Cons Cons Cons Cons Com Cons Cons Cons Cons C Depa NSW Depa Envir Envir Envir Envir Envir Envir Com Envir Eros Envir Envir Job S Minis NSW Natio Office t Prote Sens State ct The p Threa nition struction Dus struction Env struction Nois struction Met munity Relat struction Traf struction Soil struction Veg struction Was artment of Su W Departmen artment of Tr ronmental As ronmental As ronmental Co ronmental M ronmental Of ronmental Pl monwealth E ronment Prot ion and Sedi ronmental Re ronmental W Safety and E ster’s Conditi W Office Of W onal Parks an e of Environm ection of the sitive Area D ement of Com proposed Ro atened Spec Rooty H st Manageme vironmental M se Managem thod Stateme tions Manage ffic Managem and Water M getation Man ste Managem ustainability, t of Planning rade and Inve ssessment ssessment R ontrol Plan anagementS fficer lanning and A Environment tection Licen imentation C epresentative Work Procedu Environmenta ions of Appro Water nd Wildlife S ment and He Environmen iagrams mmitments ooty Hill Reg cies Conserv Hill Regional Di Sinclai ent Plan Management ment Plan ent er ment Plan Managemen agement Pla ment Plan Environmen g and Infrastr estment Report System Assessment t Protection a nce Control Plan e ures al Analysis oval ervices eritage (prev nt Operations ional Distribu vation Act 19 istribution Cen r Knight Merz | Con t Plan t Plan an nt, Water, Po ructure t Act 1979 and Biodivers iously DECC s Act 1997 ution Centre 995 ntre nstruction Environm pulation and sity Conserva CW) mental Managemen d Communitie vation Act 199 nt Plan iv es 99
  6. 6. 1 Intr 1.1 C This Constru environmen Rooty Hill R The primary manage and used as a w Assessment the final Mi to all staff ( The CEMP c 14001 – 200 of EMP’s (D to reflect ne The followin for construc “With the a monitoring  program is  prepared an Approval fo the Directo Stage 2 wor detail on th the Directo The CEMP,  key issues a Project.   1.2 C The objectiv Min All e des The Hol roducti EMP Purpo uction Enviro ntal controls  Regional Dist y purpose of d control env working docu t Report (EAR nister’s Cond including co contains core 04. This CEM Department o ew processe ng MCoA allo ction of the P approval of th program req required bef nd submitted or the progre r‐General in  rks. The CEM e proposed  r‐General of  including the and procedur EMP Objec ves of this CE nimise impac environment sign and cons e project env cim’s EMS.  on ose and Sc onmental M  required du ribution Cen f the CEMP is vironmental  ment to ens R), Submissio ditions of Ap ntractors) an e Environme MP has been  of Planning a s, controls a ows for the p Project:  he Director‐G quired by this fore carrying d in relation  essive submis August 2011 MP will be rev staging of co the DoPI pri e issue speci res will be ap ctives EMP are that cts on the en tal requirem struction are vironmental  Rooty H cope anagement P uring site pre tre Project ( s to provide a aspects of t ure that obli ons Report, M pproval (MCo nd implemen ntal Manage developed to and Infrastru nd procedur progressive s General, the  s approval o  out the proj to either disc ssion of man 1 and accord vised at a lat onstruction a ior to the co fic environm pplicable to a t:  nvironment. ments contain e clearly defi managemen Hill Regional Di Sincla Plan (CEMP) eparation and the Project). a framework he Project d igations and  Modification oA) and othe nted effectiv ement System o satisfy the  cture (DoPI) res.  submission o Proponent m on a progress ject, or any s crete compo nagement pla dingly the firs ter date to ad activities. To  mmenceme mental manag all staff and ned in statut ned and mec nt system is e istribution Cen air Knight Merz | C  has been pr d constructio .  k reference d uring the con commitmen n Report, fina er licences, p ely as an int m (EMS) elem requiremen  2004). The C of managem may prepare  sive basis. W stage of proje onents of the  ans and/or m st submissio ddress Stage satisfy MCo nt of any wo gement plan contractors  ory approva chanisms for established t ntre onstruction Environ repared to do on works ass document to nstruction ph nts provided  al Statement permits and a egral part of ments and fo ts of the Gui CEMP will be ent plans an and submit  Where a mana ect, the plan project or fo monitoring pr n of the CEM e 3 works. Se A 5.2 this CE orks on site.   ns, environm during the co ls and other  r implementa hat meets an nment Managemen ocument the sociated with o guide how  hase. The CE in the Enviro t of Commitm approvals are f project con ollows the pr idelines for t e reviewed w d/or monito any manage agement pla ns/programs  or a specified rograms was MP will addre ection 2.2 pro EMP will be a ental contro onstruction  legal contro ation identif nd the requi nt Plan 1 e actions and h the propos Holcim will  EMP will be  onmental  ments (SoC), e made know struction.   rinciples of IS the Preparati when necessa oring program ement plan o n or monitor may be  d time period s granted by  ess Stage 1 a ovides furthe approved by  ol plans for n phase of the ols relevant t fied.  rements of  d  sed    wn  SO  ion  ary  ms  or  ring  d.”  nd  er  on‐ e  o 
  7. 7. Pro Pro def Oth Project env Appendix E 1.3 Pr All environm been consid Environmen This CEMP d managemen Holcim’s ex with the Do authorities  subsequent The require are discusse In accordan the project  1.4 Pr Holcim’s En revised and 1.5 O The Project  was subseq Report (EAR 2005) for th the final pro impact miti (SoC). The S Further to t operational Environmen Consultants benefits inc ocesses for re ocesses for au ined.  her objective ironmental o E. These are b reparation mental mana dered and ad nt (SHE) Man draws on the nt of multipl pectations a oPI will be un and stakeho t revisions of ements for co ed in Section nce with MCo website.  roject Envi nvironmental d approved th verview Pr  was assesse uently appro R) and Subm his assessme oject approv gation and m SoC formed t the 2006 app l, capital and ntal Assessm s (October 20 cluding impro esourcing an uditing, mon es identified w objectives an based on env of this CE agement req ddressed in p nagement Sy e extensive k e and varied and requirem ndertaken fo olders will be f this CEMP.  onsultation w n 4.2.  oA 4.1, the C ironmental l Policy is inc hroughout th roject Envi ed under Par oved by the  issions Repo nt process. T val dated 5 D management the basis for  proval, Holcim d environmen ment (EA) for  010). The EA ovements to Rooty H d implement nitoring and r within enviro nd targets ha vironmental  MP and Iss uirements in preparing thi ystem.  knowledge H d projects in  ments, and ad r the develo e undertaken with these ag CEMP and ass l Policy cluded as Ap he Project if  ronmental rt 5 of the En Minister for  ort was prepa The project a ecember 200 t requiremen the MCoA.  m reviewed t ntal benefits these minor A noted modi  the visual a Hill Regional Di Sinclai ting this plan reporting on onmental do ave been dev aspects, imp sue Specifi ncluding tho is CEMP, as h Holcim has ac a range of lo dequately ad pment of th n, where req gencies and  sociated issu pendix A. Th needed.  Assessme nvironment P Planning on ared by Natio approval was 06. The EA a nts for the Pr the plans for s in modifyin r modificatio ifications are menity of th istribution Cen r Knight Merz | Con n are set to p n performanc ocuments are veloped and  pacts and ris ic Plans se stipulated have require cquired from ocations. This ddress risks a is CEMP. Fur uired, for the incorporatio ue specific m his policy has ent and Ap Planning and  26 April 200 onal Environ s referred to and Submissi roject and pr r the Rooty H g the approv ons was prod e expected to he facility and ntre nstruction Environm provide certa ce and effect e met.  are describe k as identifie d in the envir ments of Ho m successful e s CEMP has b and stakehol rther consult e issue speci on of require anagement  s been forma proval d Assessment 06. An Enviro nmental Cons  the Land an ons Report i rovide a Stat Hill RDC and  ved Rooty Hi uced by Um o result in so d a reduction mental Managemen ainty of deliv tiveness of th ed in Section ed in Append ronmental d olcim’s Safety environment been design lder concern tation with o ific plans and ements wher plans will be ally approved t Act 1979 (E onmental As sulting Servi nd Environme identify envi tement of Co identified a  ill RDC layou welt Environ ome environ n in noise an nt Plan 2 very.  he CEMP are n 5.3 and  dix D.  ocuments ha y Health and tal  ed to addres s. Consultati other  d for  e appropriat e available on d and will be P&A Act) an sessment  ces (October ent Court wi ronmental  ommitments number of  t. An  nmental  mental  nd air quality  e  ave  d  ss  ion  te,  n  e  d  r  th  s   
  8. 8. impacts of t and Infrastr 1.6 In This CEMP f overarching as a whole.  the Project.   ructure on 23 ntegration w forms part o g framework The set of m The modific 3 February 2 with other f an integrat k document i management Rooty H ation to the  2011.  Project Pla ted set of ma s the Project  plans is illus Hill Regional Di Sinclai approved pr ans and Pro anagement p t Manageme strated in the istribution Cen r Knight Merz | Con roject was ap ocedures plans develo ent Plan whic e manageme ntre nstruction Environm pproved by t ped for all ke ch outlines h ent plan stru mental Managemen the Minister  ey areas of t how the struc ucture in Figu nt Plan 3 for Planning he project. T cture functio ure 1‐1. g  The  ons 
  9. 9. Figuure 1‐1Proposed Project Managem Rooty Hill R ment Plan Structu Regional Distribution ure n Centre Sinclair Knight MMerz | Construction Environnmental Management Plan 4  
  10. 10. 2 2.1 Th Go the ma agg a v ma de Th the An the Ra On ha Sp lay Reg qua labo Rai unlo On- Bin Proje 1 Proje e Rooty Hill  overnment A e Sydney Bas arket. The co gregates and variety of oth aterials throu pleted and t e site is 15 h e East, the O ngus Creek, a e Site Localit ilway) and ro nce operation ndling up to  ecific elemen yout plan.  Table 2‐1E Aspe gional office b arry and concr oratory il siding with a oading facility -ground Conc s and Load ou ect Des ect Overvie Regional Dis Area (LGA) wi sin, blend th onstruction m d natural/ma her uses in th ugh the Penr the facility w hectares and  OneSteel Min a tributary of ty Plan). The  oad (M7 Mo nal, the Root four (4) mill nts of the Pr Elements of t ect building and rete testing aggregate y crete Storage ut facility scriptio ew stribution Ce ill allow Holc e materials t materials rec anufactured  he civil and c rith Lakes De will wind dow is bound by  ni Mill and ot f the Eastern site was cho torway).   ty Hill RDC w ion tonnes p roject are de the Rooty Hi A four (4) laboratory Parking w Rail siding (3) rail trac Line. Und sidings wi with a cap located ap The Proje chosen as The storag with a cap approxima Load out f loading po conveyor Rooty Hill R on and ntre (RDC) lo cim to receiv to meet cust ceived will in sand, typica construction  evelopment C n to closure  the Main W her industria  Creek, flow osen due to t will operate 2 per annum o scribed in Ta ll RDC  storey admini y will be constr will be provides gs 1,100 metre cks running pa der this option ll cater for two pacity of 77.5 t pproximately in ct has approv s the preferred ge area will co pacity of 2,500 ately 60,000to facilities will co oints. Loads w and diverter c Regional Distri Sincla Initiati ocated at Ke ve constructio tomer specif clude single  lly used for t industries. H Corporation  by early to m Western Railw al developm s through th the unique a 24 hours a da of product.  able 2‐1 belo istrative office ructed on an e s for 189 cars. es in length w arallel to and o rail sidings w o (2) trains at a tonnes of qua n the middle o val to handle u d option based onsist of two (2 0tonnes. The t onnes. These b onsist of two ( would be transf chute. Materia bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co ives llogg Road, R on material  ications and  size crushed the manufac Holcim curre (PLDC), how mid 2014.  way Line to th ents to the w e southern p ccess opport ay, seven (7) ow and Figur Descriptio plus parking a existing car pa ill be construc on the norther ill commence any one time, rry product pe of the 1,100 m p to four (4) m d on the ability 2) rows of 12 otal storage c bins will stand (2) truck loadin ferred from th l would be tran onstruction Environ Rooty Hill wit by rail from q distribute th d aggregate,  ture of conc ntly supplies wever the res he south, the west and ind portion of th tunities that days a week e 2‐2 provid on and a single s ark area on the cted. These sid rn side of the M to the east of each with app er wagon. The etre rail siding million tonnes p y to achieve th on-ground con apacity of the d approximatel ng stations, ea e main storag nsferred to a t nment Managemen thin the Blac quarries loca hese by road blended cru crete and asp s the bulk of source at thi e Nurragingy ustrial land t he site (Refer t include rail  k and will be es the assoc storey materia e adjacent Hu dings will com Main Western the M7 under proximately 36 unloading fac g. per annum. O his handling ca ncrete storage area is to be ly 23 metres h ach containing ge bins to a loa truck via a tele t Plan 5 cktown Loca ated outside d to the Sydn shed  phalt as well  these  s site is near y Reserve to  to the North r Figure 2‐1 f (Main Weste  capable of  ciated site  ls testing mes site. mprise of three n Railway rpass. These 6 wagons, cility will be Option 1 was apacity. e bins, each high. g two (2) truck ading bin via a escopic chute. l   of  ney  as  rly  .  for  ern  k a . 
