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  1. 1. Podcasting: Advertising and the future David Baydek COM 495 November 16, 2009
  2. 2. Podcasting... What is it? It is defined as the Web-based broadcast of music which works with software that automatically detects new files and is accessed by subscription. It has grown more popular along with the iPod. An iPod doesn't have to be used to play a podcast. Any mp3 player will do but the iPod is the most popular. It is usually a term for a show that is at least semi-regular. Relatively anyone with a microphone, Internet and some time can create a podcast. As of 2007 (latest figure I could find) there were 125,000 podcasts.
  3. 3. Getting and Storing Podcasts iTunes and Zune Marketplace are podcatchers- places that essentially “catch” Podcasts. iTunes was released in 2000. Podcasting was introduced on iTunes in 2005. Google returns 44,000,000 results for the search “Podcast” A 1 GB music player cost $499 in 2000. Today the iPod Touch holds 64 GB and is $399.
  4. 4. But David why would I want to listen to a Podcast? It is easy to set up an iTunes account and doesn't cost money. Every time you charge your iPod on the computer the latest Podcasts automatically download so you can put them on. You can listen to programs you like without having to be near a computer or radio. You can subscribe to as many or as few Podcasts as you like. You are the boss. If you are gone on vacation, as soon as you get back you can catch up on all the programs you missed. It is like time traveling.
  5. 5. As a side note I listen to three Podcasts religously. They are in order of preference: 1) TBTL- Used to be a radio show on 97.3 until September 11 th of this year when it was canned. 2) Fantasy Focus Podcast- Two guys who talk about fantasy football players. 3) This American Life- A topic is picked and discussed in various ways through reports. Past topics include the health-care system, people who think they are possessed and cheaters. On the next page there will be some audio. Make sure the sound is on and not turned up to 11 for those with sensitive ears.
  6. 6. Advertising on Podcasts: A few examples Football Today: Head & Shoulders Doesn't this want to make you go out to Safeway and get some Head & Shoulders???
  7. 7. Fantasy Focus: Combos So you didn't get the Head & Shoulders but how about some Tasty Delicious Combos??
  8. 8. Fantasy Focus: JC Penny and Levis Well at least you'll want to go to JC Penny and get some Levis right??
  9. 9. Does every Podcast have ridiculous advertisements at the beginning? No but some do to pay for the cost of producing and the creators time. As of today on iTunes 9 of the top 50 sports podcasts have sponsors (All are affiliated with ESPN). Most are pre-recorded but some are the hosts reading them off a script (like ads on talk radio or during weather/ traffic updates *listen to 97.3 and they almost always say whats going on near mile marker 25 on I-90 because they are sponsored by the Snoqualmie Casino). The Fantasy Focus Podcast answers listeners e-mails and almost all the ones that are read have the sponsor tied into the e-mail. (Example can you play the name game with my combo of running backs)‏
  10. 10. Questions: How many people listen to Podcasts? (Don't be shy just raise your hands)‏ What Podcasts do you listen to? How do you think advertising will impact Podcasts in the future? (Because most if not all I believe are free unlike songs which generally run 99 cents)‏ What are some downsides to advertising like the three examples that were played?
  11. 11. Sources and More I would like to thank the wizards and magic that goes on at OpenOffice.org for providing the theme for this presentation. When my computer crashed and wiped out all Microsoft products I thought I was going to have a heart attack so thank you. To all the people who generously said they would like me to build upon their images on Flickr, a big thank you. Without those images this presentation would have gone nowhere fast. A big shout out to Dictionary.com. They provided the definition of Podcasting to which I am eternally grateful. I would like to apologize to the class for any nervous stuttering, awkward pauses, and uncomfortable moments. Public speaking isn't as easy as people make it out to be. One last thank you to the great people of Odegaard undergraduate library for helping me do things that 3 rd graders are doing and for keeping the library open 24 hours .