  11. 11. Rad Ble Con unlo stor Wo truc refu par Con Brid   Aspe dial stacker nding plant/pu nveyor system oading station rage and truck orkshop, stores ck wash down uelling, weighb rking ncrete batchin dge over Angu ect ug mill (future) m, linking the n to the k facilities s, site offices, , truck bridges and ng plant us Creek The radial unloaded main stora of a loadin stockpiled have a ca )  The blend of 400tonn storage si The conve station to t and enclo storage bi The works used for m house the activities. an additio The truck refuelling f bowsers a The concr silos (23 m parking fo and office A road/con Rooty Hill R stacker is con and returned age system, o ng malfunction and sprayed pacity of 7,500 ing plant/pug nes per hour. los via an enc eyor system in the storage bi sed on three s ns the materia shop and store maintenance ta site managem Amenities, lun nal building. wash bay will facility will hav and an oil store rete batching p metres tall) an r agitators, ho and amenity f nveyor bridge Regional Distri Sinclair ntingency mec to the rail syst r if materials a n, quarry prod with water as 0 tonnes. mill will mix ro Cement or lim closed convey ncludes a serie ins. The conve sides, and all al will be depo es building wil asks and to st ment team, we nch room, trai be located to ve a 100,000 e. There will b plant will have d will store 12 olding bins, ag facilities. to link the no bution Centre r Knight Merz | Con Descriptio chanism and w tem if there is at the unloadin uct will be dive s a dust suppre oad base with me would be tr or system. es of conveyo eyors outside transfer points osited in the cl ll include office tore spare par eighbridge ope ning room and o the north of t litre capacity a be parking for e a capacity of 20 tonnes of p ggregate stora rthern and sou struction Environm on will be used to a malfunction ng station are erted to the ra ession measu cement or lim ansferred from rs to move ma of buildings o s will be locate osed top facili e space for ma ts and chemic erators and co d transport are he concrete b and would incl 38 trucks.  f 200,000m 3 a roduct. This fa ge bins, wash uthern section mental Managemen o allow trains t n with the ope contaminated adial stacker w re. The radial me and water a m 100 tonne c aterial from th r tunnels will b ed in buildings ity by a shuttle aintenance st cals. An office omputer syste ea office will b batching plant. lude two (2) re and would con acility will also hout pits, truck ns of the site. t Plan 6 to be ration of the d. In the case where it will be stacker will at a capacity capacity e unloading be covered s. At the e conveyor. aff and will be building will em controlling be housed in The truck efuelling sist of four (4) o include k wash bays e e )
  12. 12. PLAN TITLE PROJECT TITLE PROJECT REF LOCALITY LEGEND DATA SOURCE MAP SCALE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ROOTY HILL DOONSIDE Blacktown Olympic Centre Nurragingy Reserve One Steel Mini Mill HOLCIM REGIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTRE Rooty Hill Station EASTERN ROAD WOODSTOCK AVENUE MAIN EASTERN RAILWAY LINE Colebee Centre KNOXROAD M7MOTORWAY Aquilina Reserve Rooty Hill Town Centre KELLOGG ROAD ANG U SCRE EK !(9 !(8 !(7 !(6 !(5 !(4 !(3 !(2 !(1 !(14 !(13 !(13 !(12 !(11 !(10 FIGURE 2.1: SITE LOCALITY PLAN GCS GDA 1994 | MGA Zone 56 UTM Rooty Hill - Regional Distribution Centre HOLCIM ° 0 200 Metres 1:6,500 ! ! Site boundary Site layout Creek line Indicative noise wall SKM does not warrant that this document is definitive nor free of error and does not accept liability for any loss caused or arising from reliance upon information provided herein. A3 Sydney Spatial Team - Prepared by : JC Checked by : JH I:ENVRProjectsEN02872TechnicalGISSpatial_DirectoryArcGIS EN02872_001.mxd SYDNEY 2 1 Site main entrance 2 Car parking 3 Office buildings and workshops 4 Weigh bridge and office 5 Truck parking and driver amenities 6 Truck refuelling station 7 On-ground concrete storage bins 8 Blending plant/pugmill 9 Aggregate stockpiles 10 Concrete batching plant (future) 11 Unloading conveyor and Angus Creek bridge 12 Rail unloader 13 Proposed rail track sidings 14 Regional office building and materials testing laboratory
  13. 13. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! HOLCIM REGIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTRE Blacktown Olympic Centre Nurragingy Reserve One Steel Mini Mill WOODSTOCK AVENUE Aquilina Reserve KELLOGG ROAD ANGUS C R E EK M 7 M OTORW AY !(9 !(8 !(7 !(6 !(5 !(4 !(3 !(2 !(1 !(14 !(13 !(13 !(12 !(11 !(10 FIGURE 2.2: SITE LAYOUT PLAN GCS GDA 1994 | MGA Zone 56 UTM Rooty Hill - Regional Distribution Centre HOLCIM ° 0 120 Metres 1:5,500 ! ! Site boundary Site layout Creek line Indicative noise wall Sinclair Knight Merz does not warrant that this document is definitive nor free of error and does not accept liability for any loss caused or arising from reliance upon information provided herein. A4 I:ENVRProjectsEN02872TechnicalGISSpatial_DirectoryArcGISEN02872_003.mxd Sydney Spatial Team - Prepared by : JC Checked by : JH SYDNEY 1 Site main entrance 2 Car parking 3 Office buildings and workshops 4 Weigh bridge and office 5 Truck parking and driver amenities 6 Truck refuelling station 7 On-ground concrete storage bins 8 Blending plant/pugmill 9 Aggregate stockpiles 10 Concrete batching plant (future) 11 Unloading conveyor and Angus Creek bridge 12 Rail unloader 13 Proposed rail track sidings 14 Regional office building and materials testing laboratory
  14. 14.   2.2 2.2 Co in S Ta on Stage 1a 1b 2 2.2 Ta Stage Stage Prepa Cree North Zone Stage (Angu Corrid South 2 Cons 2.1 Stag nstruction o September 2 ble 2‐2 below ly and is sub Table 2‐2  e Site Prepar Corridor, No Zone) Early Works Northern an Constructio (Angus Cre Southern Zo 2.2 Desc ble 2‐3 prov Table 2‐3  e e 1a: Site aration (Angu k Corridor, hern and Sout e) e 1b: Early W us Creek dor, Northern hern Zone) struction W ging and Tim of the Project 2011.   w provides t bject to chan Project Stag Description ation (Angus C orthern and So s (Angus Cree nd Southern Z on: Remainder eek Corridor, N one) cription of P ides further  Description  Descr us hern Works and Works and ming t is expected he proposed ge pending t ging  Creek outhern ek Corridor, Zone) r of Works Northern and Proposed St details on th of the Proje ription Surveys Fencing (p Drilling/test Minor clear Ecological be impacte Establishm offices, me phone , wa Identificatio (if required Drainage w basins and Topsoil stri of EEC’s i Vegetation Earthworks access ont Noise mitig north) Rooty Hill R Staging d to take app d staging of c the outcome 1 2 3 4 taging he proposed  ct Staging  erimeter and v t excavations ring and grubb Communities ed) ment of site fac ess rooms, par ater and any w on of existing s ) works (includin d installation of ipping and sto n the develop Management s for construct to the Angus C gation measur Regional Distri Sincla proximately t construction e of the deta 4 5 6 7 8 staging of co vegetation) bing (except w (EEC) or thre cilities (includin rking, sanitary workshops) services and r ng the constru f erosion and ockpiling (inclu ment footprint t Plan) tion of the nort Creek Bridge res (i.e. constr bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co two (2) years  works for th iled design a Mo 8 9 10 1 onstruction w where Endang eatened flora a ng access roa y facilities, first relocation of t ction of sedim sediment fenc uding clearing t as specified thern noise wa ruction of nois onstruction Environ s, with works he Project. T and construct onth 11 12 13 1 works for the ered and fauna will ads, site t aid, power, hese services mentation cing) and grubbing in the all and for the e walls in the nment Managemen s anticipated his staging is ction plannin 14 15 16 e Project.  Estimated Duration s August 20 approxima weeks   e August 20 approxima months   t Plan 9 d to commen s indicative  g process.   17 18 19- 2 d Start date / 011 for ately 3 to 4 011 for ately 3 to 4 nce  24
  15. 15. Stage Stage (Angu Corrid South Stage (Nort Office Zone  Bl clo It s 2.2 the • • • e e 2: Construct us Creek dor, Northern hern Zone) e 3: Construct hern Zone an e and Laborat e) acktown Cou osed Holcim w should be no 2 of this CEM e October 20 As indicate office facili include the Stage 2 wo materials h half the on 2.2 – 2.4M time into t 4Mtpa will being desig facilities w Figure 1.3  November  between F parking wa Descr tion and tion nd tory uncil has ele will purchase oted that the MP appears d 010 Environm ed in Table 2 ity at a later  ese elements orks for the R handling faci n ground con tpa which is he future. Th  be built wh gned in a wa ith minimal  in the Octob  2005 EAR st igure 2.1 an as shown on  ription Constructio Bulk earth Completion Constructio Noise mitig south) Constructio connecting Constructio comprising Constructio facility for q Constructio Constructio to the stora Constructio down, truck system, an Connection communica Installation upgrades i Constructio laboratory Constructio Constructio cted to close e the land oc e current site different to th mental Asses .3 of the CEM date as part s prior to wo Rooty Hill RD lities. Two o ncrete storag  sufficient to he additiona en the mark ay that allow disruption to ber 2010 EAR tates that pa d Figure 2.2  Figure 1.3. T Rooty Hill R on of road and works in the N n of bulk earth on of site drain gation measur on of the rail s g into the exist on of a single g two bins on of on-groun quarry materia on of the radia on of the conv age and truck on of the work k refuelling, w nd site paving n to services in ations of traffic light n the vicinity o on of a Region along with a c on of the Blend on of a concre e North Para ccupied by N e layout spec hose approv ssment Repo MP, Holcim p t of Stage 3 w orks commen DC will involv f the three a ge bins. The i o meet the fo l facilities to et demand j s constructio o the operat R does not sh arking will be in this repor The truck par Regional Distri Sincla d conveyor bri Northern Zone hworks nage system res (i.e. constr siding (includin ting RailCorp R rail aggregate nd concrete st als al stacker veyor system l facilities kshop, stores, weighbridges, p ncluding sewe ts on Kellogg R of the Project nal Office Buil car park ding Plant/Pug ete batching pl de which run North Parade cifically for St ved in the Ma ort (EAR)) du propose to co works. Hence ncing.  ve the constr approved rai nfrastructur orecast dem o increase the ustifies the i on of the add ion of the sit how any truc e provided on rt and Figure rking area sh bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co dge over Ang e ruction of nois ng signalling s Railway syste e unloading fac torage and the inking the unlo site offices, tr parking, dust c er, water, elec Road and loca site ding and conc g Mill lant and amen ns parallel to e.  tages 1a, 1b, arch 2011 co e to the follo onstruct the e, Figure 2.1 uction of the l sidings, one re planned fo and upon co e capacity of ncrease in si ditional sidin te.  ck parking on n site for 50  e 1.3 in the O hown on Figu onstruction Environ us Creek e walls in the ystem) m cility, e load out oading station ruck wash control tricity and al road crete testing nities building o the Main W , and 2, show onsent modif owing reason  concrete ba and Figure 2 e first stage o e of the two  or Stage 2 wi ommissioning f the site to t ite capacity.  g, un‐loader n the site wh road deliver October 2010 ure 2.1 and F nment Managemen Estimated Duration n January 2 approxima months Holcim ha immediate commenc constructi Western Railw wn in Figure  fication (refe ns:  atch plant an 2.2 will be up of the rail sid train un‐loa ill provide a c g of the site  the maximum The Stage 2  r, and mater hile Section 5 ry trucks. The 0 EAR is that  Figure 2.2 wa t Plan 10 d Start date / 2012 for ately 18 ave no e plans to e Stage 3 on works way Line.  On 2.1 and Figu er figure 1.3  nd the region pdated to  ding and  ders, and  capacity of  and for som m approved  works are  ials storage  5.4.3 of the  e difference  no truck  as left vacan nce  ure  in  nal  e  t 
  16. 16. • In  co ap wit CE 2.3 Th pla in Figure1. report is co The materi October 20 business.  summary, th nstruction of proved. The  th minimal d MP are gene 3 Plan e types of pl ant and equi Utility  Excava Truck a Dozers Grader Hand a Chippe Concre Cranes Piling r Backho Genera Scrape 3. Conseque onsistent wit ials handling 010 EAR but  he difference f the facilitie design of th disruption to erally in acco nt and Equi ant that will pment may  detector  ator (s)  and Dog  s (D6‐D9)  r  and power to er/ Mulcher/ ete Agitator  s  rig  oe  ator/compre ers  ently Holcim  th the Projec g facilities, th not on Figur e in the appe es. The initial he initial facil  the operatio ordance with pment  be used dur be used on a ools   /Stump Grind essor  Rooty Hill R believes the ct Approval. he road truck re 2.1 and Fig earance of th l facilities to  ities will be s on of the site h the Project  ring Stage 1a an as needs b der  Regional Distri Sincla e truck parkin k workshop a gure 2.2 of t he two figure be built will  such that th e. As such th Approval.  a/1b and 2 a basis.  bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co ng indicated  and road truc this CEMP wi es is related t provided a s e additional  he works sho re listed belo onstruction Environ in Figure 2.1 ck wash show ill be built wh to the capac site capacity  capacity can wn on Figure ow. This list i nment Managemen 1 and Figure  wn on figure hen required city and stagi y within the m n be built at a e 2.1 and Fig is not exhau t Plan 11 2.2 in this  e 1.3 of the  d by the  ng of  maximum  a later date  gure 2.2 in th stive and oth his  her 
  17. 17. 3 3.1 Th Pro en 3.1 Th pre Th req tim Th wit Ta MC 1.8 2.3 2.3 2.2 5.2 CEMP 1 Statu ere are a nu oject Contrac vironmental 1.1 Minis e Minister’s  eparation an e Complianc quirement is ming (i.e. pre e complianc th a referenc ble 3‐1 MCo CoA Re 8 Wi ma ba the rel 37 Sh co De so res 38 All im wit req Bu 28A Th the a) tha b) Nu c) EA d) 2 Th Pla du P Input utory Requ mber of stat ct will specif  requiremen ster’s Condi Conditions o nd constructi ce Tracking R s addressed i ‐constructio e obligations ce to where  oA Obligation equirement ith the approv anagement pla asis. Where a m e project, or an ation to either hould any Abo nstruction wor epartment of E on as practica spect to the tre chemicals, fu pervious floor thin the bund. quirements of unding and Sp he Proponent s e Statement o ensure that b an six months include monit urragingy Rese not include th AR) as a monit make provisio he Proponent s an to outline e ring the site p ts uirements tutory inputs fy where the nts. The follo ditions of Ap of Approval ( ion and phas Register (refe n this plan a on, construct s set out in t they are add ns for the Co al of the Direc an or monitori management ny stage of pr r discrete com original relics b rk in the vicini Environment a able. The Prop eatment, man uels and oils s ring and suffic The bund(s) s the DECCW’s pill Manageme shall monitor a of Commitmen aseline data Is before comm toring of water erve; e site sampled toring site, bu on for monitor shall prepare a environmental preparation an Rooty Hill R s to the Proje Design and  owing section proval (MCoA) spec ses.  er Appendix  nd related d ion, operatio he MCoA tha dressed.  onstruction E ctor-General, t ng program re plan or monito oject, the plan mponents of the be uncovered d ty of the relic s nd Conservat ponent shall m agement and/ hall be stored ient capacity t shall be desig s Environmen nt. aquatic ecolog ts, and shall e s collected, in mencement of c r quality and a d on Eastern C t use at least t ing in relation and implemen management d construction Regional Distri Sincla ect that are t Construct (D ns take into a cify a numbe N) tabulates documents. T on), respons at this CEMP Environment the Proponent equired by this oring program ns/programs m e project or fo during any of shall cease an tion and the Lo meet the requir /or preservatio in appropriate to contain 110 gned and insta tal Protection gy In Angus an expand this mo cluding comm construction a aquatic ecolog Creak ("E01" two other loca to wet and dr nt a Construct t practices and n activities dur bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co the responsi D&C) Contrac account this  r of measure s all MCoA re The register  ibility, comp P addresses a tal Managem t may prepare s approval on m is required be may be prepar or a specified t the constructi nd the Propon ocal Aborigina rements of the on of any such ely bunded ar 0% of the large alled in accord Manual Tech nd Eastern Cr onitoring prog mencement of and the use of y at four locat - In Technical ations; and ry periods. ion Environme d procedures t ring each stag onstruction Environ bility of Holc ctor is respo allocation of es for implem equirements  records the c liance status are indicated ment Plan  and submit a a progressive efore carrying red and submi ime period. on activities, a nent shall cont al Land Counc e DECCW with h relic. eas, with est container s ance the nical Bulletin reeks as outlin ram to: sampling not control sites; ions within Report 4 of th ental Managem to be followed e of the projec nment Managemen cim to imple nsible for co f responsibil mentation du s and where e compliance  s (i.e. open, c d in Table 3‐1 Doc Refe any e g out itted in Sect all tact cil as h App stored App ned In less he Sect App ment d ct. This t Plan 12 ment. The  ompliance wi ity.  uring site  each  requirement closed) etc.   1, together  ument erence tion1.1 endix A.3 endix A.5 tion 6.1 endix H Document ith  t,   
  18. 18. MC 3.1 Th co req Th ref Ta So 7.5 9 10. 10. CoA Re Th En be a) b) su we De c) 1.2 State e Statement nstruction an quirements a e complianc ference to w ble 3‐2 SoC f C Re 5 In Cr Mo Wa Vis Ma Du to ce if n .1 Pr En .2 Th pro (a) (b) (c) (d) equirement he Plan shall b nvironmental M e limited to: the Managem the environme pporting inform ell as the final epartment on 1 complaints ha ement of Co t of Commitm nd operation and where e e obligations where they ar for the Envir equirement addition the fo reek corridor: onitoring to be ater quality mo sual site asses acroinvertebra uring the cons be informed. ase until it is a necessary. ior to commen nvironmental M he EMP will ide oposed ROC s ) Angus Creek ) Southern Zo ) Northern Zon ) Office and La be consistent w Management P ment Plans liste ental manage mation submit Statement of 17 March 200 andling proced ommitments ments (SoC) s n phases. The ach requirem s set out in t re addressed ronmental M ollowing meas e undertaken w onitoring ever ssment of hab ate monitoring truction phase In the event th assessed for s ncement of co Management P entify mitigatio site: k Corridor Zon ne; ne; aboratory Zon Rooty Hill R with the Depar Plans (DIPNR ed under cond ment and miti tted to the Dep Commitments 6; and dures during c s specify a num e Complianc ment is addr he SoC that  d.  Management sures shall be would include: y quarter; bitat condition would be und e if any Aborig hat a site or re significance an onstruction of t Plan (EMP) an on and manag ne; ne. Regional Distri Sincla rtment’s Guide R 2004) and sh dition 5.3 of th gation measu partment (as r s submitted by construction. mber of mea ce Tracking R essed in this this CEMP a t Plan  undertaken to : and aquatic v dertaken in sp ginal sites or re elic is found th nd an appropr the proposed nd submit this gement of imp bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co eline for the P hall include, bu his approval; ures outlined in referenced in c y the Propone asures for im Register (refe s plan and re ddresses are o protect the e vegetation (qu ring and autum elics are unco en work in the riate managem ROC Readym plan to DOP acts in the foll onstruction Environ Preparation of ut not necessa n the EAR and condition 1.1), nt to the mplementatio er Appendix  lated docum e indicated in environment of arterly); mn vered the NSW e area of such ment strategy mix will prepare for approval. owing zones w nment Managemen Doc Refe arily CSM CNM CTM CDM d , as CSM CNM CTM CDM App Sect on during site N) tabulates ments.  n Table 3‐2, t f the Angus W NPWS is h a find will is devised e a within the t Plan 13 ument erence MP MP MP MP MP MP MP MP  endix AECP tion 5.6.2 e preparatio s all SoC  together wit Document Reference Section 6.1 Appendix H Appendix A This Plan CSMP CNMP CTMP CDMP  CWMP  Appendix A ECP on,  th a  .3
  19. 19. So 10. 10. 10. 10. 15. 15. 15. C Re .3 Th pro • A • N • W • V • W • T • F • C • S • C .4 Th mo • L • A • W • A • N • T .5 Re wh • T • E • U • S • R • R • S .6 Th im .1 Th ac an mo EP .2 Th en ph .3 Co equirement he EMP will ad oposed RDC: Air Quality; Noise; Water; Visual Amenity Waste; Traffic; Flora and Faun Cultural Herita Site Security; Community Co he EMP will inc onitoring of the Local Meteoro Angus Creek C Water Quality; Air Quality; Noise; Traffic. eadymix will pr hich will focus The EMP; Environment P Understanding Specific Enviro Readymix Safe Reporting and Site environme he RDC Site M plementing th he Site Manag cordance with d relevant sta onitoring requi PL and Condit he monitoring r vironmental m ysical, social omponents of ddress the follo y; na; ge; onsultation and clude a compr e following: logical Condit Corridor Aquat repare and im on the followi Protection legis g Due Diligenc onmental Impa ety Health Env recording env ental managem Manager or his e EMP. er will be resp h the requirem andards. Imple irements whic ions of approv requirements monitoring prog and economic the monitoring Rooty Hill R owing specific d Complaint M rehensive env ions; tic Ecology; mplement an E ng matters: slation; ce; acts of constru vironmental Po vironmental in ment s/her nominee ponsible for en ments specified ementation of t ch are to be re val. identified in th gramme, to en c environment g programme Regional Distri Sincla c issues for bo Management. vironmental mo nvironmental uction and ope olicy; cidents; shall be resp nsuring that an d by the site E the Site EMP eported to the he EAR are to nsure that the ts. shall include: bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co oth constructio onitoring prog Due Diligence eration of the R onsible for ny monitoring Environment P will be the ba relevant agen be incorporat project has m onstruction Environ on and operatio ram which wil e Training Pro RDC; carried out is rotection Licen sis for complia cies as requir ted into the minimal impact nment Managemen on of the ll include ogram done so in nce (EPL) ance with red by the t on the t Plan 14 Document Reference CDMP CNMP CSWMP ECP for Visu Amenity (Ref Appendix A CWMP CTMP VMP ECP for Cult Heritage (Re Appendix A ECP for Gen Site Issues (Refer Appendix A CCS CSMP CNMP CTMP Summary provided as Appendix H Section 0 Section 4.3 Section 6.1 Appendix H Section 6.1 Appendix H Section 6.1 ual fer ) ural efer ) neral )
  20. 20. So 3.1 A r the Gre de En 3.1 C Re • L da co es • A qu im wo • W as Te ma ba • A inc • N ac • T de co the 1.3 Com referral unde e Departmen evilleajunipe termined to  vironment, W 1.4 Envir The ap numbe from th Enviro prepar Respon Road, R Modifi Propos prepar Respon Centre equirement Local Meteoro aily air tempera ntinuous wind tablished mon Angus Creek ality, habitat a plemented ov ould occur if ne Water Quality a result of sit emperature, C aintenance of asis (All sampl Air Quality - M clude installati Noise - Monito oustic consult Traffic - All tra elivery and raw ncrete agitato e Site Manage mmonwealth er the Comm nt of Sustain erina subsp. j not be a ‘co Water, Popu ronmental A pproved Envi er of measur he following nmental Ass red by Nation nse to Issues Rooty Hill, R cation Appli sed Minor M red by Umwe nse to Subm e (RDC), Root ological Cond ature, solar ra d speed and d nitoring station Corridor - Aq and vegetation ver the constru ecessary; y - Monitoring o e operations. onductivity, Tu diversion drai es will be ana Monitoring to m on of dust gau oring would be tant would con affic entering th w materials tru ors to the Conc er. Approval monwealth En ability, Envir juniperina, C ontrolled acti lation and C Assessmen ronmental A res to be imp g documents essment Rep nal Environm s Raised in Su inker Austra cation 05_00 Modification t elt Environm issions Repo ty Hill, NSW,  Rooty Hill R ditions - Mete diation, daylig irection. This i ns; quatic Ecology n conditions, a uction and reha of water qualit Parameters to urbidity, Total ns, basins and lysed at a NA meet DECCW uges during co e conducted to nduct the mon he site would cks to the wei crete Batching nvironment P ronment, Wa Cumberland P ion’.  Hence, ommunities  t and Relat Assessment R plemented du :  port (EAR), P mental Consu ubmissions t lia Pty Ltd.  051 Mod 1, a to the Holcim mental Consu ort – For Prop dated 9 Dec Regional Distri Sincla eorological con ght hours, daily information is y, water quality and fauna mon abilitation pha ty would be un o be monitore Nitrogen and d sediment tra ATA registered requirements onstruction an o meet DECCW nitoring; and be directed to ighbridge, staf g Plant. Any tr Protection an ater, Populat Plain Woodl  approval is  for the Proj ted Docume Report (EAR) uring design Proposed Reg ulting Service to the EAR fo accompanied m Regional D ltants.  posed Minor cember 2010 bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co nditions to be y rainfall, daily currently ava y, flora and fa nitoring progra ases. Reviews ndertaken to e d include pH, Total Phosph aps would be laboratory); s. This would nd as required W requiremen o the appropria ff and visitors raffic incidents nd Biodiversi tion and Com and and imp not required ect.  ents ) and subseq and constru gional Distrib es.  or Proposed  d by the Env Distribution C r Modificatio 0.  onstruction Environ monitored wo y evaporation ilable from loc una. Monitorin ams would be s and improvem ensure no con Dissolved Oxy horus. Inspecti undertaken on for operation; nts. A suitably ate area for ex to the car par s would be rep ity Conservat mmunities. T pacts to Latha d from the M uent modific uction phases bution Centr Regional Dist ironmental A Centre (RDC), on to Holcim  nment Managemen ould include and cal ng of water ments ntamination xygen, ion and n a regular ; qualified xample rk and ported to tion Act 199 The removal  ams Snipe w Minister for S cation docum s. This includ re, Rooty Hill tribution Ce Assessment f , Rooty Hill,  Regional Dis t Plan 15 Document Reference Appendix H 9 was made  of  were  ustainability ment specify des measure , October 20 ntre, Kellogg for the  October 201 stribution  to  y,  y a  s  005  g  10 
  21. 21. 3.2 A c Ap pro the 3.3 Th pe ap 3.4 Co ma acc Me   2 Legi comprehens ppendix C. Th oject and me e Project. If t 3 Appr roughout th rmits and lic provals man License Project Compl The En require CTR.  4 Com mpliance sta anagement p count in the  ethod Statem slation ive register o he register p echanisms fo this occurs it rovals, Per e site prepar censes and w nagement pro es, permits a t, and the m iance Trackin nvironmenta ed authority  mpliance St andards, pol plan and/or e preparation ments (CMS) of environme rovides key  or complianc t will be nece rmits, Licen ration and co will be the ho ocess involve and approval anagement o ng Register ( l Representa approvals a tandards an icies and gui environment  of the CEMP  and proced Rooty Hill R ental legislat requirement e. Changes m essary for Ap nces onstruction p olders of thos es:  ls as required of the specif CTR) (refer A ative (ER) wil re obtained  nd Guidelin delines relev tal control pl P and will be ures.   Regional Distri Sincla tion and regu ts of relevan may occur to ppendix C to  phase, Holcim se licenses, p d will be pro fic conditions Appendix N) l be respons and reviewe nes vant to the P lan. The requ e considered bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co ulations rele t legislation  o some existi be reviewed m may be re permits or ap ogressively ob s of each app ).  sible for man ed in accorda Project are d uirements of  during the p onstruction Environ vant to Root and regulati ng legislatio d and amend equired to ob pprovals.  Th btained and  proval will be aging this pr ance with the etailed in the f these stand preparation o nment Managemen ty Hill RDC is on, relevanc on prior to co ded as appro btain further he licenses, p updated du e via through rocess, ensu e frequency  e respective  dards have b of any Const t Plan 16  attached as ce to the  ompletion of  opriate.   approvals,  permits and  ring the  h the  ring all the  noted in the issue specif been taken in truction  s  f e  ic  nto 
  22. 22. 4 4.1 Th of  Co do ma ma   Envir 1 Cons e Constructi ISO 14001‐ 2 nstruction E cuments (i.e anagement s anagement d Figure 4‐1 ronmen struction E on Environm 2004 and to  MS comprise e. issue speci specification documentati  Environmen ntal Ma Environmen mental Mana be consisten es the overa ific environm s. The constr on will be m ntal manage Rooty Hill R anagem ntal Manag gement Syst nt with the G rching CEMP mental manag ruction EMS  maintained.  ement frame Regional Distri Sincla ment D gement Sys tem (EMS) ha Guidelines for P (this docum gement plan is presented ework    bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co elivery stem as been desi r the Prepara ment), as we ns) providing d in Figure 4‐ onstruction Environ y gned to com ation of an E ll as a numbe  more detail ‐1. A register nment Managemen mply with the EMP (DoP 20 er of suppor led environm r of environm   t Plan 17 e requiremen 04). The  rting  mental  mental  nts 
  23. 23. 4.1 Th co an co for Th req pro Th 4.1 De Pro en im rel Th 4‐1 sub a V En cu Th As  Off co Co 2.2 Iss Ap Co 1.1 Cons e CEMP is th nstruction p d Holcim’s sy nstruction p r approval by e CEMP is a  quired, chan ocedures and e CEMP has  Guidel ISO 14 ISO 19 1.2 Issue etailed, issue oject. They d vironmental plementatio ation to eac e MCoA defi 1 notes whic bmitted for a Vegetation M vironmental ltural heritag ese ECPs are noted in Tab fice of Wate nstruction ac mmunities ( 27 has been f Table 4‐1  sue Specific M pproved as pa nstruction Soi struction En he key manag hases. The C ystem for m hase of the P y the Directo dynamic doc ges to the pr d methodolo been prepar ine for the P 001:2004 – E 011:2003 – G e Specific M  specific env document th  element, no on.  The issue h element.  ine the conte ch supplemen approval by  Management  Control Plan ge (Aborigina e contained i ble 4‐1, a Ve r (NOW) and ctivities.  It s EEC’s)) is no finalised.  Issue Specifi Management art of CEMP il and Water M nvironmenta gement tool  CEMP describ inimising and Project.  As n or‐ General o cument that  roject team,  ogies develo red in accord Preparation o Environment Guidelines fo Managemen vironmental m e aspects, im ominate who e specific ma ent and issue ntary plans t the Director t Plan and Co ns (ECP’s) ha al and Europ in Appendix  egetation Ma d the Office o should be no t permitted  ic Managem Plan Management P Rooty Hill R al Managem in relation t bes the const d managing  noted in Sect on a progress will be revie organisation p (refer Sect dance with a of Environme tal Managem or Quality an nt Plans and managemen mpacts, safeg o is responsib nagement p es to be addr to the CEMP  ‐General of D ommunity Co ave also been pean), visual  A.   anagement P of Environme ted that clea until the VM ent Plans  fo Respo Plan Holcim Regional Distri Sincla ment Plan (C to environme truction env environmen tion 1.1 this  sive basis.  ewed and am nal structure tion 7 Review  number of g ental Manag ments System nd/or Environ d Environme nt plans will b guards and m ble for imple plans also inc ressed in mo have been p DoPI.  Other ommunicatio n prepared f amenity and Plan (VMP) w ent and Heri aring of sens MP and Comp or the Rooty onsibility S m P p bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co CEMP) ental perform ironmental m tal risks asso CEMP will b mended to in e and respon w and Improv guidelines in ement Plans ms.  nmental Man ental Contro be prepared  monitoring re ementing con clude checkli ost of the iss prepared and r environmen ons Strategy  or non‐key is d hazardous g will be prepar tage (OEH) p itive vegetat pensatory Ha y Hill RDC  Submission Prior to comme reparation and onstruction Environ mance during management ociated with  e developed corporate ad sibilities or a vement of th cluding:  s (DoP, 2004) nagement Sy ol Plans on key envir equirements ntrols and no sts of obligat ue specific m d when these ntal managem in Table 4‐1  ssues includi goods and d red to the sa prior to the c tion (i.e. End abitat Packag encement of S d Construction nment Managemen g the design t framework the site prep d and submit dditional req as improvem he CEMP).     ).  ystems Audit ronmental e s for each ke ote the frequ tions and saf management e are require ment docum  are also req ing general s angerous su atisfaction of commencem dangered Eco ge required u MCo Site n t Plan 18  and  k for the Proj paration and ted to the D quirements a ments to  ting.  lements for t y  uency/timing feguards in  t plans. Table ed to be  ments includi quired.  site issues,  bstances.  f the NSW  ment of  ological  under MCoA oA Reference 5.3(a) ject  d  oPI  as  the  g of  e  ng  A  e
  24. 24. Iss Co Co Co Co Em Oth Ve Co Co Fin Lan Co Env 4.1 Co en wo 4.1 A n CM mi Wh ea Th co CM sue Specific M nstruction No nstruction Tra nstruction Dus nstruction Wa mergency Resp her Relevant getation Mana mpensatory H mmunity Com nal Hazard Ana ndscape Plan nstruction Acc vironmental D 1.3 Cons nstruction C vironmental orks commen 1.4 Cons number of Co MSs will docu tigation mea here practica sier to use b e preparatio nstruction ac MS are develo Management ise Managem affic Managem st Manageme aste Managem ponse Plan Documents a agement Plan Habitat Packag mmunication S alysis cess Managem Due Diligence struction Co Contractors w  manageme ncing.  struction Me onstruction  ument action asures detail able, the info y Project pe on of each CM ctivities to e oped for ma Plan ent Plan ment Plan nt Plan ment Plan and Issue Sp ge trategy ment Program Training ontractors E will prepare a nt plans and ethod State Method Stat ns to be unde ed in the spe ormation con rsonnel.  MS involves a nsure site an jor construct Rooty Hill R Respo Holcim Holcim Holcim Holcim Holcim pecific Manag Holcim Holcim Holcim Holcim Holcim m Holcim Holcim EMP an EMP whic  environmen ments (CM tements (CM ertaken to en ecific issue s ntained in th a detailed as nd activity sp tion method Regional Distri Sincla onsibility S m P p m P p m P p m N th m N th gement Plans m P co m P w C R m P w m P co m P p m P / m N th ch will be con ntal control p MS) MS) will be de nsure compl pecific mana he CMSs will  ssessment of pecific enviro ds i.e. Clearin bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co Submission Prior to comme reparation and Prior to comme reparation and Prior to comme reparation and No submission he MCoA No submission he MCoA s (outside the Prior to the com onstruction ac Prior to the com works that will Cumberland Pl River-flat Euca Prior to comme works associat Prior to comme onstruction Prior to the com reparation act Prior to the use Nurragingy Re No submission he MCoA nsistent with plans. This E eveloped by  iance with th agement pla be presente f environmen onmental iss ng and Grubb onstruction Environ encement of S d Construction encement of S d Construction encement of S d Construction requirement u requirement u CEMP) mmencement ctivities mmencement remove ain Woodland lypt Forest. encement of a ed with the pr encement of mmencement tivities e of the Knox R eserve access requirement u h this plan an MP will be re the construc he CEMP and ns and envir d in A3 and A nt and comm ues are man bing and will  nment Managemen MCo Site n Site n Site n under under of of any d or any roject of site Road s point under nd the issue  eviewed by H ction Contra d will draw o ronmental co A1 formats t munity risks f naged during  incorporate t Plan 19 oA Reference 5.3(b) 5.3(c) 5.3(d) N/A N/A 2.24 2.27 4.4 1.12 2.34 2.18 N/A specific  Holcim prior  ctor.  These  on the  ontrol plans.  to make them for proposed  constructio e references  e to    m  d  n.   for 
  25. 25. spe co 4.1 Th 4.2 4.2 Th A), co Th an ma co Pla Co Co Co Co Co Co Ve Lan ecific tasks r ntrols.  1.5 Sens e Sensitive A Enviro Sensiti Other t Th 2 Cons 2.1 CEM is CEMP, all  , have been d ncerns.  e MCoA’s re d the issue s anagement p nsultation (C Table 4‐2 C an nstruction Env nstruction Soi nstruction No nstruction Tra nstruction Dus mmunity Com getation Mana ndscape Plan elating to en sitive Area D Area Diagram nmental sen ve receivers temporary p he SAD for St sultation a MP Consulta issue specifi designed to  quires Holci specific envir plans with ap C) is required Consultation vironment Ma il and Water M ise Managem affic Managem st Manageme mmunication S agement Plan nvironmenta Diagrams (S ms (SADs) wil nsitive areas; ; and  protection m tage 1 and 2  nd Approv ation c environme address stak m to consult ronmental m pproval and c d by the MCo n Required f nagement Pla Management P ent Plan ment Plan nt Plan trategy Rooty Hill R l controls su SADs) ll be prepare   easures such is included a val Require ental manage keholder exp t with specifi management  consultation oA for each p or the CEMP Prim Req an M Plan MC MC MC MC M Regional Distri Sincla ch as installa ed and will in h as fencing. as Appendix ements ement plans  pectations an ic authorities plans. Table n requiremen plan.   P and Relate marily quired by MCoA 5.2 CoA 5.3(a) CoA 5.3(b) CoA 5.3(c) CoA 5.3(d) MCoA 4.4 2.24 2.34 bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co ation and/ o nclude inform   x F.  and environ nd requireme s and stakeh e 4‐2 lists the nts and indic ed Document DoPI OEH A A A A A A A A onstruction Environ r maintenan mation on:   nmental cont ents, and ade olders in the e issue specif ates where,  ts  DII A nment Managemen ce of sedime trol plans (re equately add e preparation fic environm approval (A) t Plan 20 ent and eros efer Appendi dress risks an n of this plan ental  ) and  ion  ix  nd  n 
  26. 26. Pla Fin Co Co Re As  sub pro 4.2 Th an Aft ma do for Do fin Ho fro As  rev an nal Hazard Ana mpensatory H nstruction Acc quired) noted in Sec bmitted to th oject.   2.2 CEM e final draft  d the Compe ter comment anagement p cumented a r approval.  ocumentation al CEMP will olcim will not om have bee noted in Sec viewed for th alysis Habitat Packag cess Managem ction 1.1, the he DoPI for a MP Submiss CEMP will be ensatory Hab ts from thes plans will be  ppropriately n as to how  l be publicall t commence n approved  ction 1.1, thi he other con ge ment Program e CEMP and  approval by t sion e submitted  bitat Package e organisatio updated to a y. The final C Holcim has a ly available o  site prepara by DoPI.  is CEMP has  nstruction ph Rooty Hill R Prim Req m (if issue specifi the Director‐ to DoPI for c e will be dev ons have bee account for c EMP and rel addressed st on the projec ation and/or been develo hases of the P Regional Distri Sincla marily quired by 1.12 2.27 2.18 ic environme ‐General on  comment. Th veloped in co en received,  comments. T evant issue s akeholder co ct website as construction oped for 1a / Project.  bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co DoPI OEH A C A ental manage a progressiv he VMP will  onsultation w the draft fin The response specific man omments du s per MCoA 4 n works unti /1b site prep onstruction Environ DII ement plans ve basis for sp be submitte with OEH.   al CEMP and es to the com agement pla ring consulta 4.1.  l the CEMP a aration and  nment Managemen s will be prep pecific stage ed to the OEH d issue specif mments rece ans will be is ation will be and related d early works  t Plan 21 pared and  es of the  H and NOW  fic  eived will be  sued to DoP e available. T documents  and will be    he 
  27. 27. 4.3 4.3 Fig   4.3 Ap Pro de res off Ro Env Re 3 Role 3.1 Envir gure 4‐2 show Figure 4‐2 3.2 Holci ppropriate re oject. The re scribed in Ta sponsibilities f on their res Table 4‐3H ole vironmental presentative es and Res ronmental M ws the gener  General Env im Rooty H esponsibilitie sponsibility  able 4‐3 belo s will be prep sponsibilities Holcim Rooty Respo The ER Enviro prepar In acco ponsibilitie Managemen ral environm vironment M Hill RDC Proj es are provide and authorit ow.  For all ke pared and th s.  y Hill RDC Te onsibility R is accounta onmental Offic ration and con ordance with M Manage th programs r Consider a related to t Receiving a Strategy. Recommen Rooty Hill R es nt Structure mental manag Management oject Team ed to ensure ty for environ ey managem he individual  eam Constru ble for environ er (EO) mana nstruction phas MCoA 5.1 the e developmen required under and advise on he Project. and respondin nd steps to av Regional Distri Sincla e gement stru t Structure e effective en nmental per ment position appointed t uction Phase nmental perfo ages all issues se of the proje primary respo nt and implem r the approval matters speci ng to complain void unintende bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co cture for the nvironmenta rformance of ns, a position o the positio e Roles and R rmance and c s associated w ect. onsibilities of t entation of all l. fied in the MC nts in accorda ed environmen onstruction Environ e Rooty Hill R al manageme f key personn n description on will be req Responsibilit ompliance of t with environme the ER are: management CoA, SoC and nce with the C ntal impacts an nment Managemen RDC  ent for the d nel in the pro n containing  quired to rev ties  the Project an ent during the t plans and mo any other lice Community Co nd failing the e t Plan 22 uration of th oject team is environmen view and sign nd will ensure design, site onitoring ence or approv onsultation effectiveness o he  s  tal  n‐ the val of
  28. 28. Ro Env Off Pro (PD Pro (PM Ass Ma PM ole vironmental ficer (EO) oject Director D) oject Manager M) sistant Project anager (Assist M) Respo The EO constr r The PM minimi t tant Assista factore contra this CE The ro depen are inc onsibility such steps O will be base uction phase. Ensure all developed when requi Provide ad licence or a when requi Assist the E Project’s co Identifying Provide en correct met In consulta environmen Implement Identify and Liaise with Manage en Conduct in Monitor the Ensure mo corridor, wa environmen Ensure mo Review and Respond to and reporti The PD ha To ensure Support the Provide ad developme environmen contractual Actively pro M is responsib ised and that t Ensure the the issue s Ensure all requiremen ant PM report ed into decisio ctor on behalf EMP are imple ole and respon ding on the ac cluded in each Rooty Hill R , recommendi ed on the Proje Their respons management prior to constr ired. vice to constru approval relate ired. ER in resolvin ommunity and and obtaining vironmental in thodology ado ation with the E ntal impacts is the Project en d prepare env government a nvironmental s ternal environ e landscaping onitoring of loc ater quality, ai ntal monitoring onitoring requir d update the e o environment ng any inciden s the following environmenta e Environmen equate resour ent, implement ntal managem l requirements omoting enviro ble for delivery the Project de e D&C Contrac pecific environ project staff h nts relevant to s to the PM an on making for a f of the PM to emented. nsibility for the ctivity being un h of the plans. Regional Distri Sincla ing the releva ect site and w sibilities includ plans and mo ruction works uction person ed to the Proje ng and respond d stakeholder g license and p nput and revie opted to avoid ER recommen s ceased as so nvironmental m vironmental ind agencies and sub-consultan nmental audits activities with cal meteorolog ir quality, nois g program pro rements spec environmental tal incidents, f nts to the ER. g environment al requirement nt Policy in Ap rces (personn tation and ma ment plans and s. onmental man y of the constr elivers the app ctor complies nmental mana ave a clear un o their area/sco nd is responsi all constructio ensure that th e Assistant PM ndertaken. Sp bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co nt activities be will provide sup de the followin onitoring progr commencing nel on matters ect and seek a ding to compla management permit require ew Constructio unintended e nd that any act oon as practic management duction and tra relevant stake ts. s. hin the project gical conditions se and traffic is ovided in Appe ified in the app l compliance r filling out chec tal accountabi s are not seco pendix B. el, financial an intenance of t d to ensure tha nagement.  ruction phase proved environ with and imple agement plans nderstanding o ope of work. ible for ensurin on activities. T he environmen M with respect pecific details o onstruction Environ e ceased as so pport to the ER ng: rams required and regularly s specified in t assistance fro aints and inqu system. ments for the on Method Sta environmental tivity which thr cable. system. aining materia eholders. site. s, aquatic eco s undertaken i endix H. provals are co register. cklists and othe ilities: ondary to othe nd technologic his plan and t at work is und of the Project nmental outcom ements the req s. of the environm ng that enviro The Assistant ntal controls a to environmen on particular e nment Managemen oon as practic R during site p under the app review and u the MCoA, So om the ER on t uiries in accord Project. atements (CMS impacts. reatens or cau als. ology in the An in accordance ompleted. er functions w er construction cal) to ensure the issue spec dertaken in line t to ensure tha mes. Specifica quirements of mental manag nmental cons PM will liaise nd procedures ntal matters w environmental t Plan 23 cable. preparation an proval are pdate these oC and any oth these matters dance with the Ss) to ensure uses unintend ngus Creek e with the where required n requirements effective cific e with legal an at impacts are ally, the PM w f this plan and gement iderations with the s contained in will differ responsibilitie d her e ed d s. nd will n es
  29. 29. Ro En Ma Ad Co Env Sp 4.3 Ho Pro co Ho sub the co Co pre pri Co ma Ap inc site ole gineering anager (EM) min/QA nstruction Tea vironmental ecialists 3.3 Cont olcim recogni Their d commu The nu Contra oject specific ntractors wo olcim acknow b‐contractor eir employee ntrol plans, C ntractors wi epared by Ho ior to works  ntractor per anagement a ppropriate re cluded in the e induction p Respo The EM outcom the Pro Provid Projec am With re constr consul for env Consu enviro enviro tractors ises that ofte detachment f unication reg umber of con actors operat c environme orking on site wledges it is u rs and their e es are requir CMS and rele ll be require olcim and ap commencing rsonnel are c and control,  eferences to  e contract do process.   onsibility M will ensure mes and will lia oject have bee e administrati ct’s quality man espect to envi uction workers ltants, ecology vironmental pe Attend all e covered in Undertake Ensure tha Ensure tha Report any ultants will be c nmental matte nmental repor en contracto from the ma garding envi ntractors on  ting under a  ntal manage e and will be ultimately re employees co red to compl evant SADs.  ed to prepare pproved by t g.  considered e and their res environmen ocumentatio Rooty Hill R that the detail aise with the E en appropriate ve support to nagement sys ronmental ma s, personnel in y consultants a erformance of environmental the training se all activities in at they are awa at any clearanc y activity that h commissioned ers, undertake rts. ors present a ain construct ronmental ri site.  different ma ement requir  included in  esponsible to omply with t y in full with   e and implem he DoPI. As n quivalent to  sponsibilities tal managem n. All contrac Regional Distri Sincla led design of t EO as require ely accommod environmenta stem. anagement, al nvolved in pre and any other f the project. T training requi ession(s). n accordance are of the con ces are obtain has resulted, o d by Holcim (a e surveys and n environme tion delivery  isks.  anagement s rements will  the contract o ensure that the relevant  h the CEMP, i ment environ noted in Sec  the Holcim  s in this resp ment and con ctor and sub bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co the Project is c d to ensure th dated in the de al and constru l staff working eparatory work r persons unde The responsibi ired and adhe with agreed p tact person fo ned from the e or has the pote as required) to inspections, i ental risk to  teams, and  system.  be included  t documents t all persons  environmen issue specific nmental man ction 4.1.3 th project pers ect mirrors t ntrol reflecti b‐contractor  onstruction Environ consistent with he environmen esign. ctions teams a g on the projec ks for construc ertaking inves ility of all these re and remain procedures and r environment nvironmental ential to result provide spec mplement mo a project due therefore th in the select  for the wor on the Proje ntal requirem c manageme nagement pla his EMP will b onnel in all a those of Holc ng the Holci personnel w nment Managemen h the approve ntal aspects an and develop a ct including bu ction, surveyo stigations have e personnel in n familiar with d work metho tal matters. team where r t in an environ cialist input and onitoring progr e to:  he potential f tion and man rks.    ect including ments.  Contr ent plans, en ans consiste be reviewed  aspects of en cim personn m’s requirem will be include t Plan 24 ed environmen nd constraints and maintain t ut not limited to rs, geotechnic e responsibility nclude: the principles ds. equired. nmental incide d advice on ams or prepar for poor  nagement of g contractors ractors and  vironmental nt with thos by Holcim  nvironmenta el.  ments will be ed in the on‐ ntal s of he o cal y ent.  re f  s,    e  l  e  ‐
  30. 30. As  Co  Ho wi use Int Ele Tim   well as the o Daily Jo CMS an Assista ntractors wo Observ enviro person Nomin respon Adhere Co‐ope Follow olcim will en ll be made b ed on site by ternal audits  Comm Compl Knowle Work p ements to be Compl Compl Compl Compl Compl Contra Trainin Non‐co Monito System ming of inter on‐site induc ob Hazard A nd SADs will  ance will be p orking on the ve subcontra nmental legi nnel.  nate site repr nsibility for, e e to Holcim’s erate fully w w procedures sure that the y relevant pe y the contrac  on Contract unications.  iance with co edge of and  procedures a e audited inc iance with th iance with th iance with a iance with m aint respons actor activitie ng records.  onformances oring results m documenta rnal audits ar ction, the fol nalysis (or si be issued to provided in t e Project wil act and statu islation and t resentatives  environment s manageme ith site emer  incorporate e work of co ersonnel to a ctor and to d tor activities  ontractual re compliance  and environm clude:  he condition he CEMP.  pproval, per method state se.  es.  s.  .  ation such as re document Rooty Hill R llowing addit milar) will in o contractors the preparat l be required tory require to follow ins to liaise with tal requirem ent system as rgency incide ed in this CEM ntractors is m assess the ef determine co will also be  equirements with this CEM mental mana s of approva mit and licen ements.  s checklist co ted in the au Regional Distri Sincla tional measu nclude enviro s where relev ion of progre d to:  ements relati tructions iss h Holcim’s re ents for the  s it applies to ent procedu MP.    monitored th ffectiveness  ompliance wi undertaken  s.  MP.  agement con al.  nce obligatio ompletion.  udit schedule bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co ures will be u onmental ris vant.  essive erosio ing to enviro ued by Holci epresentativ site activitie o their opera res and cons hrough the s of the enviro ith the requi by the EO to ntrols used o ons.  e (refer Appe onstruction Environ undertaken:  ks.  on and sedim nmental pro im’s manage es with resp s.  ations on the sultative arra site inspectio onmental pro rements of t o assess:  n site.  endix J).    nment Managemen ment control  otection and  ement and su pect to, and t e site.  angements.  on process. O otection me this CEMP.  t Plan 25 plans.  other  upervisory  take  Observations asures being s  g 
  31. 31. 5 5.1 Th spe an the Mo A n Sta iss ref of  wo 5.2 5.2 Th we the en Re req Th pre Th en ide As Th pro co on En 1 Over is plan is the ecific environ d detailed en e Project as r odification R number of is atements (CM ue specific e ferences to e sediment co ork and upda 2 Envi 2.1 Envir e EAR (Natio ere prepared e EAR and M vironmental port relating quired to add e  identificat eparation an e environme vironmental entifying imp pects and im Have t Impact Have t Genera e ongoing de ocess, which rresponding   the followin vironm rview e overarching nmental ma nvironmenta required by t Report (Umw sue specific  MS) and inst environment environment ontrol device ated as need ironmental ronmental R onal Environm d to assess th Modification R  protection m g to the work dress any ne tion  of  the  nd constructi ental aspects  impact. The pacts is one o mpacts will be he potential t on flora, fa he potential ate wastes.   etermination h results in th risk mitigati ng:  mental g plan for en nagement pl al manageme the Environm welt 2010) or  environmen ructions sup al managem tal procedure es and spill m ed as the wo Aspects a Risk Assess mental Cons he potential e Report, a pre measures to ks is containe ew aspects an significant  ion of the Pr s are those a e relationship of progressiv e identified f  to cause the una or herita  to create ch n of environm he developm on strategy  Rooty Hill R Issues vironmental lans have be ent, or to ad mental Asses design/cons tal managem pport the CEM ent plans ar es for specifi management. orks progress and Impacts sment Proc ultancy Serv environment eliminary risk  mitigate the ed in Append nd impacts a environmen oject is cent ctivities that p of aspects  vely breaking for all site pr e discharge o age.  hange to the  mental aspec ment of a list o and risk rank Regional Distri Sincla s and C l manageme een develope dress specifi ssment (Nati struction issu ment plans, e MP. CMSs ar e addressed ic tasks relat . The CMSs w s.  s cess vices 2005) a tal impacts a k assessmen e impacts an dix D. This ri associated w ntal  aspects ral to the se t could intera and impacts g down each  reparation an or release of environmen cts and impa of environm king for each bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co Control nt during co ed where an  ic significant onal Environ ues.  environment re the means  at an opera ting to enviro will be prepa nd subseque and risks asso t detailing o nd risks ident isk assessme with Stage 2 a s  and  impa lection of ap act with the  s is one of ca activity into nd construct f pollutants t nt, including  acts will be a ental risks (a h risk. Each e onstruction Environ s nstruction. U environmen environmen nmental Con tal control pl s by which sp tional level.  onmental co red by the C ent Modifica ociated with perating pro tified in the E ent will be re and 3 constru cts  that  co ppropriate en environmen use and effe o its environm tion activities o water, air, air and noise chieved thro aspects and i nvironmenta nment Managemen Under this pl ntal issue req ntal issues as sultancy Ser lans, Constru pecific requir CMSs incorp ntrol, such a Contractor pr ation Report  h the Project. ocedures and EAR and Mod eviewed and  uction works uld  eventua nvironmenta nt and result  ect. The proc mental aspec s that:  , or land.  e.  ough the risk impacts), an al risk is cate t Plan 26 lan, issue  quires compl ssociated wit rvices 2005), uction Metho rements from porate  as installation rior to startin (Umwelt 201 . Based upon d temporary  dification  updated if  s.  ate  during  s al safeguards in an  cess of  cts.  k manageme d a  egorised, bas ex  th  od  m  n  ng  10)  n  site  s.  nt  sed 
  32. 32. Ho de spe an Me Ta Ta The en Relativ Type o Likeliho olcim’s Safety finitions (ref ecific manag d/or commu edium or Low ble 5‐1 Pred ble 5‐2Likeli Likeli Certa Likely Possi Unlike nvironmenta ve scale of th of potential im ood of occur y, Health and fer Table 5‐1 gement plans unity conseq w.  dicted Level o ihood and Co ihood Defin in Expe inevit y Will o circum surpr 95%) ble Might circum ely Could circum it hap l aspect.  he potential i mpact.  rrence.  d Environme 1 and Table 5 s to evaluate uences or im of Risk  onsequence  nition cted to occur; table (95%+) occur in most mstances; not rised if it happe ) t occur in som mstances (11- d occur in som mstances; sur ppens (1-10%) Rooty Hill R impact.  ent risk score 5‐2 respectiv e the level of mpacts, and t Definitions C almost Di t ens (51- Se me -50%). Se me rprised if ) Sig Regional Distri Sincla e matrix and  vely) was use f risk of const the likelihood Consequence saster evere erious gnificant bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co the respecti ed in the dev truction acti d of an incid e Delays to external to clean up c media cov Construct release, p costs ove coverage Limited co detriment expected, regional-w Potential contained assistanc authorities onstruction Environ ve likelihood elopment of vities.  The p ent of the ac Defin construction ( oxic release, p costs over $2. verage tion delays (we prosecution ex r $250,000, st onstruction de al release, pos , clean up cos wide media co Construction d d release requ e for clean up s or a minor fi nment Managemen d and conseq f the CEMP a potential env ctivity are ra nition (months), maj prosecution ex .5m, national-w eeks), externa xpected, clean tate-wide med elays (days), e ssible prosecu sts to $250,000 overage. delays, A site iring external p, Contact from ne, clean up c t Plan 27 quence  and issue  vironmental  ted as High,    jor xpected, wide al toxic n up dia external ution 0, m local costs in
  33. 33. 5.2 Th site An SA act int wi co In  do As  pe an 5.3 Th Pro the Th ma im an Th Ho co ob Ap Th iss spe Likeli Rare 2.2 Ongo e environme e preparatio If a sig If activ n assessment Ds/CMS for  tivity and the to the Job Sa ll be incorpo ntrol plans a addition, all  cuments. Ba part of their rmits for the d capability  3 Cons e Environme oject. All env e Policy. The e  Environme anner to effe provement e d to learn fro e environme olcim corpora ntractual req jectives. The ppendix E.   e overall stra ue specific m ecific constru ihood Defin May o excep highly oing Risk A ental risk ass on and constr nificant incid vities or the p t of potentia specific activ e impact of a fety and Env orated into th and/or CMS a contractors  ased on a risk r contract, al e project. All  (including m struction E ental Policy i vironmental  e Environmen ental Policy  ectively mana environment om experien ental objectiv ate objective quirements,  e environme ategies for a management uction site o nition occur but only ptional circum y unexpected ssessment sessment wil ruction, the  dent or impa project chang l risk to the e vities or wor any incident  vironmental  he appropria as amendme are required k assessmen ll contractors contractors  management  Environmen s the driver f managemen ntal Policy ha includes a co age any risks tal performa nce.  ves and targ es and have b legal require ntal objectiv chieving the t plans, envir r activity.  Rooty Hill R C y in stances; (<1%) Mi l be reviewe environmen act occurs.  ges.   environment ks in specific that could re Analysis (JSE ate CEMP, iss ents to those d to operate  t, a contract s will be requ will be requ systems).  ntal Object for impleme nt activities a as been prov ommitment t s that may le ance, commu ets set for th been develo ements, sign ves and targe se environm ronmental co Regional Distri Sincla Consequence inor ed regularly t tal risk asses t will also be c areas. This  esult from th EA) (or simila sue specific e e documents within the r tor may be re uired to com uired to demo tives and T nting and im are to be car vided in Appe to undertake ead to an imp unicate and r he project ar ped based o ificant envir ets for design mental object ontrol plan a bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co e the order No Const clean up r costs in th coverage to ensure the ssment will b e undertaken should inclu he activity. R ar). Outcome environment .  equirements equired to de mply with this onstrate the Targets mproving env ried out in a endix A.  e activities in pact on the e raise awaren re consistent on the requir onmental as n and constr tives and tar and will be sp onstruction Environ Defin of $25,000, lo ruction delays release, public he order of $5 e risk registe be updated:  n as part of th de both the  Risk informat es from the o tal managem s of the CEM evelop a Wo s CEMP, MCo ir environme vironmental p ccordance w n an environm environment ness, report e  with the En ements for s pects and im uction of the gets have be pecifically de nment Managemen nition ocal media cov s, site containe c complaint, c 5,000, no medi ers remains c he developm direct impac tion will be in ongoing risk  ment plans, e MP and assoc ork Method S oA, and all li ental perform performance with the requ mentally res t, continuous environment vironmental statutory app mpacts and H e Project are een incorpor etailed in the t Plan 28 verage. ed and lean up ia current. Duri ment of  ct of the  ncorporated  assessments environment iated  Statement.  censes and  mance histor e across the  uirements of  sponsible  sly  tal incidents  l Policy and  provals,  Holcim’s Proj e provided in  rated into the e CMSs for ea ng  s  al  ry  ject    e  ach 
  34. 34. A s Th pe 5.4 Co thr wit Th Pro A p Co lin ER 5.5 All req 5.6 5.6 Co wi systematic re Change Change Action  Change Releva Yearly  is is to ensur rformance.  4 Com mpliance ma rough a syste th environm Non‐co Enviro The Co EMS A e Complianc oject. This CT paper based  mpliance do king the elec  each month 5 Proc  procuremen quirements o Procur applica Produc require 6 Com 6.1 Exter nsultation w ll include but eview of obje es in environ es in relevan by an enfor es in environ nt environm review (min re that objec mpliance Ma anagement f em of monit ental docum onformance  nmental Site ompliance Tr udit Reports ce Tracking R TR will be rev documentat ocumentatio ctronic and p h.  curement P nt for the pro of this policy rement and c able to the p cts, suppliers ements for t mmunicatio rnal Stakeh with a range o t will not be  ectives and t nmental polic nt legislation  cement auth nmental risk. mental object imum freque ctives and ta anagement for the site e oring, inspec ments, and lic Reports.  e Inspection  racking Regis s.  Register (CTR viewed and  tion system w n (e.g. corres paper system Processes oject will be  y are:  contract doc product or se s and contrac he project.  n and Con holders of non‐comm limited to re Rooty Hill R targets will b cy.  that impact hority.    tives have be ency of revie rgets are rea t establishmen ction, auditin cence and pe Checklists.  ster for MCoA R) (refer Appe updated by t will also be k spondence,  ms. Details of conducted i umentation  rvice. Where ctors are eva sultation munity, exter elevant regul Regional Distri Sincla be carried ou  on environm een met or re ew).  alistic and re nt and constr ng and repor ermit require A, SoC and a endix N) inco the EO on a  kept by the P records etc)  f the key issu n accordanc include envi e relevant, p aluated as to rnal stakeho latory agenc bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co ut when one  mental contr epeatedly no levant for m ruction stage rting, as set o ements are m any other app orporates al monthly bas Project Mana will be kept  ues arising fr ce with Holci ironmental m product or se o their capab lders will be cies. With reg onstruction Environ of the follow rol limits.  ot achieved.  aintaining or es of the Proj out in this CE managed usi proval requir l the environ sis.  ager with ass in folders th om the revie m’s procurem management rvice guaran bility to meet required thr gards to regu nment Managemen wing occurs:  r improving  ject will be m EMP. Holcim ng:  rements.  nmental oblig sistance from hat include c ews will be p ment policy. t requiremen ntees are obt t specified en roughout the ulatory agen t Plan 29 environmen managed  ’s complianc gations for t m the EO.  ross‐referen provided to t   The key  nts as  tained.  nvironmenta e Project. Th cies, Holcim  tal  ce  he  ces  he  al  his 
  35. 35. wi req A l ma Th ha dir 1.  2.  5.6 Ho tra pro Co On the co rep inv wi are A r Th A r an act clo ll consult and quirements a ist of releva aintained by e name and  ve authority rected by an  David Elliot,  Richard Sava 6.2 Com olcim’s comm acking and ha ocess is prov mmunity Co nce Holcim h eir nominate mplaint.  The presentative vestigation p ll be recorde e provided in Date and t The means Contact de The nature Any action If no actio taken.  Date the in record of all  e inquiry and review of pre d/or compla tions were a osed out.  d co‐operate and will perm nt contact n y the EO.   contact num y to take imm authorised o 0414486150 age, 0419476 mplaints Han munity and st andling of al vided in Figu ommunicatio as received v ed delegate w e ER or their e within 24 ho process includ ed on the inq n Appendix P time of the in s by which th etails provide e of the inqu ns taken by H n was taken  nquiry and/o inquiries and d complaints evious conta aint is entere ppropriate a e with all rele mit those age names, telep mbers for  tw mediate actio officer of OE 0  639.  ndling Proce takeholder m l inquiries an re 5‐1. Furth on Strategy (C verbal or wr will undertak  nominated  ours to clarif ding an appr quiry and com P. This regist nquiry and/o he inquiry an ed by the co uiry and/or co Holcim in rela by Holcim in or complaint d/or compla s register wil cts from the ed into the in and will help  Rooty Hill R evant regula encies to aud phone numbe wo (2) site pe on to shut do H are:  ess management nd complaint her informati CCS) develop itten inquirie ke an immed delegate wil fy the reason ropriate re‐n mplaints regi er will recor or complaint nd/or compla mmunity or  omplaint.  ation to the  n relation to  was closed. ints received l be availabl e community nquiry and co inform the m Regional Distri Sincla tory agencie dit the activi ers and fax n ersonnel who own any activ t system incl ts.  A summa ion on this p ped to satisfy es and/or co diate investig ll make initia n for the inq notification ti ister by the E rd the follow t.  aint was mad stakeholder inquiry and/ the inquiry a   d will be kept e for inspect y and stakeho omplaints reg managemen bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co es in meeting ties for com numbers for o are availab vity or to eff udes proced ary of Holcim rocess is pro y MCoA 4.4. mplaints via gation into th al contact wit uiry and/or c ime. Within  EO. Example ing details: de (i.e. phon r representat /or complain and/or comp t on site for  tion by the D older represe gister. This r t of the curr onstruction Environ g the Project  pliance.  r project stak le to OEH on ect any pollu dures for reco m’s inquiry an ovided below telephone,  he nature/ca th the comm complaint an 24 hours the inquiry and  ne, post, ema tive.  t, including a plaint, the re 4 years.  Director‐Gene entative will  eview will de ent issue to  nment Managemen t environmen keholders w n a 24 hour b ution contro ording, inves nd complaint w and within  email or pos ause of the in munity or sta nd to notify o e inquiry and complaints  ail or direct c any follow‐u eason why no eral of DoPI   be taken wh etermine wh ensure appr t Plan 30 ntal  ill be  basis and wh l measure as stigating,  t handling  the  st, the ER or  nquiry and/o keholder  of the  d/or complai register form contact).  p contact.  o action was  on request. hen the inqu hether previo ropriately  o  s  or  nt  ms  uiry  ous 
  36. 36. Th or  eff pro fur rep an It s Pro ap Co sta co Co co the Ho of  fro   e ER or their stakeholder  fect. If neces ocedures, wo rther inquiry presentative d complaints should be no oject’s Emerg propriate re nsistent with akeholder re mplaints. Th mmunicatio mmunication e team to lea olcim’s policy the Project w om the Comm r nominated   representat ssary, the PM ork instructio y and/or com e within five ( s register is u oted that if th gency Respo solution and h Australian  presentation is report wil n feedback w n methods if arn how to im y in relation t works to any munications  delegate wi tive with an e M/SM will init ons or modif mplaint. A wri (5) days of th updated to n he inquiry an onse Plan (ER d sign‐off.  Standard fo ns and will p l include the will be evalu f required. T mprove on t to media inq y organisatio and Public A Rooty Hill R ll investigate explanation  tiate further fications to e itten respon he complaint note the resp nd/or compla RP). The EO m r Complaints roduce a mo e average and ated as part  his approach heir process quiries requir n or person, Affairs Manag Regional Distri Sincla e the inquiry  of the cause r corrective a equipment e se will be pr t and/or inqu ponse taken. aint is classif must follow t s Handling, H onthly report d minimum t of the repor h embraces a es and proce res that no in , including po ger.   bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co and/or com e and details  action, includ tc, as may b ovided to th uiry being re .  fied as an inc the incident  Holcim will tr t on the statu times taken  rting process a continuous edures.  nformation i olitical repre onstruction Environ plaint and w of any actio ding introduc e required to e communit eceived. The  cident of sign reporting pr rack progress us of respon to respond t s in order to  s improveme s released, in esentatives, w nment Managemen will provide th ns taken to m cing changes o reduce the ty or stakeho EO will ensu nificance und rocess and e s of commun ses to all inq to represent assess and a ent philosoph n any form, r without the  t Plan 31 he communi mitigate its  s in operation e possibility o older  ure the inquir der the  nsure  nity or  quiries and  ations.  adjust  hy and allow regarding an prior approv ity  nal  of  ry  ws  ny  val 
  37. 37. 5.7 5.7 Th Figure 5‐1 7 Train 7.1 Gene ree main for Site ind Enviro “Toolb  Overview o ning aware eral rms of trainin duction.  nmental ma box” training of the Inquiry eness and c ng will be pro nagement tr .  Rooty Hill R y and Compl competenc ovided on sit raining.  Regional Distri Sincla laint Respon ce te:  bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co nse Procedur onstruction Environ re  nment Managemen   t Plan 32
  38. 38. Re tra an An pro 5.7 Pri en inc Th 5.7 Ta au en ap Th cords of indu ainer details. d that they u n Environmen ogram is rev 7.2 Site ior to workin vironmental cluding, but n The CE Holcim Legal r Enviro Condit Signific and co sensitiv and eq Enviro Inciden Report Protec e training wi 7.3 Envir rgeted envir thority or re vironmental propriate to  e target grou uction and tr   Inductees w understand t ntal Training iewed for ad Induction (E ng on site all   due diligenc not limited t EMP and CM m’s Safety, He requirements nmental resp tions of licen cant environ onstruction w ve parts of t quipment.  nmental ma nt managem ting process  tion and ma ill generally b ronmental A onmental m sponsibility f  impact.  Thi  their assign ups and sugg raining will b will be requir their respons  Program is p dequacy in th Environmen personnel a ce training.   o:  S.  ealth and Env s including d ponsibilities. ces, approva mental issue work, sedime he site, locat nagement te ent (i.e. repo for environm intenance of be prepared Awareness anagement  for environm is environme ed activities gested topics Rooty Hill R be kept on fil red to sign‐o sibilities.   presented in he audit prog ntal OH&S) nd contracto The inductio vironment P ue diligence .  als and perm es and areas  ent control a tion of rubbi echniques fo orting and re mental harm f environme by the EO a Training training will  mental mana ental training .    s for this trai Regional Distri Sincla le including t off that they  n Appendix G gram.  ors will unde on will addre Policy.  e, duty of car mits.  of the site in reas of prote ish bins, was or key enviro ecording) an /incidents. ntal controls nd will be re be provided agement or t g will aim to  ining are sho bution Centre air Knight Merz | Co the type of t have been in G. The progra ertake a site i ss a range of re and poten ncluding iden ected flora a shing, refuell nmental elem d emergency s.  eviewed and  d to individua hose undert achieve a le own in Table onstruction Environ raining carrie nformed of t am is facilita induction wh f environme tial consequ ntification of nd fauna and ing and main ments.  y plans.  approved by als or groups aking an acti vel of aware  5‐3.  nment Managemen ed out, date the environm ted by the E hich incorpo ntal awaren uences of infr f boundaries d any “no go ntenance of  y the ER.    s of workers  ivity with a h eness and co t Plan 33 s, names and mental issues O. The  rates  ess issues  ringements; s for clearing o” areas in  vehicles, pla with a specif high risk of  mpetence  d  s  g  ant  fic